How to look taller: 2 lengthening outfits for autumn

You have always wanted to be taller but have never been interested in the possibilities that fashion offers to make this dream come true. Now, however, something tells you that the Internet can finally help you understand how to look taller.

In fact, the good news is that nowadays there is no reason for you to resign yourself to your height if it doesn’t suit you. In fact, there are what we can call lengthening looks, i.e. outfits that are able to increase a man’s height by many centimetres, some actual, others generated by clever visual effects.

With a pair of elevator shoes, in fact, you can concretely increase your height by 5 to 12 centimetres without anyone noticing the internal elevating systems. And with the right combination of certain garments, accessories and colours, you can give your figure a boost that will make you look even taller.

At GuidoMaggi, we have always made luxury elevator shoes, handmade to measure by expert craftsmen. And it is thanks to this experience that we can realise the dream of completely changing the impact your physique has on others, thanks to a mix of additional, carefully concealed centimetres and figure-lengthening garments.

With the cold season just around the corner, therefore, let’s see how to look taller this autumn, with 2 looks for every occasion that you can copy and revisit according to your tastes and the clothes you have in your wardrobe.


2 elongating looks: proportions are the secret

Before we look at how to look taller with 2 lengthening looks for autumn, a little introduction is in order to learn how to make slimming outfits yourself, either by taking the clothes you have in your wardrobe or during your shopping sessions.

It is important to understand, before going any further, that it is all a question of proportions. If the effect you want to achieve is one of visual extension, it is important to opt for clothes that, as a whole, create a proportionate look. For example, shirts, t-shirts and sweaters that are too long should be avoided (in which case, they should be tucked into trousers), so as to lengthen the perception of the legs, which is the first visual indicator of height. Another example of attention to proportions is the choice of the suit jacket: the buttons should end above the navel, thus enhancing the lower part of the body.

Another aspect to consider is the fit of the garments: the more volume they have, the more your silhouette will expand horizontally, shortening your figure. Therefore, for a lengthening look you can never go wrong with a slim fit.

Colour can also do a lot when you want to look taller. Depending on the colours and shades you wear, in fact, divide your silhouette into different sections, visually delimiting them. The top, for a slimming look, is single-colour: the colour block elongates the figure to the maximum. The alternative is to combine colours strategically, i.e. trousers, shoes and socks of a similar colour will make your legs look longer.


Additional centimetres with raised shoes

The 2 lengthening looks we propose here could make you look taller, but not only with strategic visual effects made of proportions, the right fit and colours.

The first ingredients, in fact, are elevator shoes, which can actually give you additional centimetres, from 5 to 12, depending on the elevating system you choose.

All the other garments and accessories are able to give you even more momentum visually, but the elevtor shoes will actually make you reach the height of your dreams.


Autumn, 2 lengthening looks for him

Here we are at last with our proposal of 2 lengthening looks for this autumn season.

1) Blazer, t shirt, jeans and elevated ankle boots. This is an informal outfit but not too much, which you can wear at work (if the dress code in your office is not jacket and tie), or in your free time when you want a touch of elegance even on a casual day. The blazer is the passe-par tout for men’s leisure time. The two-button blazer with a slouchy cut and peaked lapels (perfect for an elongated look) is one of the trendiest models. The advice about the t-shirt is simple: never go for a crew neck, as it risks shortening and widening your figure, and go for high-necked or V-necked sweaters. Opt for skinny or tapered jeans with a straight cut. And then a tip that applies with any garment is to keep an eye on the size, which must always be perfect and above all never too large. To complete the outfit you can choose from the GuidoMaggi catalogue of elevator ankle boots for a touch of class that can increase your height by up to 10 centimetres.

2) V-neck jumper, chino trousers and trainers. Here is another outfit perfect for leisure time but also suitable for workplaces that do not require formal wear. In short, a stretch look for every day. Chino trousers are the most worn by men because they represent the right middle ground between jeans and formal trousers. But there are different types of chino trousers, so it is important to choose the most suitable ones for a lengthening look if you want to look taller. In general, the advice is this one: if you have a few extra kilos, choose models with straight-leg darts and never too tight, while if you have a slim physique, opt for models without straight-leg darts.  A V-neck jumper will contribute to a lengthening effect at the top of the outfit, while a pair of elevator sneakers will give you some real centimetres, up to 10, depending on the model you choose.