Summer, 3 elevator leather sandals for men

Also for the 2024 summer season, men’s sandals are destined to be a key element of the male wardrobe. Worn for centuries in different cultures around the world, their popularity today does not seem to be waning, given also the scorching temperatures of recent years. That’s why we’re here exploring the latest fashion trends for men’s leather sandals for summer 2024, analysing the most in vogue models, the features that make them a popular option for tackling hot summer days, and discovering that all of these possibilities are also feasible for men who want to be taller and can now do so with a pair of sandals…

Everyone knows that men’s sandals are the ideal option for tackling hot summer days. Their openness allows the feet to breathe and feel cool, while the lightweight and breathable materials, such as leather, provide comfort during walks and outdoor activities. The sandals can be worn with Bermuda shorts or even with long, light trousers, creating a casual but neat look for summer days.  This is why men’s sandals are destined to be a key element of a man’s wardrobe. With their different style options, colours and materials, they offer a choice for every taste and preference.

If you too think that men’s leather sandals are the ideal option for tackling hot summer days, (because they offer comfort and functionality without sacrificing style) but you end up giving up wearing them because you prefer to feel taller with a pair of sneakers, then you may not know yet that leather elevator sandals also exist.


Elevator leather men’s sandals to be 6 cm taller

Before reviewing the season’s trendiest men’s sandals also available in a elevator version, let’s understand what an elevator sandal is and what it can do for you.

GuidoMaggi’s elevator sandals have a super-light sole, cushioned footbed and an elevator system that gives up to 6 centimetres of extra height. The shape of the shoe does not make the elevating system particularly noticeable, but the increase in height is real. So no one has to give up their height gain just because they like to keep their feet cool in summer!


With velcro straps

Men’s sandals with velcro straps are a popular option for men’s wardrobes because they offer a combination of comfort, practicality and style, making them suitable for comfortably spending an entire summer day, even outdoors and on the move.

If you like this type of sandals, you’ll find plenty of options for every taste and preference in the GuidoMaggi catalogue, all of which are so comfortable and hard-wearing that they are perfect for both outdoor activities and the beach. For example, the Menorca elevator sandals with velcro straps, with a full-grain leather-covered footbed, have an easy, disengaging allure thanks to the soft beije raffia. The Dominica, instead, combining the same comfortable full-grain leather-covered footbed with python leather in a bright camouflage shade, brings with it a much more adventurous and fashionista mood. In any case, with these models of GuidoMaggi’s elevator sandals, you get a 5 centimetres increase in height that has nothing to envy to the rise obtained with a pair of closed elevator shoes.

Choose them if you hate laces, if you love comfort and like to walk long.


With closed toe

This is undoubtedly the most popular sandal for men who don’t like sandals! The closed toe, in fact, allows you not to uncover your feet too much and thus, in a way, not realise that you are wearing a pair of sandals. At the same time, the side openings keep your extremities cool. Moreover, this model, when made of fine leather, is undoubtedly one of the most elegant options on the men’s shoe rack when it comes to sandals.

If you like this option, then you’ll fall in love with the handmade Scilla closed-toe sandals made of fine cognac-coloured calfskin and a real leather sole stitched in place. The elevating system gives an increase in height of 5 centimetres, and just as with closed toe shoes, this increase is entirely internal and secret. The high breathability of the fine leather and the side openings, however, keep your feet cool, just as with the more open models.

Choose them if you don’t like the usual men’s sandals and if you always like to be stylish.



We know that the leather slipper is one of the main sandal trends of the last few years, which is why we have left it as a last resort. The slipper is a comfortable and cool shoe, ideal for summer, and that’s why more and more men are choosing to wear it on a daily basis. In short, it is decided that slippers should not only be worn at home, on the beach or in the changing rooms of swimming pools and gyms, and that they are also a valid option in the city. But as long as they meet certain characteristics.

The classic rubber band slippers, in fact, which we generally wear in the swimming pool, certainly do not shine in terms of elegance and comfort, even if their practicality is unparalleled. But when that strap is made of fine leather, the footbed is ergonomic and the sole is made of super-light natural rubber, then it’s a different story. The slipper turns into a stylish, elegant and fashionable shoe. And that is exactly what you can find in GuidoMaggi’s catalogue of elevator slippers.

Among the distinguishing features of these options is a elevating system that increases stature by up to 6 centimetres.  One example is the Bodrum, which combines elegance and comfort thanks to a double Tuscan leather rand, in a warm brown shade and with an eye-catching worn effect, for a height increase of up to 5 centimetres. Or a pair of Pantellerias made of black breathable fabric, with a super-light rubber midsole and comfortable leather-covered footbed, for a height increase up to 6 centimetres.

Choose them if comfort is everything to you but fashion is another of your priorities.