Chunky sneakers, the new life of iconic 90s shoes

Eccentric, huge and oversized: these are the chunky sneakers! Their 1990s silhouette has been back on trend for a while now. Influencers and fashionistas like them very much. But chunky sneakers are not for everyone, as they are traditionally considered ugly and clunky shoes with a very sporty mood, to use an understatement. But what if, instead, the typical Ninenties trainers suddenly became beautiful and elevated?

In the last decade of the 20th century, there was no person under 30 who did not have a pair of chunky sneakers in their wardrobe. What people liked so much about this kind of shoe was precisely the oversized shape and the strange raised sole, which subverted aesthetic canons and became a must have.

Today, history is repeating itself and chunky sneakers are once again trendy and much more. It is now about having an iconic pair of shoes on your feet, symbolising a generation and a historical period of peace, wealth and prosperity.


What are chunky sneakers and why do you like them?

Chunky means massive. In fact, their imposing conformation (due to the irregularity generated by the sole and midsole) is precisely what distinguishes chunky sneakers from ther trainers.

They were born in the 1990s and quickly became a symbolic accessory of the hip hop community, but also much more.

Many people consider them grotesque but they are definitely solid, original and very comfortable shoes. It is no coincidence that they are called also “dad shoes” (because dads need comfort in order to to run everywhere in pursuit of children).

They are certainly not footwear that can leave you indifferent: you either love them or hate them. They know no half measures and have been dividing shoe fans for several seasons. Which side are you on? If you are among the supporters of chunky sneakers, then you probably love the fact that you can combine comfort and glamour with them.

And you’re probably an outlier: chunky sneakers are very distinctive oversized sports shoes, inspired by the iconic Nineties street style, and it is precisely because of their unique shape and large soles that they are perfect for completing unconventional looks.


Chunky sneakers, now are also beautiful and elevator shoes

If you follow the evolution of fashion even a little bit, you know very well that the fashion universe is based on opposites: when one trend reaches the peak of its popularity, another one immediately comes along  around the corner to sweep it away. This is what happened with sneakers. After a long period in which slim and slender trainers dominated, another began in which the trend wants chunky sports shoes.

Chunky sneakers, therefore, are back in vogue. After all, in recent years it seems clear that everyone like the Nineties fashion and that it will not easily leave our wardrobes. And chunky trainers for men are a trend that is destined to last.

But today’s chunky sneakers don’t have to be like those of “yesterday”. No more ugly, clunky, figure-shortening trainers! That’s why GuidoMaggi has created a collection of new-generation chunky sneakers, made special by the harmonious combination of colours and fine materials, by silhouettes based on agile geometries and, of course, by the elevator system that increases the male stature. 

Unlike the 1990s, when trainers were generally total white, in GuidoMaggi chunky sneakers the sole contrasts with the upper and takes centre stage, while the colour combinations and the combination of leather and fabric make them unique.

An example is the chunky sneakers Kobe, dedicated to the greatest basketball player of all time. The upper, inspired by the legendary Lakers jersey, was made using 6 different materials (blue and gray suede, blue and white rubberized calfskin, yellow nubuk leather and gray perforated fabric), the sole, thick and irregular, is made of super-light rubber. In addition, the internal, invisible evetor system allows an overall increase in height of up to 10 centimetres.

Many street style experts are convinced that when a garment or accessory becomes cool, the next step is to customise it and experiment with textures. In short, you need to go beyond the must-have and make something completely new. That is exactly what GuidoMaggi has done with chunky sneakers.


How to match a pair of chunky sneakers

The great thing about GuidoMaggi chunky sneakers is that they go well with practically any casual outfit. Perfect for sporty outfits with sweatpants or plush trousers, they also go well with a pair of Bermuda shorts and suit a pair of jeans, in perfect line with the sporty chic trend that has conquered the men’s catwalks in recent seasons.

But what interests you more than anything else is probably figuring out how to match your GuidoMaggi chunky trainers to create elongating looks and maximise the increase in stature provided by the 6 to 10 centimetres of internal elevation.

1. White soles, black uppers and a total black outfit. If you read this blog, you should already know that all-black outfits are a very smart way to slim your figure, especially if you choose slim-fit clothes. To such a look you can match a pair of chunky sneakers Giant Crosia with black suede upper and white extra-light rubber sole. And if you want a pair of chunky hi-tops for an even more elongated effect, then chose a pair of Giant Torpedo sneakers with black rubberized and shiny calf leather.

2. Coloured chunky and monochrome outfits. If you like colourfull chunky sneakers, try pairing them with a monochrome outfit for a lengthening look. A few examples? A pair of Giant Piranhas are made from a mix of 5 different premium materials (blue and gray suede, ocher yellow nubuck, fresh and breathable blue fabric, white rubberized calf leather) and you can pair them with a total blue outfit. A pair of Giant Flamingo, on the other hand, with orange calfskin, blue full grain leather and gray suede, can be the perfect shoe to match your grey tracksuit to make an otherwise anonymous look unique and trendy.