Youthful dress shoes to be smart and taller at any age

Smart shoes for men are a key element in creating an flawless and distinguished look for formal events. For young men, the choice of dress shoes is important as it must be able to express personality and style without ageing them. But even for those over 40, formal footwear can be a way to show a youthful spirit.  Here’s how to choose the right youthful dress shoes for every occasion.

Young men, you know, hate to take off jeans and trainers and to dress too smartly, and when you are over 40, the risk, when dressing formally, is to look even older. This is why many men are looking for youthful dress shoes. When it comes time to put together an outfit for a ceremony or when it’s time to dress formally for work commitments, the question arises as to how to “freshen up” an elegant look.


Guidelines for choosing dress shoes

The latest trends in men’s dress shoes are characterised by a mix of simplicity and sophistication. The most popular models are those that combine classic shapes with innovative details and high quality materials, just like GuidoMaggi does in his catalogue of elevator dress shoes. This is how classic footwear loses its seriousness and becomes a stylish detail.

In terms of materials, smooth leather shoes are the most popular when it comes to elegant looks, especially for evening ceremonies. Patent leather is another interesting option for creating a more modern and refined look. However, the general advice is to avoid overly elaborate decorations and details, as they can make the shoes too gaudy and dampen their elegance.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the colour of the dress shoes in relation to the suit and the occasion. For example, black dress shoes can be worn with any dress, whereas blue or brown dress shoes should be worn under tone-on-tone suits and they are generally more suitable for less formal occasions.

Then, if your desire is to be taller, then you have to choose the heigh increase too. In GuidoMaggi’s catalogue of elevator dress shoes, most models allow a height increase of up to 3.1 inches, but there are also extraordinary models that allow a height increase of up to 5 inches. It’s all about identifying your height goal and realising it.

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Youthful dress shoes: Oxfords or Derbys?

Generally speaking, Oxfords are considered the most appropriate choices for formal ceremonies, while Derbys are more suitable for less formal occasions. This distinction is based mainly on the design and structure of these shoes.

Oxfords feature a lace-up closure below the tongue, which creates a clean, uniform line down the instep. This more “closed” design gives them a more refined look suitable for formal occasions.

Derbys have a lace closure placed over the tongue, which creates a sort of “opening” along the instep. This more open style gives Derbys a slightly less formal look.

This is why a pair of Oxfords is often preferred for formal ceremonies, such as weddings, corporate events or galas, as their elegant design fits well with classic suits. Derbys, with their slightly more casual look, are more suitable for less formal occasions such as informal or semi-formal events.

It must be considered, however, that the choice of a dress shoe may vary slightly depending on the context and the person. In some cases, Derbys might be considered quite appropriate even for formal events. For example, for a young guy at a daytime event, a pair of fine leather Derbys may be just the dress shoes he was looking for. While for men over 40, the choice should always fall toward the more sophisticated and refined style of a pair of Oxfords.

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How to “freshen up” a smart outfit using a pair of Oxfords

At this point the right question is: can a pair of Oxfords be youthful dress shoes? The answer is absolutely yes.

Here are some tips.

1. Choose a colorful version or one in different materials. Opt for a pair of Oxfords in bright colors such as blue, green or burgundy, or in materials other than the traditional black or brown leather, such as suede or mixed fabrics. This will add a fresh and original touch to your outfit. For example, take a look at GuidoMaggi’s Piave blue elevator dress shoes with an upper in a unique color thanks to “crust” calfskin in distinctive pastel shades between navy blue and cobalt blue and a heigh increase up to 3.1 inches.

2. Play with soles. Choose a pair of Oxfords with colorful rubber soles or unique design details. Colorful or interestingly patterned soles can give your shoes a bold, modern touch, making them more suitable for a youthful style. An example? The Paris elevator dress shoes from GuidoMaggi, with black glossy calfskin uppers, super-light electric blue rubber soles, and a rise of up to 3.1 inches.

3. Play with socks. Wear colorful or fun patterned socks to add a touch of personality to your look. You can also opt for short or invisible socks for a more casual and modern style. Don’t forget, however, that the sock should match the outfit. So, for example, if you wear a blue dress, the sock should be dark blue to pick up the color of the dress. In this case, to freshen up the outfit, choose a patterned sock in shades of blue. For an even less classic and more trendy look, however, you can also match socks to your tie or shirt.