4 strategies to increase height, from head to toe

During the winter, when temperatures drop and layers of clothing take centre stage, outfits are made up of many garments and accessories, and they can all be great allies in increasing height, as well as helping you to be fashionable and compose your style. The key is to know what to wear and what to avoid. So, from hats that add momentum to elevator shoes that provide a real edge, here are valuable tips for a flawless, elongating look…

Hat and shoes are probably the most important accessories in winter. The reason is very simple: when it’s cold, in order not to get sick, the secret is to keep your extremities, your head and feet, warm. Hat and shoes, however, are not only strategic to avoid seasonal sickness but also to give your look a special style and look taller at the same time. And then, of course, there are all the other items of clothing. For those, too, there are small, simple basic rules that those who want to achieve a lengthening look must always follow to make up their wardrobe first and their daily outfit day after day.


Hats that increase height

On the men’s fashion catwalks for the winter season every year we see caps, hats and maxi hats in many materials, from classic wool to the more transgressive fur. The rule seems to be total absence of rules, except for a definite no to the classic woolen bonnet, which is absolutely out of fashion. Good news, because the normal bonnet is one of the accessories to avoid if the purpose of your look is to increase your stature. But even among the most fashionable men’s hats, there are models that are off limits for men under average height and models that are perfect for gaining centimetres in height.

You can say yes, in fact, to all models that are not too wide and do not squash on your head: depending on your age and style, choose the hat that suits you best. For the over-25s, berets, panamas, trilbies, bowler hats and fedoras are ok as long as they come in a mini version. Avoid, on the other hand, normal fedoras and all wide-brimmed hats which, by playing on horizontal lines, risk shortening your physique. For the under-25s, on the other hand, there is a wide range of possibilities among beanies with visors: avoid the soft ones that squash your head, causing you to lose precious centimetres, and prefer the rigid ones worn resting on your head so that you gain a little height.


Lengthening jackets and coats

When it comes to creating the illusion of greater stature through your choice of jackets and coats, attention to detail plays a crucial role in shaping a winning look. Opting for garments with strategically designed cuts and proportions can make all the difference, boosting your overall appearance. Shapely cut jackets and structured coats are your best allies. Look for styles that fit snugly around your shoulders and fall slightly below the pelvis for a visual effect of continuity. Vertical lines, such as central buttons and vertical seams, will help elongate your figure. And avoid jackets that are too short, as they can break up the silhouette.

Colour plays a key role: choose dark, monochrome shades, as they create a slender effect. Avoid excessive prints and patterns, as they can draw attention to width rather than height. If you want a touch of style, opt for vertical details such as decorative zips or welt pockets. In the world of coats, a single-breasted model can do wonders for lengthening the figure. Make sure the length extends slightly beyond the hip, creating a continuous line that contributes to a taller appearance. High-necked or shawl coats can add elegance and verticality.

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Winter shoes that increase height

Another fantastic winter ally of the man who wants to increase his height is a shoe rack full of elevator shoes. A pair of GuidoMaggi’s, in fact, can give the wearer an additional 6 to 12 centimetres, substantially changing his height.

With elevator shoes, the increase in height is concrete and secret, thanks to the internal elevations, integrated into the shoe, and therefore absolutely invisible. To complete a winter look, there are dozens and dozens of the trendiest, all-made-in-Italy models of the season available in the autumn-winter collection. For the over-30s, there are elevator dress shoes for a height increase of up to 8 centimetres, but also leather elevator loafers for a height increase of 6. For the under-30s, to complete a sporty look with a cap, there are leather elevator sneakers, from vintage-inspired, minimalist models with a straight sole, to more colourful and structured hi-top models, such as the chuncky ones, all for a height increase of up to 8 or 10 centimetres. For everyone, then, there are dozens of models of elevator boots, the winter shoes par excellence, for a rise of up to 10 or 12 centimetres, also perfect for a motorcycle gear.


Trousers that slim the figure

The choice of trousers can also be strategic if you want to increase your height. For a start, embrace the power of high-waisted trousers, which accentuate leg length, but also create a visual proportion that makes the whole body look taller. Opt for slim or straight cuts, avoiding overly wide styles that risk flattening the figure. Remember that too much width can undermine efforts to appear taller.

Colour is another strategic ally when choosing trousers. Dark shades, such as dark blue, black or grey, tend to create a lengthening effect, while prints and patterns can have the opposite effect. Play with monochrome and experiment with light, flowing fabrics that harmoniously fit the shape of the legs. The cut of the trousers, then, should favour verticality: avoid hemlines that are too wide and choose lengths that rest delicately on the top of your elevator shoes. This choice not only adds a touch of elegance to your outfit, but also creates a visual continuity that helps to visually lengthen your legs.