How to choose men’s suit and elevator wedding shoes

Are you getting married? Then you know that the classic wedding dress and shoes play a crucial role in the absolute perfection of your wedding outfit. This not only concerns the bride-to-be, but also you, dear groom. Here are some tips for selecting the right wedding suit and shoes for you. Useful in case you do not feel completely satisfied with your height, which may be below average (or simply because you are shorter than Her). But also if you are not completely satisfied with your body shape, because of some small roundness.

Your wedding day is approaching and what you want is to be taller and slimmer. So what you need is an outfit that will make you look as slender as possible paired with a pair of refined elevator wedding shoes to add a few centimetres to your stature. Your ideal outfit will not only gain you height, but will allow you to shine alongside the bride and look stunning in photos that will remain memorable for years to come.

As with the bride, your wedding outfit should help you present yourself in the best possible way, minimising any physical flaws and highlighting your qualities. This is especially important if you are not of average height and wish to hide a few extra kilos. Choosing the right suit and wedding shoes is crucial to feeling comfortable on the most significant day of your life.

And since, unlike brides, dress fittings may not be as exciting for you and your official advisor, it is essential to know a few basic guidelines to quickly select the perfect suit and shoes and get rid of that weight, confident that you have made the right choice.


The suit that slims the groom

If you are not satisfied with your height or even your physical shape, the most important feature for the groom’s suit is that it should be able to give your figure a slimming effect. The ideal groom’s suit, therefore, must have a slight lengthening effect and an effective slimming effect. How?

1.  Tailored suit. Tailored suits are essential to achieve a slender and taller silhouette. A tailored suit perfectly follows the lines of the body, avoiding the “sack” effect that can result from ill-fitting ready-to-wear suits. Customisation makes it possible to work on lengths and proportions, emphasising verticality and minimising any disharmony. For example, a slightly longer jacket can help create the illusion of longer legs, while high-waisted trousers can visually elongate the torso. The key is to maintain a “clean line” through the whole dress, avoiding fabric overload that can weigh down the figure.

2.  Monochromatic and Dark Colours. Colours play a crucial role in influencing the perception of stature. Opting for a monochrome outfit, preferably in dark shades such as navy blue or charcoal grey, can help create a slender visual effect. This is because a single colour does not interrupt the visual line of the body, thus allowing one to appear taller. In addition, dark colours are known for their slimming effect, which can be further exploited to accentuate the silhouette. It is important to avoid sharp contrasts between the upper and lower body, as well as between the accessories and the dress, so as not to fragment the figure.

3.  Slim fit and cigarette trousers. Following the trends of autumn winter 2024/2025, slim fit and cigarette trousers are an ideal choice for those who want to look taller. Thanks to their slim fit, these models help to better define the figure, avoiding the bulky effect of wide or baggy trousers. The choice of cigarette trousers, in particular, can help visually lengthen the legs, especially when worn with a matching formal shoe for an additional lengthening effect.

4.  Accessories and vertical details. Accessories and details can be used to accentuate verticality and contribute to the illusion of greater height. For example, thin ties, waistcoats with vertical buttons, and details such as darts on trousers can guide the gaze vertically, elongating the figure. It is important, however, to maintain a sober approach and not overload the suit with too many accessories, to preserve the clean lines.

And finally, remember, the right suit for your wedding is the one you feel comfortable in: don’t wear a morning suit or dinner jacket just because you feel compelled by the situation (or the bride!).


The wedding dress shoes that increase height

If you wish not only to look slimmer but also to concretely increase your height on your wedding day, the ideal option is GuidoMaggi’s elevator wedding shoes. These shoes, which outwardly look like normal luxury shoes suitable for formal events – both in the lace-up and buckled models – are actually equipped with an internal elevator system that allows you to gain up to 8 centimetres in height.

Handcrafted from high-quality materials, these formal GuidoMaggi shoes combine elegance and functionality, offering an invisible advantage that will make you feel taller, especially next to the bride who will most likely be wearing high heels. This trick, imperceptible to the eyes of others, will allow you to stand out in photographs, ensuring an imposing and harmonious appearance.

Elevator wedding shoes, both laced and buckled, are available in a variety of styles reflecting the latest trends in men’s fashion. Laced-up models, for example, range from classic Oxfords to more modern Derbys, offering an elegant solution for every taste. Buckled shoes, on the other hand, include the sophisticated Monkstrap, with one or two buckles, adding a touch of originality and distinction to the bridal look. Both options are made from fine leathers, such as full-grain leather, and are designed to offer comfort and style, ensuring you feel your best on your big day.

So, if you’re getting married, don’t worry: choosing the ideal look to seem taller and slimmer relies on a combination of factors that you can easily learn: tailoring, careful selection of colours, preference for figure-slimming trouser styles, and strategic use of accessories and elevator wedding shoes.