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GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are the best height increasing shoes in the market for a couple of outstanding reasons.


GuidoMaggi shoes are made with passion, the same passion that originated from Emanuele Briganti himself wanting to satisfy his need for height increasing shoes while still keeping up with modern trends. As such, every GuidoMaggi pair of shoes is handmade with the aim of providing height to the wearer without sacrificing comfort and style. There is a big difference between mass produced factory shoes and hand-crafted masterpieces. Handcrafted shoes are customized to perfection as hands of the shoemaker are able to mold a work of art to fit the human foot like a warm embrace.


Our clients are the heart of GuidoMaggi. In this respect we give customers the opportunity to customize their own elevator shoes. The customer can choose his favourite material, color, and most importantly his desired height increasing option. When it comes to elevator shoes, different people have different height needs. With this in mind, we allow customers to pick their ideal height boost ranging from 2 inches up to 6 inches while providing advice to ensure the client chooses the most comfortable and suitable option for his own need.


The internet has made the world a global market and GuidoMaggi is part of the thrilling and convenient online shopping experience. We have an online shopping platform that allows you to buy your shoes online and pay using the various payment options available in order to ease the purchase process. Notably, your GuidoMaggi elevator shoes will come in the same size as your normal shoes therefore it is easy for anyone to purchase their height increasing shoes online.

Shoes for any occasion

GuidoMaggi creates shoes for any style and occasion. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men come in a range of designs including dress shoes, loafers, boots and sneakers. Elevator shoes for women are enabling women to tap into the height increasing concept with comfort at the forefront by providing a range of sneakers, thigh-high boots, and ankle boots. Ladies can now ditch the uncomfortable heels and pick up various pairs of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, which your feet will love and appreciate. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men and women are here to transform the footwear industry by providing confidence and style to the wearer. You can visit a GuidoMaggi showroom to get a fitting or buy your favorite pair of elevator shoes online and enjoy the great comfort and trendy styles that come with our height increasing shoes.