The best 2024 men’s elevator winter sneakers

It is known that sneakers never go out of fashion. Although in winter there are many different models of men’s shoes to wear, such as boots and ankle boots, amphibians and moccasins, a true sneakerhead can’t help but buy at least one pair of new sports shoes to update his shoe cupboard. And if, in addition to your passion for sneakers, you also like to increase your stature, you must read this little guide on the best men’s winter elevator sneakers for 2014.

Trainers enthusiast who likes to immoderately collect them, piling up models of all kinds in the shoe cupboard. This is the definition of sneakershead and if this is you, then you can’t wait to find out what the best men’s winter trainers for 2014 are. In the GuidoMaggi autumn/winter collection you will find the trendy models, but with something extra: custom-made craftsmanship and an integrated elevating system that can increase men’s stature by up to 9 centimetres.


Sneakers, the reasons for their success

They are more than comfortable, but that’s not the only reason why men’s sneakers are extraordinarily successful, having never had a real downturn since the 1980s.

Another feature that makes them indispensable in the wardrobe is the ease with which they can be combined with any outfit. Men’s fashion, in fact, has recently cleared the way for sneakers to be used even for formal looks, thanks also to the success of streetwear among young people and the influence of celebrities who have started wearing them even on the red carpet. You can of course wear them under a pair of jeans, with a tracksuit as well as under a pair of tailored trousers or a suit with a jacket, and they will always look perfect: the important thing is to choose the right ones, to satisfy your fashionable spirit without sacrificing comfort.

Reason number three, the amount of trainer models you can buy is close to infinite. These are shoes with which designers can indulge in their choice of materials, shapes and colours, and consequently those who love them are spoilt for choice with each new collection. In the GuidoMaggi catalogue of elevator men’s sneakers, for example, there are more than 200 different models, so the choice is so varied that any sneakerhead can indulge his passion with a new model whenever he feels like it. The great variety of models also makes it possible to find always a pair that suits your taste, even when you are very demanding, when you go for a minimalist design or when you love the eccentricity of original colours and combinations.

If, in addition to style, your goal is also to increase your stature, then elevator trainers are perfect for the purpose because they allow you to gain many additional centimetres in an absolutely discreet manner thanks to the elevating systems, integrated into the shoe and invisible from the outside. Furthermore, the comfort taken to the highest level, typical of trainers, makes them the perfect shoes even for those who have never worn elevator shoes before but want to try them out.


The best men’s winter sneakers of 2024

Every year there are new trends in men’s sports shoes and at the same time there are iconic models that never go out of fashion and that a true snakershead must buy.

Mix leather and fabric

Mix and match is a trend of recent years and this could not fail to apply to sneakers as well. That’s why among the best men’s winter trainers of the moment are those that combine leather and fabric. In the GuidoMaggi autumn-winter collection, the Jasper is the perfect expression of that urban style that mixes different materials. This model is made unique by the combination of grey perforated fabric and beige leather of the highest quality, as well as an innovative, comfortable and light white sole. The snappy line and elegant design make a pair of Jasper’s perfect even with an office outfit that plays precisely with the tones of beige and grey, colours that are all the rage in men’s fashion this year. Height increase from 6 to 9 centimetres.


Black and white

Black trainers with a white sole are not new this year but a must-have for quite some time. What makes them indispensable in the shoe cupboard is that they can be easily combined with any look, formal or informal. In the GuidoMaggi autumn-winter collection, the Doral are a pair of slip-ons that perfectly translate this need for comfort and elegance, thanks to the upper in soft blue deerskin with comfortable central criss-crossed elastics that accentuate the fit, and a super-light white rubber sole. You can wear them just about anywhere, with a pair of jeans and under a suit, without ever looking out of place, thanks to the minimalist design, fine materials and craftsmanship. Height increase from 6 to 8 centimetres.


Total white

White sneakers are another timeless must-have for every man. Every sneakershead must have a pair of them, of course, but this also applies to anyone who likes to have in their wardrobe a sporty alternative to wear anytime, anywhere. In the GuidoMaggi autumn-winter collection, therefore, a pair of new total white sneakers could not be missing. They are called Dolcevita and are handmade like all the brand’s elevator shoes, combining full grain leather and varnish leather in a rigorous and timeless white with small light blue stitching and blue laces, that make them perfect for a denim look. The mix of elegance and comfort makes them ideal footwear for the contemporary globetrotter who wants neither comfort nor style and wants a trainer that can also be worn with a cool blue suit. Height increase from 6 to 9 centimetres.



This year grey is back stronger than ever among the fashion colours of winter 2024. Many consider it an elegant and timeless (non) colour, but today it is being revived as never before by fashion houses and pulled out to a shine even for the youngest outfits. And if a grey jumper and a grey coat are a must in this year’s wardrobe, so is a pair of grey sneakers like the Ocala from GuidoMaggi’s latest collection.  Ostrich leather and craftsmanship make this model an exclusive piece to wear under every outfit. Height increase from 6 to 8 centimetres.