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GUIDOMAGGI luxury elevator shoes represent nearly 100 years of Italian craftsmanship, now available online for you. The skill, attention to detail and finest materials that go into the making of these height increasing shoes give you a superior choice that simply wasn't available until now.


Guido Maggi a young shoemaker, almost 30 years old,  returns home after serving his country in World War I and begins his handcrafted, traditional shoe business in Italy. He designs and sells his shoes – original, durable and handmade - to the wealthier classes and nobility of the time becaming the first choice for the well-to-do in his area. Among his most popular models were the riding boots, which were highly sought after by Italian gentlemen. In 1954, between finishing a shoe and designing the next, Guido Maggi suddenly dies of a heart attack between his tools and GuidoMaggi temporarily closes its doors.


However, the skills, methods and practices of creating great shoes, hand made in Italy, were passed on to Guido Maggi's descendant, Emanuele Briganti. This young man, who also had a deep desire to look taller than his height of 5' 9”, was inspired to create GUIDOMAGGI elevator shoes. More than a tribute to his ancestor, the height increasing shoes produced here incorporate Old World standards for excellence and add three inches to the stature of the wearer. If you're interested in owning something better than the “made in Asia” elevator shoes that might actually hurt your feet and posture, these are the “tall shoes” for you. Hand made in Italy from full grain leather uppers, full soft leather linings, “sewn at sight” stitching by hand for strength, flexibility and long-lasting wear; these are just some of the benefits of owning these height increasing shoes. Guido Maggi said, roughly translated, “To make people walk well, the shoes must be made by hand”. That's what you get with GUIDOMAGGI luxury shoes, plus the benefit of standing taller in style. Careful design and craftsmanship give you better posture and comfort while you stand and walk, with your head held high.





For those who demand top quality, superior style, long-lasting comfort and the best hand stitched leather, these luxury shoes help you look taller, fashionable and confident. At GUIDOMAGGI, our mission is simple: provide the best elevator shoes in the world to our discerning clientele. Come join us! .

Attention to detail is what sets these height increasing shoes apart from the mass-produced Asian imports. From the waxed cotton shoelaces to the “increaser insole” that adds to your height and doesn't “squish” when you walk, each and every detail and material is incorporated into a total look and feel that cannot be equaled. Best of all, the look and feel of these “look taller” shoes is superb. Italian leather shoes are the world standard for excellence, style and luxury. Carefully peruse the collection. You'll find sneakers, shoes and boots for casual, dress and formal wear. There's even a selection of styles for bridegrooms, who want to stand tall beside their brides who are wearing high heels at the altar.
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