Style Tips by Big Rob

Joys of (occasionally) adding another inch

Now here’s a thing – your life tends to settle into a certain pattern and a comfort zone. There is no doubt that, particularly at the outset of adding height – working out how to find shoes that make you taller, your instinct is go on the low side, however much in an ideal world you want to go high. Stuff limits and restricts you, and it’s funny but in the past month a few of my contacts asking advice have raised this, querying: “OK I have had my elevators for 6 months: how much do you think I can go to, bearing in mind that normally I am just…” Read more

Update yourself all the time – keep an eye on what’s available

Well I’m sure everyone who comes onto this site has thought about every single possible way to gain those extra inches. I myself, since I was mid teens, wanted to gain as much height as possible and find out how to look taller in shoes. And as the years go by, technology makes things which were once not a serious option into a possibility. Read more

The Height of Fame – Celebs in elevators

Celebs in elevators. Oh dear. Ignore everything you have read so far about this subject. All the talk about Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jnr is really endlessly rehearsed and re-hashed rubbish – it’s same old same old dreary stuff. And what you see of it does not inspire confidence. Read more

What Made you take the plunge

I’ve often mentioned the general reasons for guys wanting to achieve certain heights – eg “I want to get to average height” – but it often takes some specific thing that makes them take the plunge. I have recently spoken to a number of guys to find out if specific things have happened to them that spurred them to add height. Like something at work, something when out socially or a family event. And then how it turned out. Did they achieve what they wanted to. Here are two of the stories, in their own words. Read more

Achieving ‘the best’ elevator experience

Let us be totally honest. We are all looking for something as close to perfection as possible when we are investing our cash. Particularly in areas of appearance. And one question which guys often ask when they are searching elevators and added height online is “what is that that makes the best elevator shoes”? In essence the question is asking a combination of stuff – quality, style, appearance, being convincing…but all wrapped in one it basically means… Read more


OK so one of the questions most asked about shoes that add height is: “Do elevators look normal?”…”Will I stand out in an odd way…will it be obvious?” In a roundabout way, a lot of questions centre on the thinking behind this question. Read more

The Questions they ask

I have worn elevators for about 10 years and lifts for the previous ten. I myself wish I had known, a long time ago, a lot of the things I have told you in some of my articles over the past five years! And when guys ask questions, in essence they revolve around very similar issues – “can you tell I am wearing them? How much height can I gain?”. But also specifics like ‘detection on flights’ etc are common – the real thing with these questions is this: you cannot truly tell until you have tried them! And for someone like myself, once I did, I never looked back. Read more

If I could afford just one pair

The cry is familiar: “I really want to try out elevators, I love the look of the GuidoMaggi ones, but I am not sure I dare take the plunge ‘just in case they are not right’. If it’s not right, I can’t afford to waste ‘that kinda cash’. What do you think I should go for first?” Read more

Dating – Am I tall enough?

Now here’s an issue that raises its head all the time when dating and particularly in online hookups. “Are you tall enough?” is the gist of it, stripped of its coyness. It’s an issue even for people who do not specify “I want a tall guy”, but it’s much more subtle than people realise and worth referring to here. It’s particularly interesting as the issue of height is almost never overwhelming and can be remedied by careful height addition. I know from my experience in what I do professionally, working in what is often called ‘the night time economy’. Read more

I Wish I Had Done it Earlier

How often have you said that about all sorts of things: personal stuff, work etc. There’s all sorts of reasons why you don’t do things, many of them good, or at least understandable. But at times you miss out unnecessarily. And that was certainly the case with me and elevators. Read more