Big Guy wants to be MASSIVE – Crazy? Case Study 3

Now this contact is the kinda one that will puzzle loads of people: “If you are that tall, why do you want to be taller? It’s crazy”, is what you might say.

So stop reading now if this pisses you off!! People will say it’s crazy a 5’11” (180cm) guy wanting to be taller, never mind one who is already 6’3”. Well I have news for you – of all the people who have got in touch with me, the most determined in terms of height addition are the guys who are already tall. Now I admit that in my early days of posting I flagged up that I myself am 190cm which is well over 6’2” and I add height, after a gradual journey upwards, that now takes me to 2m+. So a lot of the early raft of guys who got in touch were without fail those in the same boat and telling me: “I never realised anyone else like us did this”. There are guys at all heights who want to be taller. It’s a choice. Like all the other cases, I have disguised some stuff to keep the identity completely secret!!

6’5” (196cm) and adds height!

The example I am going to talk about is an Austrian guy nicknamed Riese (which is German for titan, monster or colossus). He is 23, 196cm (a tiny bit over 6’5”), with a terrific body, and you’ll also be amazed to learn that he is NOT the tallest guy who has got in touch with me, or who for sure wears elevators. In fact there are a number of guys who I know for sure who are as tall or taller than him and wear elevators. His motivations kinda linked to my own with some interesting twists, and show that loads of tall guys want to add height.

One thing that is apparent with a lot of height addition is that seeing someone else bigger than you in certain situations (it can be someone you admire like a sportsman, or a mate or a relative) has an impact. Even on already tall guys. And it can make you think “I wish I was as big as him”. Tall guys can be uber dominant with guys who are just below their height, it’s something that has been remarked on in studies on sport psychology and socially. I work in the nightclub business and there are loads of times I have watched enormous guys dominating guys who are tall but not as tall as them (at the bar, in the queue, over women etc!)

Cocky 2m cousin spurred him to add height

So Riese is nothing unusual, trust me. “My family are tall,” he says “and from early on I revelled in being the tallest once I was in my mid teens. It was an incredible rush getting taller, I thought I would easily hit 2 metres and I was really pissed off when I stopped growing. I built my body up huge and liked the dominance I achieved over other males being so tall. But then one day at Easter I got such a serious shock when my brother told me that our 16 year old cousin would be coming to stay with us for a month or two at the end of school in summer, and that “the kid is colossal, a monster WAAAAY over 2m”. He told Riese that the lad clearly loved dominating others and was superproud of his size and height, taking selfies in doorways and low rooms packing his social media with stuff to show how close to the frame or ceiling he was and boasting about his size. Now Riese’s brother had made the classic overestimate that people make about tall guys’ heights, and Riese worked out from social media etc that the kid was in fact about 2m tall. But still taller than Riese, of course!

“It is funny, says Riese, “but I had thought already to add height to get to 2m when a guy joined the gym and was clearly taller than me. I bought lifts to make clear to him I was as tall! And I noticed when I wore lifts that no-one even slightly realised – I never got ‘hey you got even taller’. I used to look online at sites about height and noticed that quite a few guys who were tall wanted to be taller.”

Having read of my own experiences, he then wrote to me.

Bragging about his size

Riese asked me about elevators and told me he had a few months to do something, and needed to make sure he was clearly a good chunk bigger than his younger cousin before he arrived to stay. He was determined to add at the very least 4” (10cm) to his own 6’5” to be for sure 5cm taller than the cocky kid, and to comfortably exceed the doorframe. But then he spoke to the big cousin on the phone who lost no time in bragging about how colossal he was in all ways, and told Riese: “I am told you are tall but I bet you are not so tall as me. I wager you you will not be a Riese when I am stood by you.”

Riese somewhat tempted fate by telling the lad that he had better wait and see before boasting, telling him that he too was enormous. “He was so cocky and sure of himself on the phone that night that it really got under my skin,” Riese told me. “He was loudly boasting to me he was famous for being the biggest in all ways, height, feet size at size 20 (53EU), and being also ‘the King of the Locker-room for size’ as well! And I had better watch out if my woman liked big men! He was so arrogant and aggressively so, that I was determined to bring him down a peg or two, I have to admit!”

After that conversation, Riese was determined to go as tall as possible. Riese got himself some very straightforward wingtip styles at 10cm (4”) from GuidoMaggi, a pair of sneakers as well, and a pair of 6” boots as well (wow!) and it all worked superbly! “It was total domination,” says Riese “I wore my 6” (15cm) boots when we met and the kid was in total jawdropping awe of my size.”

 Riese towered the cocky 2m kid comfortably all the time. “In many situations I wore my 4” boots, like when we were sat down and the boots were visible, but in others and for photos where we were stood I wore the 6” boots and made completely sure I was stood RIGHT next to him in all the shots. So on first impression I was a good 4” (10cm) taller than the kid. Even at 206cm in the 4” boots, I stood just over 6’9”, and towered the lad.”

So now on record in all the shots on social media he is massively bigger than the lad, who was left saying that he himself would grow more and then beat Riese in the future! But having always wanted to add such height, Riese was amazed that no-one, not even family, were aware that he had added height. And so ever since he has retained 4” or 10cm of his new height, having only for a short period beforehand added relatively small lifts for a period.

This is his view: “Most people would be amazed at me adding height being so tall. The soles of the 10cm boots are pretty flat, of course, so it does not look any way like you are adding height or gaining any footwear advantage. But it is still a shock to me that I can achieve such a great height as 205+ and the extra height is unnoticed by those close. I suppose having already used shoelifts to get to almost 2m helped ease me through to this next stage but it is still a shock”.

That of course is because if you are already very tall and taller than 99% of others, then changes up there are just even less noticeable to most people. Riese wears his 6” pair for “special” nights out and revels in his serious height now.

(Almost) ALL heights want to be taller

The real point is that elevators also work well, extremely well, for tall guys who wanna add a bit of height and there are more such cases than most people might realise. It’s a niche issue, for sure, but it undoubtedly applies. Most of the tall guys I have dealt with end up wanting to add more than just an inch or two but that is how it starts. Riese and the others who are so tall are unusual but not as much as you might imagine. The desire for extra height is universal.

The ultimate lesson is this: the desire for extra height comes from a few basic reasons that apply to ALL men – not just those whose height is lower than the average. Different factors can be the decider – for Riese it was the cocky cousin coming to stay – for another tall guy I am in contact with, it is down to where he works (there are 4 guys who are all around 2m). Competition and dominance are kinda natural things and height is part of it at every level.