Elevator Shoes: Tom Cruise’s Secret of Success!

After more than 30 years, the American actor returns to take on the role of Lieutenant Pete Mitchell in the Top Gun sequel. Only 170cm tall, Tom Cruise continues to conquer everyone with his unchanged charm, always supported by the choice of wearing height increasing shoes! Read more

GuidoMaggi: Quality Shoes That Protect the Environment!

The elevator shoes by GuidoMaggi meet the principles of eco-sustainability: metal-free creations, water recycling during production and respect for animals. Making a contribution to respecting the planet Earth is a priority for the Italian brand! Read more

My journey up in height…

I have recently been doing a Marie Kondo tidy-up and throwaway on stuff I have hoarded at my parents’ place for 15 years+. And going through my old boots and sneakers etc, it just brought flooding back to me every stage of my journey upwards in height. Read more