Style Tips by Big Rob

The GREAT things about being taller

This is a completely non-ironic summary of the great things about being taller than you currently are. It’s very easy to be jokey or tongue-in-cheek about adding height (“hey guys, you can see easier at the movies or at the match”). But there are just some pretty straightforward pluses that don’t get talked about enough. Above all the sheer joy of being TALLER…

Imho everyone coming on here is interested in this feeling of just being NATURALLY taller. We all just want to be naturally taller – most of us probably to an impractical degree if we were given the chance! But it must be undetectable and feel totally 100% right. And when you realize it is so easy if you follow the rules, the real pleasure in it is incredible. Read more

Adding height with mainstream style

So, last time I looked at guys who tend towards current fashion styles or even high fashion and want to add a lot of height. This time I’m looking at the challenges and solutions for guys who either want to be, or HAVE to be, a bit more ‘mainstream’…

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Getting the look right – ‘elevator wear’

The mistakes to avoid wearing elevator shoes. The case of Robert Downey Jr

One thing that really helps to carry off wearing elevators with total discretion is to get the rest of what you wear with them exactly right. I have mentioned before how strange it is that some guys in the public eye and with plenty of cash can so easily get it wrong – wearing huge great thick boots under a suit and making all the mistakes it is possible to make. Read more

Who Says You Can’t Wear Elevator Shoes Everyday?

elevator boots

We all want to look our best at all times, so why should it be any different when it comes to our footwear? Why not wear your elevator shoes everyday? Well, now you can, thanks to our stylish and modern range of height increasing shoes for men.

Perhaps you’ve long been searching for shoes that make you taller but you haven’t found the right ones to match your lifestyle. Or perhaps you’ve only found these ‘tall men shoes’ in a limited number of designs, with many of them traditionally restricted to dress shoes. Read more

Adding Height Gradually

elevated shoes

I suspect one of the big reservations about taking the plunge and buying elevators, even relatively low ones of say a couple of inches or 5cm, is that you might imagine that when you put them on some kind of dark magic is going to happen and “everyone is going to notice that I have grown”. I can tell you from 17 years experience of wearing height addition that that doesn’t happen, it really really doesn’t – it seems counter-intuitive, I know, so it remains a niggling concern. But here are the experiences and reasons. Read more

10 tips for successful height addition

elevator loafers

There is so little actual advice on adding height that it’s easy to make mistakes or make it difficult for yourself. My advice over the months has always tried to give you detail of techniques and strategies. Here are some pretty basic tips with a few words explanation. Read more

The height of summer

If you either live in a hot climate, or in a climate like much of the US, UK and Europe where we look forward to a few months (or few days!) hot weather every year, the hot weather poses some challenges to your height addition. There is no doubt about this. If you do not live in a hot climate all the time, you have to think about compromise on height addition just a little bit more than usual, especially during the day. Here are a few thoughts from someone who has added height for 17 summers… Read more