Now you can try on your Elevators before you buy – with total discretion & secrecy

OK here’s a shout for actually having the opportunity to try elevators on. And to be able to take along your tape measure to see how much taller you can get! It’s all possible the new GuidoMaggi showroom in Milan which opens this week on 1st December.

Now it’s great buying anonymously and online, which I do, but it is also superb to actually get to try on some boots in a completely secure and anonymous showroom. Probably the first thing really you would do this for (certainly I would) would be to make sure I get the added inches OK!

showroom elevated shoes

One of the things I have ALWAYS wanted to do has been to be able to try my boots first, look at them and feel them and test out the height. When I bought my first pair from GuidoMaggi, I obviously did it online and anonymously. To be true I didn’t know what to expect, after years of wearing lifts in bigger sized normal boots. I knew they would have that Italian quality but wondered what I would actually get by way of height and how ‘obvious’ they would be. When I got them they were kinda even better than I had imagined. I was just so excited at the amazing extra height I got from my Shanghais. Full height achieved and no-one has ever ever noticed. So job done. And in fact one of the guys I have discussed this with online has told me exactly the same the other day after he got his. The only problem being is that once you have got them, you want to buy more. And with a showroom, that ‘problem’ will be multiplied tenfold – you will want to buy them all!

There are loads of reasons for considering going to have a look and see – one of them is that there is simply NOTHING like seeing good quality high end stuff in front of your eyes, the different styles and the feel of the boots. If you are in any doubt whether it would be a worthwhile investment in your appearance, a visit will dispel any doubt at all. And of course to be able to judge with your own two eyes – do I REALLY get the added inches? So OK it’s an added bonus to be able to do this.

The brand new GuidoMaggi Elevator showroom, opening in Milan on 1st December – it’s the first elevator showroom anywhere in the world where you can try on stuff to your heart’s content and see styles and leathers before you buy. And all the options of discretion and secrecy are well covered.

I know what you are saying or might be thinking – “No way do I wanna go into somewhere and be seen trying on elevators. Aaaargh!”. Well that is well covered. The place is discreet, with its own entrance and no windows to the outside world as it’s on the luxurious first floor of a historic 18th century building.

So you can try on all sorts of things in total secrecy and discretion. For most, buying online is just great but there is nothing like being able to actually SEE the footwear – “we have realised that for many, they want somewhere they can actually try (and even personalise) boots or shoes that they can see, maybe check out the various leathers and styles and talk to the experts who can give you the best style tips,” says Emanuele Briganti of GuidoMaggi.

The new showroom is in the Brera district of Milan, Via Fiori Chiari, 18. Milan is an easy trip from all over Europe so well worth a visit.