Elevator Shoes

Sneakers Trends 2020

Elevator sneakers are the new trend: GuidoMaggi rewrites the rules of street style by pushing the boundaries forward Read more

Classic Blue: The Color Everyone Will Wear This Season

The Pantone color of 2020 represented in the new models of the GuidoMaggi spring-summer selection: exclusive masterpieces that are a subtle mix between tradition and innovation. It’s an unmissable opportunity in order to celebrate the new season that’s coming, spring Read more

The Taller, The Happier

Tall people are way happier in real life; even science says so. Those with extra centimeters in height  have a more peaceful and successful life, as proved by many types of research. If you want to be taller, always choose the style and exclusivity of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes Read more

Eco Leather: Is It Doing More Harm Than Good?

“Don’t call it leather if it’s plastic”. The Argentinian Tanners launched a campaign against the improper use of the term. “Eco or green, it’s just a fake material that pollutes much more”. The brand GuidoMaggi has always adopted good production practices choosing the finest materials within an eco-sustainable supply chain Read more

Elevator Loafers: True Luxury!

Timeless footwear that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of a contemporary man also in winter. GuidoMaggi leather creations give the penny loafer a timeless charm and the modernity of a design that is always cool Read more