The luxury industry protects animals, it saves them from extinction

“The truth is that luxury allows the protection of the Louisiana alligators” – reveals Matthew Kilgariff, director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Richemont. It’s time to clarify: luxury brands like GuidoMaggi work to protect the environment and the animals. Read more

How Luxury Helps to Overcome a Crisis

Emanuele Briganti, CEO of GuidoMaggi: Luxury helps to overcome the crisis. Despite the emergency period, the luxury market holds us and supports us. A way to feel better is to surround yourself with beautiful things and to enhance the Italian economy Read more

The Key for a Stylish St.Patrick’s Day

For the most important festivity in Ireland now widespread all over the world, the green, symbol of the island, dominates. It’s truly a lucky color to wear by choosing the exclusive GuidoMaggi elevator shoes Read more

The Taller, The Happier

Tall people are way happier in real life; even science says so. Those with extra centimeters in height  have a more peaceful and successful life, as proved by many types of research. If you want to be taller, always choose the style and exclusivity of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes Read more

Paris Fashion Week: The Queen of the Season is Leather

The advance of leather continues undaunted, confirming itself as the must-have of the male’s and the female’s wardrobe for the next seasons. GuidoMaggi, as a fashion house that provides leather shoes, confirms itself as the reference brand for those who love luxury elevator shoes and accessories Read more

New Fashion Trends, the Trump Card is in Elevator Shoes

All of the trends for the upcoming seasons are devoted to creativity and freedom of expression, with one single common point: to be yourself and to always choose the best. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are confirmed as the must-have for all outfits Read more

The Italian Secret Behind Tom Cruise’s Charm and Elegance

Venice, a carnival and Tom Cruise with his beloved elevator shoes. In the Laguna, while shooting the seventh part of the world-famous movie sequel, Mission Impossible, the Hollywood actor was wearing elevator shoes: the secret addition to his talentHe is unstoppable. Tom Cruise, born in 1962, is always at the center of fame and collects success after success. After the Top Gun sequel, in fact, the actor is devoted to Mission Impossible only. It’s the seventh chapter of the saga and our hero, agent Ethan Hunt, looks more fit than ever. But this time the movie, signed by director Christopher McQuarrie, has Venice as its exclusive background. In particular, the lagoon city’s famous carnival is the breathtaking destination to one of the best scenes in the new sequel.  Read more

Eco Leather: Is It Doing More Harm Than Good?

“Don’t call it leather if it’s plastic”. The Argentinian Tanners launched a campaign against the improper use of the term. “Eco or green, it’s just a fake material that pollutes much more”. The brand GuidoMaggi has always adopted good production practices choosing the finest materials within an eco-sustainable supply chain Read more

Micam, comfortable elevator shoes are the new future

The event, scheduled from February 16th to 19th at the Fiera in Milano, offers the best of the collections for the coming seasons. GuidoMaggi marries the spirit of the event by presenting innovative elevator shoes, in a refined mix of fashion and comfort Read more