The secrets of Jon Snow’s charm: his style and elevator shoes

British actor Kit Harington came to the public eye for playing Jon Snow in the popular small screen saga ‘Games of Thrones”. Much loved by female audiences, he is now considered one of the sexiest men in Hollywood, and no one would have guessed that Harington was no taller than 5’3″. The secret? A strategic look and a pair of elevator shoes on his feet.

Jon Snow is a character hailed above all by female fans of the TV series, and much of the credit for this goes to the charm of Kit Harington. Apart from a magnetic gaze and a Mediterranean ‘allure’ (despite his British birth), his female admirers love most his physical prowess. But what if we told you that Harington is only 1.73 metres tall? We bet you’d want to know the secrets of his style, which is able to make him loved by millions of fans around the world in no time.

You only have to look at his photos to get an idea. First of all, Kit Harington takes great care of his body, working out so much that he has a particularly lean physique. Secondly, he wears clothes that visually elongates his figure. Third and not least, he wears elevator shoes that give him extra inches.
But let’s look in detail at the secrets of Jon Snow’s success to offer inspiration to all men who are under average height and are beginning to realise that the right style can really make a difference.


Kit Harington and the training to look taller

Why would no one have guessed that Jon Snow was 1.73 metres tall? Behind it there is no stage trickery but only a lot of training. His sculpted physique os the first fact that makes Kit Harington taller than he really is, in the eyes of the beholder. A lean body and sculpted abs produce an extraordinary result: making him look taller.

A result that anyone can achieve with the right training. For a lean, slender physique, in fact, it is not enough to go to the gym or do sport. Muscle hypertrophy can have the opposite effect, shortening the figure. Instead, it takes ad hoc physical preparation, capable of improving posture, lengthening the muscles and toning them without exaggerating.

And don’t think that this means always making sacrifices at the table. In fact, as a good Englishman, Kit Harington does not at all disdain a few drinks with friends and rarely manages to give up a nice mug of beer, as he himself admits in interviews. The secret is to always try to compensate for every gluttony with lots of training and the right daily diet.


Kit Harington and his figure-skimming look

Why does Kit Harington look taller? Another arrow to his bow is the look. The British actor always dresses strategically. His outfits have a nice lengthening effect.

First of all, he prefers dark colours, particularly black and blue. We not infrequently see him in total black, both on the red carpet and in everyday life when he is photographed around the world.

Another choice that is always apt is the size and the cut of the garments. Slim-fit trousers, tight-fitting t-shirts, two-button jackets (and never too long), thin ties and open shirts are the right choices, thanks to which his outfits always give him an extra boost that makes him look taller.

But of course we don’t forget his hairstyle. Those dishevelled curls that create volume help him gain that couple of centimetres that never hurts.


Kit Harington’s elevator shoes

It is important to say that Kit Harington not only looks taller thanks to his lean physique and outfits that leave nothing to chance, but he makes sure to gain real inches by wearing a pair of elevator shoes.

He certainly does this on the red carpet, when he is photographed next to actors and actresses who are often taller than him. In this case, his elongated look consists of dark suits with a two-button jacket, a thin tie and trousers with a perfect fit (i.e. neither too tight nor too loose) and with the hem perfectly resting on the collar of a pair of elevator dress shoes. On social occasions, off the set, Jon Snow prefers a pair of classic lace-ups, very British, in order to gain several inches.

But Harington loves shoes that increase his stature even in his everyday life. His favourites are elevator boots, black or brown, strictly without laces, matched with a pair of slim-fit jeans with a turn-up above the ankle, over a simple T-shirt that is just tight enough to show off his lean physique and sculpted abs. And when it is cold, an open shirt or denim jacket.


How to copy Jon Snow’s look

Now that you know that Kit Harington’s style is a successful, if you want to copy it, you need the right elevator shoes.

If you’re inspired by his dark blue suits for dressy occasions, the right match is with a pair of Central Plaza elevator lace-ups in dark blue calfskin with upper in hand-buffered dark blue calf leather lies, square toe and real leather sole with non-slip rubber tread. Their simplicity is in perfect Harington style and the height increase it up to 8 centimetres.

If the Harington’s outfits you like are the grunge ones he wears every day, then you are looking for a pair of elevator ankle boots like the Burj Khalifa, handmade in Tuscan nappa and natural rubber, with concealed laces and an elevator system that can increase your stature up to 10 centimetres.