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Another GuidoMaggi first: luxury height increasing sandals! Nowhere else can you get this quality, either in looks or comfort, in a pair of sandals that actually increase your height discreetly. Unlike those cheap Asian imports, these elevator sandals are handmade elegance that will flatter your wardrobe, raise your stature, and give you surefooted comfort wherever you go. Best of all, these sandals are totally customizable. Give us a call and we'll work with you to create the perfect fit, finish, and look that matches your desires.

Starting at the outsoles, you'll get positive traction with the super lightweight natural rubber that has anti-slip technology built right in. Moving up to the insoles and arch support, these are crafted with unique, innovative materials that ensure long lasting comfort for all day wear. The super lightweight materials are strong, so that you keep your height increase without the lifts collapsing after long wear. The sandal straps are secure, fastened with Velcro, and made to hold your feet securely to the insoles.

Best of all, these are totally customizable. You can select whichever leather, color, finish, and fit requirements are best for you. Nowhere else in the World can you get bespoke sandals like this that increase your height. You know that all our footwear is handmade. Just call us and get yours made to order, exactly the way you want, and delivered to your door. GuidoMaggi Luxury Sandals: the best in the World, made to order, made for you!