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“How much can I add safely”

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So here’s an issue that we ALL face when adding height. How high can I go when taking into account my current ‘real’ height. Elsewhere on here I have addressed the style considerations of ‘how high can I go?’ and dispel the myths about whether you might be rumbled if you go back with a girl. Here I am going to talk about the practical considerations of how high you can go, specially in regard to your present height and detection issues. Read more

Will they notice at the airport

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OK here is a query that I am asked more than anything else, apart from the one about ‘will women notice when you are back home together?’. It’s a funny one that touches on other areas – “Oh God, what will happen when I go through security at the airport? They are BOUND to notice”. No they are not and they don’t. And here’s why. Read more

Will my (new) girlfriend notice?

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My name is Rob and I am based in London (the one in the UK). I work in the nightclub business and have been adding height since my late teens (I am now mid 30s) and have learned loads of the pitfalls and mistakes (having made every single one of them so far, and still learning). Adding height is actually very straightforward, almost a science, and it’s helped by the modern generation of elevators. But even if you stock up with loads of elevators in all styles, there are still lessons to be learned and niggling questions that people ask again and again. And I am here to help. By all means ask. And then this is my first piece in the Advice Section… Read more