Varenne Elevator Sneakers – Comfort Between Sports and Luxury!

The new models of the GuidoMaggi capsule collection are high design creations – the result of passion and research. Versatile and ideal to combine with both casual and formal outfits, the sneakers increase the stature of the wearer from 2.4 up to 4 inches in absolute comfort! Read more

Fear of Flying

One thing I keep being asked is about wearing elevators and flying. And at this time of year it comes up again and again, often with the same people! No matter how often I refer to it in a paragraph here and there, guys find it very difficult to process – Let me spell this out really bluntly: the chance of any issues at security is basically near to zero. But I am going to say some more in this post at vacation time… Read more

White Jacket and GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes: How to Match Them?

White jacket, summer’s top item, must always be combined correctly. With the right GuidoMaggi models on your feet, there will be no room for mistakes as creating impeccable outfits are guaranteed!

A timeless summer classic. The white jacked should never be a missing piece in a man’s wardrobe. Chic and casual at the same time, a white jacket can be worn on a variety of occasions. As a fashion piece, it is elegant yet fresh and dynamic, easy to combine especially during the summer. So, in the season where all shades of white dominate, the jacket is a necessity to make a difference. Read more

Elegant Moccasins: A Must-Have for the Summer

Refined and trendy, GuidoMaggi models are the ones you do not want to forget to put in your suitcase!

In a world where fashion changes in the blink of an eye, some trends remain evergreens. Read more

Greek Islands: Mediterranean Soul of the New GuidoMaggi Sneakers!

Deriving inspiration from the splendid colors of the Greek Islands, the new GuidoMaggi elevator sneakers are fresh and dynamic, perfect for the casual-chic summer outfits that simply cannot go unnoticed!

The magic of the Mediterranean is here, and you can finally feel it by wearing the new GuidoMaggi Greek Islands-inspired uplift sneakers. Read more