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12 - 01 - 2016
"Thank you Emanuelle, You know the best endorsement I can give you is that "my wife loves me in your shoes!" She is very tight with money. I have now bought 6 pairs in 3 months and she hasn't complained about my spending money. Thanks" Fredy, Tel Aviv

03 - 01 - 2016
"Dear Emanuele, I appreciate your great support in order to send my ordered shoes. They arrived earlier than expected, thus I will have the chance to experience them during my vacations trip and that is a great added value... I have observed my shoes and look very well manufactured. I briefly tried them and feel comfortable, and I am very happy with my purchase.¡Thanks!" Manuel

31 - 12 - 2015
"Dear Mr Briganti, The shoes were delivered today (already!) and I can assure you they are perfect. I am very happy with them and I consider your way of doing business as very satisfying. You are a man of deeds and I appreciate that. If you want to use my message as a testimonial, please do. Best regards," Sean Netherlands

27 - 12 - 2015
"Dear Emanuele, I've received the shoes and I want to let you know i'm very happy with them! Thank you for the good services. Have a nice day. Best regards," Hartelijke groet

20 - 12 - 2015
"I have not had a chance to wear them yet. They are truly elegant shoes and sneakers. And will be ideal size. Thanks for your speed, Kind regards," Tommy

15 - 12 - 2015
"Hello, I was finally able to place an order. I highly appreciate you helping me with my order and providing me with the coupon. With the best regards," George

07 - 12 - 2015
"thank you Emanuele, I love my shoes. They are not only nice as elevator shoes, but the nicest and most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I am a life-long fan. quick question: is it possible to have the Stockholm sneaker shoe made with a hiking boot sole? They look like gorgeous hiking boots." Joe, Los Angeles

05 - 12 - 2015
"Hello Emanuele, Thank you for your response and Thank you so much for your excellent service. " Aldo

01 - 12 - 2015
"Hi Emunuele, You are right. I thought they did not fit, but they do, perfectly too. They are beautiful too. Will order another pair soon. Thanks"

27 - 11 - 2015
"Thank you so much Emanuele, I will surely be ordering these shoes again every 3 months as I find your the only one who designs them Perfectly and beautifully. Looking forward to receiving my first pair!" James, California

25 - 11 - 2015
"Dear Mr Briganti, Just received my Verona and Singapore shoes. I tried them both and are comfortable and look very nice. Am really happy with these! Thanks again and warm regards" Juhan

18 - 11 - 2015
"Hey Emanuele, The beautiful boots arrived yesterday and we hope to fit them today. I will let you know how that goes. Thank you for making that happen so quickly we really appreciate it!" Cheers, Nick

15 - 11 - 2015
"received, they are good! thanks!"

12 - 11 - 2015
"You are the absolute best. Thank you always for your understanding and help." Jason, NY

04 - 11 - 2015
"Sono arrivate adesso ...mi hai fatto felice sono bellissime."

30 - 10 - 2015
"Hello I bought shoes from you, as you know, and I am very happy with them. I'd like to buy another pair, and I see that it is possible to get a discount by coupon. Thank you."

28 - 10 - 2015
"Hello Emanuele, Thank you very much for such a wonderfull Option. your shoes will help alot in my marriage :-)"

25 - 10 - 2015
"Emanuele I got to Barbados not long ago and my boots just arrived - they are truly heroically fab...they look stunning with my really skintight jeans and with anything. Ta anyway Cheers mate"

23 - 10 - 2015
"Ciao Emanuele, come stai? Spero vada tutto bene. Passato bene il week-end? Ti mando questa e-mail per confermati che oggi ho ricevuto le scarpe.....che dirti? Sono FANTASTICHE! Il mix di brown che hai scelto è semplicemente stupendo e, come ti dicevo, il modello San Antonio è perfetto per il target del mio blog. Ovviamente non ho esitato a provarle immediatamente e devo rivelarti che non mi sarei mai aspettato tutta questa estrema comodità ed il rialzo non si vede e nemmeno si sente. Sono veramente soddisfatto di questo paio di scarpe stupende, lavorate a regola d'arte e il rialzo (elemento fondamentale) è talmente ben studiato che non da nessun tipo di fastidio. Mi complimento davvero con te e con tutto il team di Guido Maggi perchè svolgete un lavoro meticoloso e ben studiato fino al piccolo dettaglio. Altro elemento che mi è piaciuto moltissimo è stato il packaging con box rigida rosso scarlatto (stupenda!) ed anche il rialzo di cambio è molto utile! Grazie davvero per tutto. Un caro saluto." Roby

21 - 10 - 2015
"Hello :) Thank you so much for sending the shoes so quickly, they are stunning and we can't wait to fit them on our lead actor!"

20 - 10 - 2015
"Hello :) I want to say that I really Love youre shoes :) I work in the luxury industry as a sales associate. I really like this 5 inch boots and would like to try them. I wonder how many cm are the heel of this boot?" Leo

18 - 10 - 2015
"Buonasera, a seguito precedente ordine e utilizzo delle vs. scarpe, le confermo i miei complimenti per il vs. prodotto in termini di qualita' ed estetica."

16 - 10 - 2015
"grazie Signore, You guys are amazing."

14 - 10 - 2015
"Hi Emanuele, I just wanted to thank you for your warm interest and attention to detail. Of course I've gotten my shoes on time in Ámsterdam and I'm very pleased with all the models. Thank you for the extra insoles that you sent to me for free. I'll keep buying your shoes. Best regards." Walter B Argentina

11 - 10 - 2015
"Thank you Sir! Very happy to hear. This is only my 2nd pair. I have plans for at least 2 more this year. ;-) Thanks"

08 - 10 - 2015
"Ciao Emanuele, Firstly, they arrived in good time thank you. The attractive, upmarket red shoe box made a good first impression. So the boots...they look stunning, appear to be beautifully made and fit perfectly. I am absolutely delighted. Not the cheapest but probably the best value for money. Regards" Tony

06 - 10 - 2015
"Good Afternoon Emanuele, I order my next pair of shoes online today. I'm very excited. "

03 - 10 - 2015
"Hi Emmanuel, The new boots arrived and they are beautiful and the right colour and size. You were correct on the sole choice too. Thank you. Many thanks" Rob

01 - 10 - 2015
"Appena rientrato dalla Germania ho trovato la delivery nella hall di casa. Volevo ringraziarLa per la rapidità nella spedizione, e farLe i miei complimenti per la qualità e la comodità della scarpa. Sarà la prima di una lunga serie. Grazie." Dr. Ferrarini

29 - 09 - 2015
"Ok Emanuel. Just made the order plus one of your new beautiful blue sneakers. But please make sure the same exact color as the picture. I truly do think you for your outmost professionalism and craftsmanship" Brock

27 - 09 - 2015
"Many Thanks, this is now my 2nd purchase from you as the first pair of shoes were so wonderful, I'm hooked." Chris

24 - 09 - 2015
" Sig. Emanuele Briganti ci tenevo a comunicarle che le scarpe da me ordinate sono arrivate e corrispondono perfettamente alle aspettative. Ringraziandola porgo crodiali saluti." Alessandro

22 - 09 - 2015
"Hi Emanuele I revive shoes today Thank YOU !!! PERFECT SIZE my friend ! Ciao !"

19 - 09 - 2015
"Mi complimento per la qualità e l'eleganza della confezione. Nei prossimi giorni calzerò le scarpe e saprò darle ulteriori feedback (provate vanno bene). Grazie mille e buon weekend "

17 - 09 - 2015
"Buona sera Emanuele I prodotti sono arrivati ieri e sono perfetti "

15 - 09 - 2015
"Hi Emanuele, I got the boots back and they fit much better. Thank you for adjusting them and for making the inserts similar to my orthotics. When you have a chance can you send me a few containers of the cream/polish used to care for the boots as well as any instructions. I know you said to use very little every few weeks or so. I'm assuming using a small towel would be okay to use. Thanks again for your help. Sincerely," Mark

13 - 09 - 2015
"Grazie mille Emanuele non vedo l'ora di riceverli! Le sneakers che mi hai fatto l'ultima volta erano superlative!" Alessio

09 - 09 - 2015
"Greetings, Yes Mr. Briganti, that is fantastic. GUIDOMAGGI will most certainly be the place I buy all of my shoes. Do You happen to carry any winter boots? "

06 - 09 - 2015
"Mr. Briganti, I received the shoes and was very impressed. The Los Angeles is perfect! Regards,"

03 - 09 - 2015
"Thank you Emanuele for your kind atention and service!, I'll give a call to the hotel and let them know. best regards." Martin W.

30 - 08 - 2015
"Buon Giorno, Le scarpe che ho acquistato è bellissimo! Misura giusta e molto confortabile. Mi piacerebbe avere un altro, più casuale da usare tutti i giorni. Quale puoi mi recomandare ? Grazie per la gentilezza."

27 - 08 - 2015
"Salve, grazie per le scarpe, sono fantastiche."

23 - 08 - 2015
"Le scarpe sono arrivate oggi come promesso..sono fantastiche! Grazie mille!"

18 - 08 - 2015
"Thank you Emanuele, That sounds great. I'm very excited about the boot. My next order will be dress shoes and some casual sneakers. Your collection is gorgeous. Thanks" Ethan

14 - 08 - 2015
"Gentilissimo Emanuele, Ho ricevuto le mie scarpe Catalina,ed questo messaggio per te! Sono assolutamente sbalordito,impressionato ed ovviamente contentissimo per varie cose. Una consegna perfetta, professionismo,uno stile & design degno del, Italian style inimitabile, dice molto di un Artista! Ne vale il suo peso! Cordialmente" Valerio, Roma

11 - 08 - 2015
"Dear sirs, I have ordered a NEW YORK boot from you. Please find attached confirmation. The boot is nice and in a very good quality. Thank you very much for everything." Jose, Madrid

08 - 08 - 2015
"Buongiorno Sig. Briganti, oggi ho ricevuto le scarpe come da mio ordine in oggetto. Devo dire che sono molto belle. Cordiali saluti" Maurizio Alpi

05 - 08 - 2015
"Good Afternoon. I've purchased 45 pairs of shoes from you buys, and the quality is fantastic. Again, thanks for your quality shoes to date." Sylvester, LA

02 - 08 - 2015
"your shoes are truly beautiful, thank you so much"

31 - 07 - 2015
"Sr Briganti, I just received my shoes and they are excellent. What size did you end up sending me? I'd like to know for future purchases since these fit perfectly.Thank you" Darren

29 - 07 - 2015
"Lei è incommensurabile e perfetto sotto l'aspetto professionale. Grazie davvero." Emilio, Milano

25 - 07 - 2015
"Mr. Briganti, I just received four of my new shoes today and I am thrilled with how they came out. I can tell that they are expertly crafted. I look forward to the other shoes that I have ordered that are still to come (loafers, boot,etc.). Thank you for the wonderful craftsmanship and please forward my admiration." George, Los Angeles

21 - 07 - 2015
"Hello! The shoes arrived yesterday. It looks amazing and comfortable ! Can't wait to wear them everyday! Once again, thanks for the beautiful piece." Damien, CA

19 - 07 - 2015
"Hello Emanuele, First of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to reply to you earlier. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to THANK YOU so much for doing what I thought was impossible but ... GuidoMaggi did it ! Do you remember ? We had a small discussion on Monday, the 6th of July before I placed my order. You immediately put my order in production and the shoes were shipped on Wednesday, the 8th of July. In the end, I received the shoes on Friday the 10th of July at 15h00, just in time for an important video shooting that started at 16h00. I just LOOOOOOOOVE my shoes, they are so classy and top quality. They really keep their promise of making me taller (by 4 inches and 3.5 inches). Not only do you produce top quality shoes but your customer service is awesome. I was happy to talk to you on phone before placing my order. Also, your speed of production and delivery exceeds my expectations. Honestly, I was skeptical you could make it but you did it ! So, I am grateful to you Emanuele for providing me with such quality product, Best regards" Liam

15 - 07 - 2015
"I am a big fan of your shoes and expect to order winter shoes later this year."

12 - 07 - 2015
"Dear Mr Briganti, I am very pleasantly surprised upon receiving this news, thank you very very much!! You can be assured that I would be returning to order more from you. In the highly commercialized world today, I am very impressed with the personalized service which you have provided me. It is always nice to know that I am dealing with someone who listens and actually care about their customers."

08 - 07 - 2015
"I will be buying some of your models as the leather of the Venezia shoes is of good quality and I have noticed you have also very original shoes in your casual range. Thanks again for your service and understanding."

02 - 07 - 2015
"Hi Emanuele, Randy loved both of the sneakers very much and would love to get some other pairs in the near future! Thank you very much Emanuele"

29 - 06 - 2015
"Hi. Just ordered. You guys are the best. Thank You as always..." Jason

25 - 06 - 2015
"Buona sera le scarpe con rialzo sono arrivate finalmente siamo riusciti a concludere la scarpa che volevo la ringrazio di tutto è stato disponibilissimo e spero che avremo modo di risentirci per qualche altra ordinazione !buon pomeriggio" Giorgio Renzi

22 - 06 - 2015
"Thanks so much again for all the help received by you..."

20 - 06 - 2015
"Hi Emanuele... I received my elevator boots as I wanted... Thanks so much for your help to finish the sale.. I feel very happy with my shoes, but some nephews want to used them.....which I am opposed to... I would like to order new shoes on different models... Please be kind to send me all your recommended models"

17 - 06 - 2015
"Hello, I have recived the shoes today. Such a great and fascinating piece of shoes. Super high quality and breathtaking color. Love it so much and cant wait to wear them. Once again, thank you so much for the great piece. Hope you have a lovely day and wish you all the best. Best wishes" Philip Lee

14 - 06 - 2015
"Besides the wire info, I'd also wanted to thank you separately for creating this line. I read your full story behind this incredible shoe line for men and instantly fell in love with the shoes you've designed. Just like you, I stand at 5'9'' - 5'9.5''. I've always drew attention when I walked into a group of people, but good looks are not always enough from my perspective. So far I always felt my short comings especially when it comes to my height. I made research about elevator shoes many times before, but almost every brand which produces them looked cheap and anti-fashion almost. When I finally discovered your brand -- which was only a couple of days ago -- , I almost couldn't believe my eyes and the quality / looks of your designs. So, sincere congratulations. You're doing a sensational job! I feel like with these shoes, I will be able to reach my %100 potential in every aspect of my life: my career, my relationships, everything!Thanks again" Francisco, USA

11 - 06 - 2015
"Dear Emanuel, Thank you for your kind email. I'm truly happy and satisfied with the elevator loafers the way they are. I'm wearing them on a daily basis and happy with the way they fit me perfectly. Grazie mille!" Dustin, Los Angeles

08 - 06 - 2015
"Hi I receive my height increasing shoes and very happy thx a lot i will order another shoes next week" Mohammad

05 - 06 - 2015
"Hello Emmanuel, The Baltimore elevator trainers are fantastic , can I order The Baltimore in a hi top boot also , UK size 9. Many thanks" Harry , UK

30 - 05 - 2015
"Hi Emanuele, I was very impressed by the height increasing shoes I bought last time. I was looking to buy some shoes for my new job so I will order again soon! Thank you again!" Codi, NY

27 - 05 - 2015
"Salve sono Ettore Andrioli e vi scrivo da Milano volevo solo comunicarle che le scarpe rialzate sono arrivate, mi vanno benissimo sono comodissime e volevo appunto ringraziarla di tutto Buon pomeriggio e grazie ancora sicuramente farò altri acquisti" Ettore Andrioli, Milano

24 - 05 - 2015
"Dear Sr Briganti, Thank you very much for the professional update I appreciate it plenty. Have a lovely day ahead!" Edward, US

20 - 05 - 2015
"I can confirm that the shoes arrived two days ago on Monday 18th May. I was pleasantly surprised that this was received ahead of time and wanted to thank you for the prompt shipping and good communication." Rick, London

19 - 05 - 2015
"Grazie Emanuele. Ritengo che il valore aggiunto a questa azienda, oltre al grande design Italiano, lo offra tu. Perché l'attenzione al cliente è un plus che fa davvero la differenza. E, nonostante sia un concetto intangibile, nel vostro caso è così evidente da creare rapporti saldi per il futuro.Grazie di tutto." Enzo, Milano

16 - 05 - 2015
"Grazie per la vostra disponibilità e serietà,Cordiali saluti." Pierpaolo, Milano

14 - 05 - 2015
"Hi Emanuele, This e-mail is just to let you know thata everything went ok with my shoes. Hi instep consideration fits now perfect!!! Color and sizes also perfect, thanks a lot. Very soon I might be placing another order.Best regards." Lisandro, Los Angeles

12 - 05 - 2015
"Dear Sr Briganti, Thank you kindly for your email, written so impeccably well. No problems at all, I was simply trying my luck. :) By the way, GuidoMaggi sells the most beautiful elevator shoes on the planet. I am 5'11" and it would be the first time I am wearing elevator shoes. I appreciate your kind reply. I will be returning to order more from you after this first pair."/p> Tony, Singapore

10 - 05 - 2015
"Ciao Emanuele. Tornerò oggi in Italia e predisporrò(questa sera) il pagamento Pay pal. Grazie per la tua grande disponibilità. grazie per i tempi(25 maggio), grazie perché finalmente ho trovato una azienda con le palle! ti abbraccio" Emilio

08 - 05 - 2015
"Egregio Sign. Briganti, Volevo informarla che le scarpe sono arrivate e sono perfette. Complimenti per la qualità e per la serietà con cui lavorate.Sicuramente ne ordinerò ancora.Cordiali saluti" Dario Ferrero

07 - 05 - 2015
"Dear Emmanuele! The shoes is exellent. Thank you and see again in your shop. Best regards" Marat­, Moscow

05 - 05 - 2015
"Emanuelle, I really love the new insole on my 5 inch boots. They are much more comfortable to wear than your previous insoles and you can wear them much longer. I have purchased 5 of your 5 inch boots in the past. Would you kindly make me 5 more of the new insoles for my boots please. I wear a size 42. Thank you and love all your new styles and innovations." Martin, New York

04 - 05 - 2015
"Good morning, Emanuele, The new style memory­foam increasers arrived and I like them. First, I like the textured finish because it keeps the foot firmly in place within the shoe. Second, the layer of memory foam below the leather insole provides a cushioning effect that enhances conformance with the bottom of the foot, which improves pressure distribution while standing and walking. These features enhance comfort." Mason

03 - 05 - 2015
"Thank you, Maria, I have received them. They are wonderful. Grazie Mille! Nick, Maine

01 - 05 - 2015
"Mr. Briganti, I am looking forward to the new pair. You sell the best shoes in the world, and I am proud to be a loyal costumer!" Ivor, Las Vegas

29 - 04 - 2015
"Buonasera, pacco arrivato oggi, puntuale e veloce, modello di scarpe veramente stupendo, ancora piu belle delle california nere, sono veramente estasiato dalla cura dei dettagli, dalla pregevolezza del materiale e dall'eccellente lavorazione, non ho parole per descrivere la vostra bravura nel realizzare scarpe cosi belle e rialzate allo stesso tempo.Per lo stivaletto valuterò in futuro, per ora sono a posto cosi, grazie mille per lo sconto e per la disponibilità mostratami, Saluti " Matteo, Milano

26 - 04 - 2015

23 - 04 - 2015
"Hi, I am Conall from Hong Kong. First of all, thanks very much for all your beautiful shoes I order before. I really love them very much and wear them everyday. Thanks very much." Conall, Hong Kong

20 - 04 - 2015
"Dear Emanuele, Thank you so much of an amazing pair of shoes!! I love them. Have a great day!" Timothy, England

18 - 04 - 2015
"Hi Emanuele, the boots fit great and will order the Pisa sometime this year. Thank you." Dominic, Australia

14 - 04 - 2015
"Thank you always for your tremendous product and service. Warm regards" Chase, California

11 - 04 - 2015
"My shoes, with order number 7dPb0632 have arrived some time ago and I am very happy with that. Thank you so much" Kaden, NY

07 - 04 - 2015
"Buonasera, arrivate oggi le mie California nere con un filo di ritardo dovuto alle mie assenze al momento del passaggio del corriere, in ogni caso sono veramente soddisfatto dell'acquisto, modello fantastico, comodo, elegante, il rialzo interno non si nota per nulla, ne col rialzo da 8 ne con quello da 10, siete veramente i numeri 1 nel fare questo tipo di scarpe rialzate, senza alcun dubbio posso affermarlo, la ringrazio anche per la disponibilità e la gentilezza avuta nei miei confronti, cambiandomi e spedendomi il paio di scarpe nuovo in anticipo rispetto ai tempi, siete veramente professionali, sono talmente contento ed entusiasta delle mie nuove scarpe(e relativa altezza che ho sempre sognato che ne consegue), che non e escluso che io non ordini ancora da voi in futuro, anzi e probabile, o lo stesso modello di california full white, o uno scarponcino o un modello elegante, se ordinero lo faro comunque con molto piacere, un saluto e grazie ancora" Matteo, Milano

31 - 03 - 2015
"Emanuele, Got the shoes, Love them. Thinking about ordering another pair of the castro and adding a “Beverly hills” today..looking on the site now, thanks" Sebastian, US

26 - 03 - 2015
"One more time congratulations for the products and wait for your soon answer. Thanks!" Luis, Spain

23 - 03 - 2015
"Dear Mr. Briganti, I hope you are well. I very much enjoyed the two pairs of shoes I purchased with Order No. 5681035. I will like to reorder a new pair of the Castro in black, same size US 8.5. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you." Jeremiah, Canada

19 - 03 - 2015
"Hello...I've purchased a few different pairs of elevator shoes from you guys and really like their fit. Can you do the Chicago boot in 4in dark brown suede...without the design on the toe? Also with a leather sole?" Connor, US

11 - 03 - 2015
"Dear Emanuele, thank so much for excellent Verona. Size is good. Many best wishes for you. See again." Carlos, Moscow

08 - 03 - 2015
"Hello there! I would like you to know that I already received the shoes and it was really really really nice. I just can't contain my happiness upon unboxing it and also the packaging was totally adorable. I am too excited to wear them, Thank you so much! Best," Tyler, LA

02 - 03 - 2015
"Good day, dear Emanuel! Thank you so much. Excellent shoes. Very comfortable. I'll order new shoes again soon. Best regards. " Diego , United States

24 - 02 - 2015
"Dear Mr. Briganti, Thank you for your rapid response. I have purchased about 15 pairs of shoes in the last 2 years from your site. I am very happy with them. Thank you and I continue to be a loyal customer. Sincerely, " Justin , New York

19 - 02 - 2015
"Gentilissimo signor Emanuele, Ho ricevuto le calzature lo scorso venerdi`. Sono meravigliose! Le calzature, le confezioni rosse..meravigliose! La qualita`e la cura di come vengono fatte artigianalmente, conferma la eccezionale azienda che siete. Grazie ancora a lei e alla sua azienda. Per il momento la ringrazio tantissimo!! E vedro`per il prossimo ordine. Cordiali saluti," Antonio

18 - 02 - 2015
"Thanks so much Emanuele, I received the shoes today, They are beautiful! Regards," Abid, Dubai

13 - 02 - 2015
"hello, I ordered you sometimes ago Tapei boots. As the time went by I found them very confortable. The size is perfect. thank you very much " Adrien

06 - 02 - 2015
"Hi Emanuele, I received my first pair of Guidomaggi shoes today and I have to say they are very comfortable and all details are nicely done. Thank you for the great work and I start looking at ordering another pair now :) Regards, Sam " SAM

06 - 01 - 2015
"Emanuel, wonderful, unbelieveable! From now on consider me a very loyal Guidomaggi customer. I can't believe, so much beautiful, I will buy a lot soon!" Simon, Dubai

19 - 11 - 2014
"Dear Emanuele, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I am privileged and honored to meet you. Thank you. I will check out sneakers but probably will order another shoe shortly, to make up difference and because It's a Good excuse . Again, I really appreciate you and Your brand." Regards, Michael

19 - 11 - 2014
"Thank you so much. Your level of service is second to none and I appreciate the personal touch.Thanks Again," Kenneth AZ

15 - 11 - 2014
"Hi Emanuele, I love your shoes. And what's more amazing are shoes with added height! Thank you!" Anthony, TX

13 - 11 - 2014
"I will definitely advertise your shoes in American as I have ordered several pairs and have enjoyed each one. Many people compliment the shoes and I always tell them where to purchase. Thank you"

11 - 11 - 2014
"Dear Guido, thanks so much for taking care my concern. The sneaker I have been wear for 1-2 week, and it is extremely comfortable and styled. Thanks again Guido."

08 - 11 - 2014
"Hello Guidomaggi, I just receive my order #44700519 today, and these sneakers are really sexy and they are really comfortable. I am really impressed by these shoes and I would love to order more in future,Thank you Guidomaggi."

04 - 11 - 2014
"Got them yesterday! These are like a dream. Thanks a million!" Christopher, San Antonio

28 - 10 - 2014
"Boots received. Excellent fit and wonderful quality. I like the style very much. Many thanks." George, UK

24 - 09 - 2014
"Hi ,I am Joe from Hong Kong. First of all, thanks very much for your excellent shoes I have four now and I like them very much. Recently I found the Sochi very beautiful and can it be 5inch raise?Thanks very much." Joe

25 - 07 - 2014
"Hi Emanuele., I’ve bought 3 pairs of boots from Guidomaggi in the last year. I’ve been very happy with the appearance, fit & finish , thanks a lot!" Ben, MI

24 - 07 - 2014
"Wow! Great shoes. Thank you very much. I definitely will be placing another order." Connor, Dublin

10 - 07 - 2014
"Dear Mr. Briganti, I have received the shoes for order number r8060783--they are very beautiful, so thank you for your work!" Samuel, NY

18 - 06 - 2014
"Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. I look forward to doing business with you for many years." Jason, CA

15 - 06 - 2014
"I received the second pair today. Thank you very much for the quality shoes. Best regards" Brandon

05 - 06 - 2014
"Emanuele, thanks for your email. The shoes are great. Thank you. I look forward to getting the second pair" Christoph, LA

05 - 06 - 2014
"Mr Briganti, thank you so so so much… I love both of the shoes you sent me and I really appreciate everything you've done and how you've worked with my wife I am indebted and hope to take you to dinner someday in Italy… Best regards," Eric CA

03 - 06 - 2014
"Hello, I received the moccasins and they look very good." Best, Kyle

01 - 06 - 2014
"Mr Briganti,
Great shoes. I received many complements today about them. When will the second pair be shipped? Thank you very much for the high quality shoes and good service." David

12 - 05 - 2014
"Ciao Emanuele,
sono Francesco, ho già comprato almeno 4 - 5 paia di scarpe da voi ed abbiamo anche parlato una volta al telefono. Ho ricevuto le vostre mail che seguo sempre con attenzione e d adesso volevo comprare un nuovo paio di scarpe modello Sidney, rialzo da 10 cm perché con le Istanbul mi sono trovato non bene, ma benissimo (comfort + altezza + eleganza). Le ho usate quasi quotidianamente tutto l'inverno." Grazie, Francesco

07 - 05 - 2014
"Bonjour Emanuele,je reçois ma première commande et je veux vous féliciter pour la qualité de vos chaussures. En attendant une prochaine commande, bien cordialement" Bruno

03 - 05 - 2014
"Hello I bought a pair of shoes from u.. I really liked the quality of it.. I want to buy another one"

19 - 04 - 2014
ho ricevuto le scarpe, complimenti sono molto belle." Giovanni, Verona

15 - 04 - 2014
"Dear Emanuele
I got the shoes and they are amazing.
Thanks for managing the things grat with dhl." Ron, Israel

11 - 04 - 2014
"Hi Emanuele,
I just received the shoes. They are amazing, exactly as I hoped!
Take care!" Max, Chicago

07 - 04 - 2014
"Hi Emanuele,
Your shoes are amazing, and I want to continue shopping with you.
I'm also interested in ordering the Madrid boots." Eddie, NY

04 - 04 - 2014
"Vorrei ringraziarvi anche per le scarpe inviatemi 2 giorni fa sono ottime.. e dato che avevo tempi ristretti mi sono state consegnate in tempo. Vi ringrazio." Massimo

03 - 04 - 2014
"I’ve been using elevator shoes for more than 10 years and always regretted having to use cheap and ugly models. I was blown away when I discovered your company and I want you to succeed!" Mark, NY

01 - 04 - 2014
"Hello. First of all thank you for your amazing shoes. I bought 7 pairs from you. All of them are beautiful!" Roy, Israel

15 - 03 - 2014
"Buongiorno, ho ricevuto le scarpe e vi faccio i complimenti sono veramente molto belle e ben fatte." Corrado, Pesaro

07 - 03 - 2014
"Good Afternoon.
First I wanted to say that both pair of boots that I purchased from you are fantastic!
They look and feel better than any dress boot I’ve worn." Joseph, NY

13 - 02 - 2014
"Thank you very much for the boots. I receive them and they're great ! Very good quality. You will see me as a customer again for sure. Have a great night ! " Jason, USA

13 - 02 - 2014
"Hi Emanuele I have received the boots ,and they are fantastic, I wish you all the best with your fantastic products Regards, " William

12 - 02 - 2014
"Hello Mr. Emanuele, I received the shoes today, thanks much. They look beautiful, " Leo, London

28 - 01 - 2014
"Emanuele,Thanks for the pair of boots. They fit perfectly ! " Gabriel, Belgium

24 - 01 - 2014
"Dear Mr. Briganti, I received with thanks my order from you and I am very pleased, Thank you for your top quality workmanship. Cant wait to see the new collections. " Best,
Antoine, France

22 - 01 - 2014
"Your boots are the best ever, Wow, thanks so much! Impressive customer service, I must say." Robert, UK

12 - 01 - 2014
"Please advise when order Number 0528926 will be ready to be shipped, thanking you kindly - and wanted to acknowledge goods already booked and delivered have exceptional inequality and exceeded my expectations .thank you again." Dr Frank Thomas, Adelaide, Australia

4 - 12 - 2013
"Il Top si chiama guidomaggi!
Grandi e favolosi.
Grazie mille... Tutto è andato per il meglio, non vedo l'ora. Di vedere la nuova collezione, e di fare il mio prossimo acquisto!! A presto e continuate così.. Siete i numeri uno nel settore, a presto." Stefano, Parma - Italy

28 - 11 - 2013
"Thank you ! I must tell you the Stockholm boot is without doubt the most comfortable elevator shoe I have ever worn, congratulations you have a big seller." Steven Anson, London

14 - 11 - 2013
"Ho appena ricevuto le scarpe: bellissime, profumate di pelle pregiata, altissime e soprattutto...........comodissime!!!!!
Hanno tutte le qualità' che si chiedono ad una scarpa con rialzo; sono stratosfericamente alte, senza che questo rappresenti un limite per il comfort.
Le Istanbul sono assolutamente fantastiche. Contentissimo, ritornerò' a comprare." F. Brambilla , Milano

2 - 11 - 2013
I just receive my Sydney shoes and I'm really really happy with them and i wanted to thank you, they really give me the right height and most of all they look fabulous, everybody is asking me where did i buy them." Thank you very much.
W. Baker, Seattle

19 - 10 - 2013
"Mr. Briganti:
Thank you so much for your attention to detail on this order and for sending the shoes in such a professional and thoughtful fashion. I received the shoes yesterday and they are indeed exquisitely crafted shoes and obviously the product of skilled artisans.
I have chosen the lowest of the height increase options from the three that I ordered, and selected them to wear to my wedding. I can tell you they are making my bride very happy by equalizing out heights for the special day. I am, therefore, returning the other two pairs for a refund with an email containing your company's return form and all conditions met. However, I am certainly looking forward to purchasing another of your pairs of shoes in the future." Best regards.
Mike Brown, NY

13 - 10 - 2013
"Hi Emanuele.

I have received your New Yorkres.
Thank you !
They look Beautiful, Stunning and Mysterious !!
Colour shade is very nice.
Fitting is perfect with my wider request.
Quality and finishing is high standard.
I'm very satisfied.
Looking forward more co-operation with new models and colours.
Thanks again." Best regards.
Filip, Oslo

04 - 10 - 2013
"Dear Emanuele,
I got my Boston boots yesterday. Colour of those boots looks fantastic, also

- Leather quality is very good.
- Craftman work is very good
- Customized size ( wide ), they fit very nicely.
- Customer service, excellent. Thank you.

I've been ordering my shoes true to other company before, but when I came to your webpage and show your different models and colours, they did me good impression. I've stopped ordering from other company, due I wasn't happy about quality.
I would like to have most of your shoes, because they look different and are very stylish, best looking shoes on internet today!" Ivar, Stockholm

01 - 10 - 2013
"Dear Guidomaggi:
I would like to tell you how happy I am with my Boston height increasing boots. The quality is top notch and I feel so good in them. I've received so many compliments, so, my compliments to you!" Best,
E. Gordon
Boston , MA

24 - 09 - 2013
"Dear Sirs:
I got my Chelsea boots a few weeks ago and I have to say I am thrilled with them. I never owned elevator shoes before, and I would never have believed how great they make me feel. I am looking forward to buying more of your products very soon." Sincerely,
J. Genualdi
New York, NY

20 - 09 - 2013
"I am so happy with my New York elevator boots that I had to write. The promise of a height increase of three inches is real and the boots are of the finest quality. I'll be shopping at Guidomaggi again for sure!" Thank you,
Scott Baldwin,
Miami, FL

05 - 09 - 2013
"Dear Guidomaggi, those sneakers are really beautiful! They look absolutely wonderful!" Alain, Paris

24 - 07 - 2013
"I would like to say these boots was the most expensive in your range and i got these for my holiday in tenerife however they look and feel fantastic was unsure about the the height increase before i bought them but after i first tried them on i will always be buying your shoes again." Darren, London

18 - 07 - 2013
"Caro Emanuele,
I loved the shoes and the size is perfect.
I would like to order another pair very soon
Grazie, " Paul, California

08 - 06 - 2013
"Hello Mr. Briganti,
Thanks for the pair of boots. My review?
- They fit well and are comfortable, even with the special 4 increase.
- The used leather feels soft and smooth.
Best regards, " Jerome, Belgium

03 - 06 - 2013
Thank you, I really enjoy the shoes and they are very smart. They seem like excellent quality as well." Adam, Melbourne

11 - 05 - 2013
"Dear Guido M,
I was 5'6" tall, now I am 5'9" , thanks to your great shoes. I never thought I would own blue shoes before, but I took a chance and could not be happier with the feel and the look of them. I would never have believed that a pair of shoes would increase my confidence! I'm looking forward to new styles in the future!
Sincerely, " Paul T., Boston, MA, USA

08 - 05 - 2013
"Dear Sir or Madam:
I had to email you and tell you how satisfied with the Los Angeles shoes that I just received. Nobody notices I am taller, but I feel the difference and so many friends have asked where I got my beautiful shoes. I hope to have a closet full of GuidoMaggi shoes!"

02 - 05 - 2013
"Dear Guidomaggi:
Being of average height, I never would have thought about elevator shoes, but a friend of mine has some of yours, and I saw the quality and style so I decided to try a pair for myself. I chose the Chicago boots, and I must say, they are the best shoes in my closet. I feel and look great in them, and the extra height is a bonus I had not expected. Great product!" Greg G., Dallas, TX

17 - 04 - 2013
"Dear Guidomaggi, I wish I could tell you how satisfied I am with my new Miami shoes. I would never have believed a pair of shoes could give me more confidence. Not only do they make me taller, but they fit and feel so great and I get compliments every time I wear them. I'm looking forward to my next pair!" Tom C. La Jolla, CA

09 - 04 - 2013
"My girlfriend and I are the same height, and when we were both asked to be in a wedding party I started worrying right away because I knew that she would be in heels and be taller than me. I found Guidomaggi and bought the Portofino boots I feel like a new man! They solved everything, with their great looks, high quality and they are so comfortable that we danced all evening. Thank you Guidomaggi! I can not wait to get more shoes from you!" James ,Chicago

11 - 03 - 2013
"Hello, I received my boots order yesterday. They are of exceptional style & quality, I will definitely wear them on a daily basis. Thanks again GuidoMaggi!" Jack, Singapore

07 - 02 - 2013
"Good Morning,I received the shoes and I am very impressed :) they are amazing and of course a feel of comfort :) thank u very much 4 your best service ever!" Ron, Israel

30 - 01 - 2013
"I received my GuidoMaggi Italian shoes yesterday, they look fantastic and I must say that you have a special wonderful customer service." Assaf, Israel

09 - 01 - 2013
"Le scarpe da me acquistate (Ostuni) sono state di ottimo gradimento. Sicuramente la scarpa Ostuni ha un design innovativo, elegante ma anche sportivo. Si può abbinare a qualsiasi tipo di pantalone...dando sempre un tocco di personalità." Francesco, Italy

09 - 01 - 2013
"Happy with the purchase, very high quality materials and workmanship." Barry, Dublin (Ireland)

05 - 12 - 2012
I'm very happy with these shoes, and I wear them on every-day bases.
It takes a very little time to get familiar with them and feel very comfortable and I think that in general these shoes are a great solution for several problems.
Best regards," Claude, Nice (France)

03 - 12 - 2012
"Le scarpe Guidomaggi rappresentano il top nel panorama italiano e non solo delle scarpe con rialzo. I materiali esclusivi, la qualità della manifattura, il comfort e, soprattutto il design, scavano un abisso invalicabile tra questi prodotti e quelli industriali da me acquistati in precedenza.

Il servizio di customer care è di pari livello: semplicemente impeccabile.
Vi segue, vi accompagna e vi consiglia, con risposte rapidissime, in tutte le fasi del pre e del post vendita.

Mi auguro che Guidomaggi estenda in futuro la sua collezione, entrando anche nel settore delle scarpe "casual", che attualmente non rappresenta.
Un nuovo contentisismo cliente." Francesco C. (Italia)

05 - 11 - 2012
"I bought a pair of GuidoMaggi "Roma" boots 2 weeks ago..
fast delivery and no dramas at the customs : great!
the most confortable pair of shoes I possibly have ever had....
the best quality leather, amazingly soft! so soft that u can fold the shoe in half!!!!beautiful colour and very cool design!
but the hidden increaser makes the difference with all the other ordinary shoes: it gives you those few cm of confidence that every "not very tall man" like me needs.
you are taller, you improve your posture and you are wearing a very cool pair of italian shoes....... what else would you want??
definitely worth it!! grazie!" David(Byron Bay)

31 - 10 - 2012
"I wear elevator shoes since almost 10 years and I've been looking for those kind of high quality elevator shoes since then , but I only found recently what I was looking for with GuidoMaggi and I have to say I'm so happy about it. There is no comparison at all with any of the other brands that sell on web in terms of quality, comfort and style!" Brian (Chicago)

28 - 10 - 2012
I'm completely satisfied with my purchase. It is a beautiful pair of shoes. And I also appreciate your professional way of doing business.
I will be in touch again soon that's for sure." Ayman (Egypt)

5 - 09 - 2012
mi dispiace se rispondo alla sua mail solo oggi, ma sono da poco rientrato dalle vacanze. Inoltre ho indossato le scarpe solo per la giornata del mio matrimonio nel mese di agosto, quindi prima di quel momento non avevo avuto occasione di provarle. Le scarpe sono state una gradita sorpresa, sono semplicemente perfette, non solo comode (indossate per circa 8 ore di fila) ma hanno obtemperato alla funzione principale che era quello di avere qualche centimetro in più per il mio matrimonio.
Grazie mille" Mariano V.(Lucerna)

29 - 08 - 2012
"Ho acquistato questo modello e lo trovo eccezionale e comodo anche in queste sere d'estate:é freschissimo e mi slancia tantissimo,anche ad una statura come la mia di 1mt ed 79 cm che pensavo non mi potesse servire tantissimo ,ed invece...grazie GuidoMaggi!" Fabio, Milano

16 - 07 - 2012
"Ho comprato al mio ragazzo un paio di GuidoMaggi.....!! wow! finalmente posso mettermi i tacchi al sabato sera...
il tacco rialzato fa veramente la differenza
per non parlare della comodità delle scarpe che a quanto pare nn hanno precedenti...." Anonimo, Italy

03 - 07 - 2012
"Mi nombre es Armando y tuve la dicha de comprar un par de zapatos de cuero brillante en el modelo "Garda" para mi boda. Mi esposa iba a usar tacones altos y realmente lo que estaba buscando era unos zapatos que me hicieran ver más alto pero de alguna manera que no se notara y que a la misma vez me hicieran ver elegante, con clase y que fueran cómodos. Finalmente llegó el día de la boda, me puse los zapatos y para mi sorpresa mi esposa y yo estábamos en la misma estatura, me sentí súper cómodo, seguro y feliz. Sinceramente, haber comprado los zapatos Guidomaggi para mi resultó ser una inversión y no un gasto, ya que son de la más alta calidad." Armando, Miami

26 - 06 - 2012
"Other then the hairstyles, the flowers, the caterers, and of course the amazing white gown, there is one other important aspect of every wedding: the shoes. My bride-to-be had her eyes set on a particularly stunning (so she told me a million times) pair of high heels, and she seemed adamant that our wedding would not be complete without them. Now, I'm not a short man, but next to her in those heels I felt I could easily pass as one of the seven dwarves. So, not wanting to look like a short stump next to my beautiful bride, I began to look around for a solution. This was when I came across an online store that sold exactly what I was searching for! Not only were the shoes handmade, not only were they Italian leather, but they also were able to discreetly increase the height of a man without looking like they had any heel at all! After browsing the site and looking at the various styles and options I settled on a pair called 'Positano'. They would increase my height by 7.5 cm and with their sleek black italian leather design they were perfect. When they arrived I was most impressed with the craftsmanship and the superior quality of these shoes. They were astoundingly comfortable and I was able to celebrate my big day in style without fear of looking like a dwarf next to my bride. I would definitely recommend this website and these shoes to all my mates!" Gabriel, United States

22 - 06 - 2012
"Здравствуйте, Недавно купил пару ботинок, модель Ischia и решил поблагодарить Вас за шикарное качество и непревзойденный стиль. Я всегда знал, что итальянская обувь отличается высоким качеством, но в этом случае качество превзошло все мои ожидания." Спасибо Вам, Станислав, Москва

21 - 06 - 2012
"Eg har lenge forsøkt å finne sko som er komfortable, stilige og som kan få meg til å bli høyere. Jeg trodde ikke det var mullig å finne dette på markedet! Men så kom jeg over denne nettsiden Skoene er helt supre, italienske, handlagde og gjør meg hele 7,5 cm høyere, uten at det syns!! Jeg er kjempefornøyd med støvlettene, model "Milano" jeg kjøpte og vil definitivt kjøpe fra dere igjen!" Hilsen, Arne fra Oslo

19 - 06 - 2012
"L'alta qualità dei materiali utilizzati per la creazione e la produzione delle scarpe di guidomaggi garantisce un prodotto unico da indossare sempre." Antonio, Torino

11 - 06 - 2012
"Ich habe das Model „Verona“ vor einigen Wochen erworben und ich bin damit mehr als nur zufrieden. Der in Handarbeit gefertigte Schuh ist fantastisch, das Leder fühlt sich sehr weich an und bietet maximalen Komfort. Das Model sieht sehr elegant aus, die Höhe des Absatzes ist kaum wahrnehmbar und es ist überraschenderweise sehr angenehm und einfach darin zu laufen. Die Lieferung war sehr schnell und einfach. Allen in allem bin ich sehr zu frieden mit dem Produkt, dem gebotenen Service und Support des Teams. Sehr empfehlenswert! " Thomas, Germany

07 - 06 - 2012
Hoje recebi o pedido pelo correio, o envio foi rápido e os sapatos são lindos (modelo Taormina). Excelente qualidade e serviço. Vou comprar mais. Obrigado." Lucas, Rio de Janeiro

07 - 06 - 2012
Non ho mai pensato di essere basso, ma ho sempre guardato a chi aveva quei 5-6 cm in più di me con un pizzico di invidia. Si sa, altezza è mezza bellezza. Un giorno avrei voluto provare la sensazione che si prova dal "metro e ottanta" ma non ho mai trovato una calzatura che rispecchiasse il mio stile (amo le cose belle e di qualità). Devo ammettere che finalmente con le calzature GuidoMaggi ho trovato quello che cercavo. Veramente una calzatura di ottima qualità (made in Italy!) che mantiene le promesse in termini di centimetri con discrezione e classe. Ho scelto il modello "Lecce" e credo proprio che da ora in avanti tanti altri modelli di GuidoMaggi entreranno a far parte del mio guardaroba. Grazie e complimenti alla GuidoMaggi!" Carmine, Napoli

30 - 05 - 2012
Cela fait longtemps que j'achete des chaussures à semelles compensées, mais jusqu'à présent je n'avais jamais été en mesure de trouver LA chaussure qui me convenait parfaitement. J'ai découvert GUIDOMAGGI et j'ai essayé le modèle "Ischia". Maintenant je peux parler de LA chaussure perfection! C'est un modèle élégant, confortable et idéal pour une utilisation quotidienne. Je le recommande vivement!" Vincent, Belgium

30 - 05 - 2012
这是魔术一般的鞋子,超级棒,我给我老公买了一双,质量上乘、时尚、优雅、舒适。" NanJin, Xiong LiYan(China)

28 - 05 - 2012
I recently bought the Firenze Italian shoe. I was so happy with the quality, comfort and style. I was very satisfied with the excellent craftsmanship and fashionable style, I would recommend this shoe to my friends and colleages." Robert, United States

24 - 05 - 2012
Hallo an alle, ich habe letztens auch ein Paar Schuhe von Guidomaggi gekauft. Am Anfang war ich ja skeptisch, aber die Pisa Schuhe sind echt klasse! Ich hatte noch nie so bequeme Schuhe mit "Erhöhung". Bei dem Leder und der Tatsache, dass der Schuh handgemacht ist, ist der Preis auf jedenfall gerechtfertigt. Ich bin rund um glücklich und zufrieden und kann nur jedem Guidomaggi empfehlen." Enrico, Hannover

23 - 05 - 2012
Ho acquistato un paio di scarpe modello Otranto: sono stato davvero soddisfatto: le scarpe sono di ottima qualità, con ottime rifiniture e il pellame è di qualità! La cosa bella di queste scarpe è che oltre ad essere belle, ottime per le scopo per cui sono state pensate, sono di moda... Cosa molto importante! Una nota di merito anche per la consegna: rapidi ed efficenti! Consiglio l'acquisto" Marco, Brescia