Colour matching shoes and classic dress: learn the rules not to ask her

When you stand in front of the wardrobe in the morning, do you feel bewildered? Can’t guess the right colour combination of elevator shoes and classic suit on your own? The time has come to learn to do it yourself: with simple rules of good taste you will learn how to match the colours of men’s suits and elevator shoes so that you will always be fashionable but never get the wrong outfit. Blue suit, dark grey or light grey? And which shoes to wear? Here you will find all the perfect combinations with classic men’s shoes and also with elevator sneakers.

Buying a suit (jacket and trousers), but also a pair of dress shoes, is always a big deal because these garments and accessories must be of quality and therefore have a significant cost. Therefore, getting the colour combination wrong when buying, or even later, when composing your look, is a real shame.

And this is probably the very reason why you should play it safe by asking a woman’s advice before making a purchase of an outfit consisting of a suit plus elevator shoes for a special event. Or you might be one of the many who ask your wife or mother, depending on your age, to select the right outfit every day before going out.

Of course it is convenient not having to think about what to wear and not having to struggle to find the right combination every day, between jacket, shirt, shoes, socks, belt, etc… but imagine what a breakthrough for your pride would be to learn not to need help with clothes.

To do so, just learn some simple colour-matching rules for men’s clothing, which will allow you to strike the right balance between the latest trends and basic guidelines, and reuse elevator shoes and suits for a long time without ever looking out of fashion. By learning the basic rules, matching will be just as easy as it is for you today. Are you ready?


How to match the blue suit

Most probably you have a classic blue suit in your wardrobe. If you don’t have it, you will certainly buy it at some point in the future. The reason is very simple: a blue suit is an essential item in a man’s wardrobe. It is extremely versatile and suitable for many occasions: it can be worn on formal occasions such as weddings, company events, job interviews, or even in more casual situations with a more casual shirt. It is generally associated with an understated and timeless elegance, as it conveys a certain sophistication without appearing overly formal. Furthermore, blue is a colour for all seasons: you can wear a blue suit in spring, summer, autumn and winter, simply by adjusting the accessories and layers. For all these reasons, a good quality blue suit is a long-term investment: it can withstand fashion trends and remain a classic piece to wear for many years without looking dated.

Match it with a pair of classic black lace-up shoes, but also with a pair of classic brown lace-up shoes. To be particularly trendy but at the same time play it safe, opt for a pair of blue monk strap shoes for a tone-on-tone effect with the suit.


How to match a grey suit

A classic grey suit is also a valuable item in a man’s wardrobe for several reasons. Its versatility is unquestionable: it suits a variety of occasions because it can be worn in formal settings, such as weddings and corporate events, but is flexible enough to be used in less formal situations. Just like the blue suit, then, the grey suit is associated with timeless elegance: it is an item of clothing that can withstand fashion trends and remain appropriate in many situations for many years. Don’t forget, then, that grey is a neutral colour that goes well with many other shades. You can play with accessories of different colours to customise the look and adapt it to different styles and occasions.

Its flexibility in combinations is one of the reasons why you must have it in your wardrobe, especially if you are not very good at matching, because it can be easily matched with different shirts, ties and shoes, allowing you many possibilities for mistake-free combinations. This flexibility makes the grey suit a key item in your wardrobe if you intend to no longer be dependent on anyone to decide what to wear. If you have a dark grey suit in your wardrobe, wearing it with a pair of black dress shoes is always a perfect colour combination, a timeless classic: all you have to do is change your shirt and tie to renew the look. A light grey suit, on the other hand, is an ideal compromise between casual and formal: if in your work environment you don’t have a very strict dress code, wear it with a long-sleeved polo shirt and a pair of light brown derby lace-ups.


How to match a suit with a pair of sneakers

One of the latest trends of this century sees the men’s suit paired with a pair of sneakers. But which kind of sneakers?

Low-top white sneakers are often a safe and versatile choice for a blue suit, as they create a clean and modern contrast, adapting well to more casual or less formal situations. You can choose a minimalist model to maintain a sleek look.



Black sneakers with a white sole can be a stylish choice to accompany a grey suit, whether light or dark. The effect of the contrast between grey and black can be very eye-catching and add a modern touch to the look, like with a pair of Bilbao.



You can also choose a pair of sneakers in a colour that matches your outfit. For example, grey or dark blue sneakers could be an interesting choice. Remembe that the trainers that go well with suits are high-quality leather ones because they are a sufficiently elegant and versatile choice.



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