How to Combine Summer Colors and GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes Correctly!

The season of unusual bright colors and bold combinations is here, and you can dare to be different without overdoing it. Here are some fashion tips you should keep in mind if you want to always be on top!

It is officially summer, and for all fashion lovers, it means a goodbye to the dull every day looks. As a season of lifted spirits, during summer, the people are bolder with their style choices as the majority of them prefer bright and happy colors instead of neutral tones. However, the desire for color often goes one of both ways – either it is chic or it is a fashion disaster.

In order to avoid the clown effect, your colored outfits must always be a choice of elegance and style. Therefore, creativity is granted, and gray, black, and blue are banned for the summer.

Among the new summer couples, you will fall in love with the orange and white combination. It is a repeated fashion, but perfect for the summertime nonetheless. It is ideal for the lively sunny days by the pool or in the city. The combination is also very easy to pull off as all you really need is a pair of white pants and a light orange T-shirt. To complete the outfit just the right way, you need to choose white GuidoMaggi shoes.

The models of the new spring/summer collections are simply irresistible, but particularly, in this case, we highly recommend the elegant Enna shoes.

Tone-on-tone elevator slip-on, Enna are extremely easy to match with summer outfits. This handcrafted model is made in white breathable technical fabric and a sole in natural rubber. Enna increases the stature by 2.4 inches (6 cm) in style and comfort.

Another seemingly impossible love the designers are encouraging this season is the one between yellow and green. Even though it may sound hard to combine those two without looking like a clown, it truly is simple if you have the right pieces. Before anything, you should remember that combining these two colors in the same tone is strictly forbidden. Therefore, what you should do instead is opt for contrasts such as combining military green with bright yellow.

For your  feet, GuidoMaggi has the best footwear choice for you. The Montego Bay elevator sandals with straps will complement your outfit effortlessly. These elevated shoes are made of soft green calfskin  and a sole in natural rubber and full grain leather covered footbed.

The model is comfortable, stylish, and designed to guarantee excellence. Montego Bay increases the height of the wearer by 2 inches (5 cm). Not only you can combine these shoes for chic everyday summer outfits, but they are also ideal for the day by the sea or the pool.

Last on this list is a combination the majority of people believe is a big no-no. The true fashion lovers will understand and already know that pink and red can indeed be combined, only it is done the right way. Due to the color pink being masculine and sensual and red being extremely elegant, if mixed correctly, this can be one of the most powerful combinations ever. For instance, you should go for red pants and a softer nuance of pink for the jacket. Add a black shirt underneath and an exclusive black raised shoes by GuidoMaggi and that is it.

Urus are luxurious elevator monk-strap shoes that are made of Hermès crocodile leather in black and Goodyear stitched leather sole. The model is ideal for adding a refined touch to every outfit as the shoes features amazing details. The Urus shoes are available with an invisible height increasing system to choose from 2.4 (6 cm) up to 3.1 inches (8 cm).