Pitti 104: GuidoMaggi among the excellence of Made in Italy with internationally renowned influencers and many news

Like every year in Florence you can find the latest trends in men’s fashion for the coming season. At Pitti Uomo 104, from June 13rd to 16th, GuidoMaggi could not miss among the excellence of manswear strictly made in Italy. As every year, the ambassador of the Italian brand of luxury elevator shoes is the Ceo Emanuele Briganti, accompanied by the international manmodels and influencers who wear the creations of the italy-based maison.

Also during this edition of the event, the trends of men’s fashion at 360 degrees are told and anticipated: not only clothing but also footwear and accessories of the contemporary lifestyle, constantly evolving, full of projects and new suggestions. Among this year’s novelties, Emanuele Briganti will not only present new models signed GuidoMaggi but also announce the upcoming launch of a personal brand that will take the concepts of luxury and tailormade to the extreme, for the production of men’s clothing and accessories in fine leather.




GuidoMaggi at Pitti 104 with internationally renowned influencers

At Pitti 104 GuidoMaggi presents itself with some of the world-renowned influencers wearing the brand’s footwear. Among them are Toni B, Giuse La Guardia and Mauro Littera, who wear some of the models for spring summer collection accompanied by the Ceo Emanuele Briganti. 

The Giant sneakers are one of the best models, that mix precious exotic python leather with fine full-grain leather and a special perforated technical fabric to maximize the lightweight and versatile, required of a summer shoe.




A preview of the Emanuele Briganti brand

This edition of Pitti Uomo, for Emanuele Briganti, is also an opportunity to wear a preview of some garments from the debut collection of his personal fashion brand that will bear his name and will be launched soon with a new extra-luxury e-commerce.

The Ceo is about to give birth to a new independent project but inevitably linked to the GuidoMaggi world, because in it is contained and expressed all the experience gained in the creation of luxury custom-made elevator shoes. With the Emanuele Briganti brand, in fact, the concept of customization and tailormade will be central, for the production of fine leather clothing and accessories characterized by impeccable craftsmanship and special attention to detail, all strictly made-to-measure.

The two creations of the new brand being launched are worn in preview these days by Emanuele Briganti himself. A biker jacket in 100% python leather and all-silk lining, perfectly matched with Giant sneakers by GuidoMaggi, and a backpack completely made of crocodile leather with contrasting gold zippers.

Particular is then the choice to match each backpack with a mini 24-karat gold bar with branded and customizable engravings, which perfectly demonstrates the direction taken by the brand, between uncompromising luxury and tailoring.


Emanuele Briganti at Pitti Uomo with many friends from GuidoMaggi

Like every year, Pitti Uomo is an extraordinary opportunity for Italian men’s fashion brands to present themselves on the international market where non-EU consumers are those who appreciate made in Italy the most (52.4%, with an annual growth of 21%).

GuidoMaggi fits perfectly in this context as a brand of excellence in Italian fashion made in Italy, whose models are particularly in demand abroad, as well as on European soil.

These confirmations also arrive at Pitti Uomo 104 thanks to the many international personalities who have always appreciated the brand, photographed here with Emanuele Briganti. Such as Hugo Jacomet, among the leading connoisseurs and experts of men’s fashion, founder of the blog Parisian Gentleman, published in both French and English, and author of several books including “The Italian Gentleman,” an in-depth look at the designers, tailors and artisans who for generations have defined Italian style. But also Lino Ieluzzi, undisputed icon of made in Italy in the world, founder of the historic boutique Al Bazar Milano and always among the most followed personalities at Pitti Uomo. And then Domenico Gianfrante, an extraordinary personality of the Italian fashion world: entrepreneur, influencer and style reference who shares with GuidoMaggi his Lecce birthplace.