Update yourself all the time – keep an eye on what’s available

Well I’m sure everyone who comes onto this site has thought about every single possible way to gain those extra inches. I myself, since I was mid teens, wanted to gain as much height as possible and find out how to look taller in shoes. And as the years go by, technology makes things which were once not a serious option into a possibility.

This in fact was how it was with me and elevator shoes. When I first started looking many years ago, only 15 years ago I guess, anything I managed to see was just not right. They were often badly made rubbish from China with no finesse or style. They were in small sizes and limited variants and very much geared to older men. Nothing much online to go on in those days. Nothing I could see like the great styles at GuidoMaggi. So I kinda gave it a great big miss (and stuck with the uncomfortable lifts and socks in the boots!).

And then technology and competition and the greater understanding of the art of adding height through footwear meant that it became a fabulous new option. And I never looked back. I discovered the boots on GuidoMaggi…and it still took me a while to decide!! Will it, won’t it, is it worth it, will anyone notice…


Limb lengthening!

Now one other such development I had thought of from time to time was limb lengthening. I read about it like 20 years ago and it all seemed a right crazy performance: dangerous, incredibly time consuming, vastly expensive, likely painful. And basically just not right. Too much. OMG I would have liked nothing better than to have had an op and then sat at home for half a year and gradually increased my height by three inches! OR MORE!!! But the downsides were pretty serious. And so I never really considered it. I dismissed it fairly quickly simply because of the long recovery period and possible pain.

Now of course technology has moved on and it is more possible. It becomes moreso every year. Less need for time out. Less pain and less likelihood of something not going right. It’s another example of how you have to keep your eye on how stuff is developing in areas that you are interested in. It’s not going to come to you – you have to look for it.


Keep your mind open

I want to talk a little about this idea of keeping your mind open for ALL aspects of adding height, and also how it has had such an impact on me in adding height. I will say here that for me and at this stage of my life, adding anything from 3” to 6” in height regularly by elevator shoes in varying styles is THE way to go. It is easy, safe, really fun to add those inches. But I have never stopped keeping my eye on other possible additional ways to enhance my height.

So I recently once again checked out various methods and developments on technology and medicine in limb lengthening and was impressed at the strides being made. And OMG would I not LOVE the idea of adding a few inches to my height AND wearing elevators taking me another 4. What is not to like? It’s nothing short of a miracle that we can change something like that in the human body that was once unchangeable.

The past decade has seen major developments with the actual techniques that speed up the healing and make it easier to walk quicker, during the several-month process where the height is added. It’s a fascinating process and worth reading about.

But here is the point. Still, after all that, imho we are not yet at the stage where I myself would have it done. Too much time out, too much discomfort over too much time. Sure I will now bookmark the idea and above all keep my eyes on the ever changing techniques. But for me – not yet.


Elevators the best option

And in deed, for me, elevator shoes are the tried and tested best option to add height.

And here it is useful to remember about how elevators too were, for me, a complete non starter in, say, 2005. In those much less sophisticated days online before social media, I would search for ‘tall men shoes’. Or ‘how to look taller with shoes’. And so at times you just discarded the idea and missed out on new developments and changes unless you constantly kept a note to go back in and check out latest developments.

It’s a really easy mistake to make as I did – you say “nah, not for me” (me in 2005)…and then you miss out extra years at the outset when you could finally have realised earlier than you did that stuff had changed and it was now right. Always make a note and keep checking.

I was reminded of this when one of my contacts who had written for advice had taken the best part of ten years (!) to take the plunge and buy some elevator shoes. He was fearful of all sorts of stuff – all the kind of things you might have vaguely heard. And then finally he took the plunge and bought some 3” shoes. And he said to me only last week what I said to myself over a decade ago: “why did I wait so long?” I have lost tim es of the number of occasions guys have said that to me.

You are looking now at the GuidoMaggi site and you want to know what shoes make you taller. Like my friend who took a decade to get some, I never looked back after I bought my first pair and I do wish I had bought mine a few years earlier.   

The overall lesson is that adding height is a journey and there are many ways – elevator shoes are central to it and always will be. So give it a go and you really will never regret it.