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Our bespoke service gives you the possibility to customize GuidoMaggi elevator shoes. You can create a unique model made following your specific requests and your style. You will have the advice and guidance of a team of professionals who'll ensure that every detail reflects your wishes.

Choose the style

GuidoMaggi makes its immense archive available to you: legendary and evergreen models up to the most stylish and trendy shoes. In this way you can choose the one that suits you best, from shoes with original designs to a thousand variations, you can decide between different styles: oxford, derby, buckles, moccasins, slip-on, sneakers and boots.Whether you're looking for classic or more contemporary proposals by GuidoMaggi, you can select the model you like and customize it.

Choose the finest leather

You can choose from a wide range of full-grain or suede leathers, exclusive abrasive textures or with a vintage effect, but also exotic leathers such as Crocodile or Piracucu, for an even more exclusive style.

Choose the colour

Once you have chosen your skin type, you can select from the broad range of colours available to reflect your personal style best. You can combine the shades, choose the most captivating and contemporary ones, or mix more classic and soft shades.

Choose the shape

Your GuidoMaggi elevator shoe is tailor-made. In this way, it'll always fit perfectly. The GuidoMaggi artisans take precise footwear measurements, moulding the footwear around your specific shape, at the width that best suits you. In this way, we can guarantee total comfort.

Choose the components

Thanks to the customization service, you can decide every detail of your GuidoMaggi shoes, from the laces to the buckle. We'll define the components based on your tastes, and you can choose between gold finishes, rose gold, anthracite and palladium.

Choose the sole

From the one in 100% Italian leather to Eva, made with Goodyear processing or in ultralight rubber: you can choose the sole you prefer for your GuidoMaggi elevator shoes. Each choice will guarantee excellent quality and absolute comfort.

Add your initials

You can engrave your initials on the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes: a unique and personal touch to stand out with elegance and transform your elevator shoes into a unique piece of inestimable value. GM artisans can engrave your initials or your loved one's to be inserted under the sole or on the insole.
All customized creations are made according to the rigorous standards of quality, values and craftsmanship that define the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes. To find out more about our services, book an appointment and come to visit us in one of our showrooms.