Everywhere You Go, Always Take a Stylish Travel Bag with You!

Exotic leather, summer colors, and exclusivity are just a few of the adjectives that best describe the new GuidoMaggi models of men’s travel bags! The right fashion choice is here for all cool and style-conscious travelers!

Summer is finally here, and it sure feels like it! After several long months of unpredictable weather, the sun is up again and so are the hot temperatures. With the change of the weather came the change in our will to stay home, so the majority of people are already planning their escape for the summer. Whether it is just a weekend getaway, a long vacation, a trip to the mountains or a city you have never been in, the desire to leave is mutual.

However, we have a very important question for all of the fashion lovers. Are you sure you have the right luggage? If you are hesitating on the answer, then it is a ‘No’ and you should let yourself be conquered by the new GuidoMaggi collection that will definitely leave you speechless.

As always, the Italian brand has never failed to keep up with the seasons as well as every change in the fashion industry. That is why, to honor the new season, GuidoMaggi has launched an exclusive and irresistible luxury line of travel bags.

Just like any other GuidoMaggi product, the bags are handmade with the excellence of the most unique sophisticated exotic leathers by the best artisans in Italy. The models of the collection are in the coolest fashion colors of the summer, have an innovative design, and have accurate finishes and details. GuidoMaggi travel bags are not only beautiful and elegant but also very practical.

These features make the bags a perfect combination for those who do not want to compromise their style even when traveling. The names of the bags are inspired by great artists, which cannot be seen as something other than a true fashion masterpiece.

Starting off with a refined light blue pirarucu leather classic, the Klimt travel bag is handmade by the experienced artisans of GuidoMaggi. The model is perfect for those who travel often, regardless of whether it is for work or pleasure. The Klimt model features one large compartment, which has several internal pockets, adjustable shoulder strap, and a zip. Such a design allows travelers to have everything they need with them. Beautiful and valuable, Klimt is an ideal bag for the lovers of luxury.

Made of genuine pirarucu leather in intense orange color, the Matisse travel bag embodies a strong character and a free spirit. Designed and handcrafted by GuidoMaggi artisans, this luxury travel bag has a spacious compartment with inside pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap, zip, and handles made of Tuscan vegetable tanned full-grain leather in brown color. The bag is large enough to store all travel essentials. Since the Matisse travel bag cannot go unnoticed, it is just the right bag for travelers who want to make a statement.

Energetic and beautiful, the Warhol bag from the new GuidoMaggi collection is a travel bag made of piracucu leather featuring a unique pastel green nuance. Same as the other bags of the collection, this exclusive model of travel bag features a large compartment with internal pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap, a golden zip, and handles made of Tuscan full-grain, vegetable-tanned black leather. Handmade in Italy, this model is practical and elegant, but above all with a deeply chic soul, the Warhol travel bag is a dazzling choice for the candid fashion lovers.