Suede elevator shoes are a spring trend

Do you like suede shoes? Does suede shoes immediately make springtime for you too? Then you will be pleased to know that suede shoes for men are also a trend for this spring/summer season. Furthermore, if you are looking for an effective remedy for your short stature and would like to increase it with a pair of elevator shoes, you will be even happier to know that there are dozens of models of suede shoes that are also elevator shoes: such as sneakers, moccasins and ankle boots. Here are many models of men’s suede elevator shoes, for a warm season at the top, in every sense. Read more

3 men’s elevator sneakers to buy immediately for spring  

It’s time to buy a new pair of men’s elevator sneakers for Spring 2024? Unsure of the latest trends or which ones suit you best? Here’s a guide to trendy models that add height and style to your wardrobe. From classic blue to iconic ’80s inspirations to vibrant colors, discover the must-have models to purchase now. Read more

How to choose men’s suit and elevator wedding shoes

Are you getting married? Then you know that the classic wedding dress and shoes play a crucial role in the absolute perfection of your wedding outfit. This not only concerns the bride-to-be, but also you, dear groom. Here are some tips for selecting the right wedding suit and shoes for you. Useful in case you do not feel completely satisfied with your height, which may be below average (or simply because you are shorter than Her). But also if you are not completely satisfied with your body shape, because of some small roundness. Read more

4 strategies to increase height, from head to toe

During the winter, when temperatures drop and layers of clothing take centre stage, outfits are made up of many garments and accessories, and they can all be great allies in increasing height, as well as helping you to be fashionable and compose your style. The key is to know what to wear and what to avoid. So, from hats that add momentum to elevator shoes that provide a real edge, here are valuable tips for a flawless, elongating look… Read more

Colour matching shoes and classic dress: learn the rules not to ask her

When you stand in front of the wardrobe in the morning, do you feel bewildered? Can’t guess the right colour combination of elevator shoes and classic suit on your own? The time has come to learn to do it yourself: with simple rules of good taste you will learn how to match the colours of men’s suits and elevator shoes so that you will always be fashionable but never get the wrong outfit. Blue suit, dark grey or light grey? And which shoes to wear? Here you will find all the perfect combinations with classic men’s shoes and also with elevator sneakers. Read more

The elevator boots for a perfect winter motorcycle gear

Those who move on two wheels, especially in large cities like Rome, Milan, and Naples, find it difficult to give up the convenience of weaving through stationary traffic, even when temperatures drop. However, to ride a scooter or motorcycle in winter, you must have the appropriate gear, from a hat to elevator shoes, as the harsh weather conditions can be fatal. Here is a selection of elevatr boots that you can incorporate into your winter motorcycle attire. Read more

The elevator shoes to match this year’s men’s fashion trends

We’ve only just entered the new year but are you already looking forward to finding out what men’s fashion trends will be raging for the next 365 days and which men’s elevator shoes you should buy to create the perfect pairings? If your wardrobe can’t wait to be updated with new garments and new accessories to match your personal style, here are some ideas to do it now. And if you want to create always elongated outfits to look taller, you’ve come to the right place. Read more

The best 2024 men’s elevator winter sneakers

It is known that sneakers never go out of fashion. Although in winter there are many different models of men’s shoes to wear, such as boots and ankle boots, amphibians and moccasins, a true sneakerhead can’t help but buy at least one pair of new sports shoes to update his shoe cupboard. And if, in addition to your passion for sneakers, you also like to increase your stature, you must read this little guide on the best men’s winter elevator sneakers for 2014. Read more

Men’s bags and elevator shoes: some ideas for combinations

If at Milan Fashion Week, that presented the autumn-winter 2023 2024 collections, they became the absolute stars, then it means that they are preparing to become a must-have in the men’s wardrobe. We are talking about men’s bags. Until recently the subject was almost taboo, handbags were only talked about for women, but now the trend has changed. The men’s leather bag has become an indispensable accessory. There are many models and they meet different needs in terms of style and comfort. Here’s how to match them with different outfits and your favourite elevator shoes for elongated looks. Read more

Men’s long-sleeved polo shirt, elevator shoes and accessories to match

Men’s fashion is going through a real polo-mania and if you like this garment, know that you can also wear it in winter. The long-sleeved men’s polo shirt in warm, cosy fabrics is becoming a must-have in men’s wardrobes. But how to combine it? And in which looks can it be incorporated without stumbling into real style lapses? Did you know that the V-neck makes it perfect for elongated looks? Read more