Style Tips by Big Rob

The joys of my 6 inch elevators – an update

I have been wearing my 6″ Hong Kong style boots for over a year now and this is an update on the joys of adding that extra inch! Adding so much is not for everyone, but I am just telling it as it is, and how it has been with me Read more

Quality is the key, every time

If there is one single thing that has stood out in my journey towards adding height, it is that the quality of what you wear on your feet makes all the difference and ensures that no-one realizes you are doing it. Read more

Getting the very max from your elevators – gradualness

Well this time I am not actually talking about the adding of inches but of making the very best job of ensuring that your elevators and all height addition at all levels works for you to the max. This time it’s about that word ‘gradual’. It’s a good word to remember for what we do. It’s probably the most successful way of doing it. Read more

The GREAT things about being taller

This is a completely non-ironic summary of the great things about being taller than you currently are. It’s very easy to be jokey or tongue-in-cheek about adding height (“hey guys, you can see easier at the movies or at the match”). But there are just some pretty straightforward pluses that don’t get talked about enough. Above all the sheer joy of being TALLER…

Imho everyone coming on here is interested in this feeling of just being NATURALLY taller. We all just want to be naturally taller – most of us probably to an impractical degree if we were given the chance! But it must be undetectable and feel totally 100% right. And when you realize it is so easy if you follow the rules, the real pleasure in it is incredible. Read more

Adding height with mainstream style

So, last time I looked at guys who tend towards current fashion styles or even high fashion and want to add a lot of height. This time I’m looking at the challenges and solutions for guys who either want to be, or HAVE to be, a bit more ‘mainstream’…

Ultimately it is in many ways much simpler when you stick right down the middle – no sudden changes in the style of the pants to challenge your footwear, nothing to dramatically alter the line and look. But I use the word ‘ultimately’ with care, because the subtleties of mainstream looks for men are well understood by others and you have to avoid style pitfalls. Read more

The clothes compromise – if you want a fashion look adding height

Clothes (and in particular pants and jeans) are a really important factor when wearing elevators, and there is more to consider if you like to wear current fashions…

I will next time talk about the easier option – the guy who is not specially fashionable but just wants to avoid pitfalls and situations where he might think there is a chance of detection. But in this piece I am looking specifically at how to handle elevators if you are very fashion conscious. Read more