According to Swedish research, short stature is a suicide risk factor. Let’s find solutions!

This is certainly not the first time that we at GuidoMaggi have talked about the strong insecurities that a short stature can cause in men. Our entire business, in fact, is focused on concretizing an elegant and effective solution to this problem by making luxury elevator shoes that can increase men’s hight without others noticing. But even though we know the market, even though we listen to the needs of our customers every day, and we know how much insecurity the short stature can cause  in today’s society, the results of some researchers conducted around the world have left us speechless. Read more

Men’s elevated shoes, a must have for Bollywood actors

It’s unlikely today that you’ve never heard of Bollywood, the large Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai, which produces more than 1,000 films a year (600 more than Hollywood) for revenues of more than $4 billion ($1 billion more than Hollywood). But what is probably less well known is that India’s most beloved and famous actors, (who earn sums that Brad Pitt and Rayan Gosling can only dream of), are literally crazy about men’s luxury elevator shoes. Read more

3 Hidden advantages of wearing a pair of elevator shoes for men

Many men who would like to be taller resort to various strategies to increase their stature. Some go to the gym trying to lengthen their leg muscles and sharpen their waist. Others try to improve their posture. Both are valid solutions, to gain a couple of centimetres, but no more. Undoubtedly, the simplest, most effective and practical solution is wearing a pair of elevator shoes for men every day. Read more

The Height of Fame – Celebs in elevators

Celebs in elevators. Oh dear. Ignore everything you have read so far about this subject. All the talk about Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jnr is really endlessly rehearsed and re-hashed rubbish – it’s same old same old dreary stuff. And what you see of it does not inspire confidence. Read more

What Made you take the plunge

I’ve often mentioned the general reasons for guys wanting to achieve certain heights – eg “I want to get to average height” – but it often takes some specific thing that makes them take the plunge. I have recently spoken to a number of guys to find out if specific things have happened to them that spurred them to add height. Like something at work, something when out socially or a family event. And then how it turned out. Did they achieve what they wanted to. Here are two of the stories, in their own words. Read more