Getting taller, the consequences of surgery and the risk-free alternative

A recent article published by NBC News shows that leg-lengthening surgeries are increasingly popular among men who wish to become taller. It is an intense, painful and expensive procedure, involving two different surgeries and a long course of physiotherapy.

For many men, clearly, it is worth the ordeal to go through in order to gain a few inches in stature: it is a matter of weighing the risks and benefits. The motivations behind this choice are certainly very strong, but such an invasive surgical approach should be evaluated only after alternatives have been considered and tried. Because the alternatives are there.

We at GuidoMaggi have been working every day for decades to fulfill the desire of men who dream of being taller in a way that is free of any risk but no less effective. In fact, our patented, safe and comfortable elevator shoes are able to increase men’s stature by many centimeters (6 to 12 cm), very naturally because the elevating systems are internal and invisible from the outside.

But let us go step by step by analyzing both possibilities as objectively as possible.


What is leg lengthening surgery

Leg-lengthening surgery was not originally devised to increase people’s stature, but as a reconstructive procedure to correct discrepancies in leg length, as Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch, chief of the limb-lengthening and complex reconstruction service at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, explained to NBC News. In short, the initial goal of this surgical approach was to operate on patients who have lower limbs of different lengths, which generates obvious health issues (postural and movement). 

Today, this surgery is also performed on healthy patients, thus those with no leg length discrepancies, for the sole aesthetic purpose of increasing stature, even by 10 centimeters. And apparently, it has become increasingly popular: Dr. Shahab Mahboubian, a surgeon at the Height Lengthening Institute in Burbank, California, confided to NBC News that in the past year he has performed more than twice as many surgeries as in the previous year.

However, Rozbruch pointed out that leg lengthening surgery should not be thought of as a quick operation done for aesthetic reasons. First of all because it tends to be performed on patients who manifest what is known as short stature dysphoria, that is a deep dissatisfaction with their height. And secondly because it is a long, expensive and painful surgical procedure, with some risks.

The entire surgical leg-lengthening procedure is estimated to cost around $100,000. The first surgery, which takes about 4 hours, involves cutting the thigh bones of each leg and inserting rods into them. Then, over the next three or four months, the rods are lengthened up to a millimeter a day by external remote control, and new bone grows over the rods.

After the first surgery tt is necessary to undertake a course of physiotherapy, for about 4 months, because walking requires a walker, initially, until normal mobility can be regained.  The final stage of the process consists of a second surgery to remove the rods.

It is necessary to add that leg-lengthening surgery carries risks, including nerve injury and loss of motion, although, if it is performed by experienced surgeons, the likelihood of adverse complications is minimal.


Elevator shoes are the alternative to increase stature

A certainly safe and not invasive alternative to increase male stature is undoubtedly the use of elevator shoes. In fact, with a luxury pair of shoes with internal elevation such as the GuidoMaggi’s, it is possible to lengthen one’s figure by many inches. This ranges from a minimum of 5 or 6 centimeters to a maximum of 12 or 15 for some models such as boots and ankle boots.

Of course, it should be emphasized that with elevator shoes you can get an increase in stature that is not permanent, and barefoot you return to your natural height. However, it is completely free of health risks, especially if the shoes are tested by a team of medical specialists, if their technology is patented, and if they are custom-made, such as GuidoMaggi’s.

By composing a shoe rack entirely of elevatorshoes, it is possible to build a new higher self, easily, safely, and even inexpensively, compared to expensive surgery. In fact, by always stepping out with a pair of internally elevator shoes on your feet, you can choose and conquer a new stature that will become natural for others.


Two different ways to make a dream come true

It is common knowledge that men who fall short of average height can be the object of ridicule. And although body shaming is wrong and now universally condemned, that has not eliminated it from popular behavior or made it any less painful for those who are its victims.

Dr. David Frederick, associate professor of psychology at Chapman University in Southern California, has examined body image satisfaction and in a 2006 study found that only 26% of short men are satisfied with their height, while 87% of tall men are satisfied with their height.

And when dissatisfaction is very deep and persistent enough to negatively impact one’s daily life, it becomes a problem to be solved. What needs to be understood is what is the best way to solve this problem.