3 men’s elevator sneakers to buy immediately for spring  

It’s time to buy a new pair of men’s elevator sneakers for Spring 2024? Unsure of the latest trends or which ones suit you best? Here’s a guide to trendy models that add height and style to your wardrobe. From classic blue to iconic ’80s inspirations to vibrant colors, discover the must-have models to purchase now.

With the arrival of spring, buying a new pair of sneakers is a must, but the choice can be complicated. Unsure which ones are missing from your closet? Which sneakers are best for your look this warm season? And what are the latest trends? While we can’t answer the first two questions, we can tell you about the latest trends in men’s sneakers and show you which models are perfect for buying a fashionable pair of elevator sneakers that can increase your height by several centimeters. The choice is yours, based on your tastes and needs.

We know sneakers addicted are always on the lookout for fresh, trendy models to complete their wardrobe. Among the many options available, there are three men’s elevator sneakers that stand out as must-haves for those who like to feel taller. A pair from GuidoMaggi not only offers style and comfort but also adds a few extra centimeters to your height. Here are the trendiest ones that should absolutely be in your spring wardrobe.


Light blue can’t be missed

Sometimes fashion presents itself in a simple form, following the cycles of the seasons and the sensations that naturally accompany these changes. So it’s understandable that light blue is one of the favorite colors for Spring/Summer 2024, anticipating the bright skies ahead in the coming months. This color choice perfectly aligns with the concept of dopamine dressing, where wearing certain shades is associated with increased happiness or mood improvement. Dopamine, responsible for feelings of pleasure and satisfaction, can also be stimulated through clothing choices, prompting us to repeat actions or choices that bring us well-being. In this sense, blue and light blue are associated with feelings of calm and creativity.

If you like this trend, the blue elevator sneakers of your dreams are a pair of Calafate by GuidoMaggi: a super-light sporty-chic model with a vibrant light blue calf leather upper, contrast gray laces, and an internal elevator system that increases height by up to 8 centimeters. Enriching the model, there’s a gray suede spur, tonal eyelets, and a hand-stitched white sole. Perfect for a blue outfit, but also as a trendy detail to contrast in a basic look.


If you prefer suede for spring, then a pair of Riverside should not be missing from your shoe rack this year, with a light blue suede upper, blue patent details and spur, a white natural rubber sole that ensures the comfort of sports shoes, and an internal elevator system for a height increase of up to 8 centimeters.



Eighties Inspiration

A nostalgic effect is also felt in the new trend sneakers for Spring 2024. These new models decisively evoke the style of the fabulous 1980s, characterized by sleek silhouettes and retro-inspired design, including the classic round toe and iconic rubber sole of that period. If there was already a boom in vintage sneakers in 2022, it seems that this trend is not ended. In addition to the collector’s items that continue to fuel the thriving reselling market, new models are emerging that are fascinated by the spirit of the past, especially the 1980s, a decade that significantly contributed to making sneakers extremely popular.

If you like the 1980s and like feeling taller even more, you’ll find Cap Blanc by GuidoMaggi interesting: total white elevator sneakers that mix two different leathers, reach an 8-centimeter height increase, and have nothing to envy the iconic Reebok Club C.


But if the 1980s revival for you means high-top sneakers, then the GuidoMaggi collection has a pair of Spring Street for you, with a printed calfskin upper effect in total white, Italian leather insole, super-light extra-comfortable last-generation rubber sole with anti-slip, and invisible internal elevator system for a height increase of up to 10 centimeters.



Vibrant Colors

Not just light blue. Another trend for men’s sneakers for Spring 2024 is vibrant colors. The goal is to create an explosion of colors and tones, with visual effects capable of enhancing the liveliness and creativity of a unique and personal look. Vibrant-colored sneakers are ideal for those who want to add a touch of personality and style to their look, especially for those under 30, but not only. Particularly popular among young men and teenagers, colorful sneakers are also loved by many over 30s looking to update their look and express their personality through fashion, creating eccentric and personal outfits.

If the news of the resurgence of vibrant-colored sneakers delights you, then your shoe rack is eagerly awaiting a pair of Outer Banks by GuidoMaggi: slip-ons in soft mustard-colored suede, with contrasting gray crossed elastics, a super-light rubber sole, and a calf inner lining. Among the distinctive features of this model are superior fit, unmatched comfort due to the absence of laces, and an internal elevator system that increases height by up to 8 centimeters in total comfort.


An equally vibrant alternative with laces is represented by a pair of Karpathos, with a full-grain white and red leather upper, enriched by denim fabric on the back, a natural rubber sole, and a secret internal elevator system that offers a height increase from 6 to 8 centimeters.