How to look taller: 2 lengthening outfits for autumn

You have always wanted to be taller but have never been interested in the possibilities that fashion offers to make this dream come true. Now, however, something tells you that the Internet can finally help you understand how to look taller. Read more

Short stature is good for the health and the planet. And fashion takes care of the rest!

Is it better to be short or tall? For short men who have always wanted to grow taller, the answer is obvious, but in recent times science is beginning to disprove the myth of height that society has imposed for hundreds of years. It turns out, in fact, that short stature, and by that we mean below average, can be an advantage both from a personal health point of view and from the point of view of the health of the planet. Read more

Micam, GuidoMaggi raised shoes for sustainable and timeless fashion

Micam takes place every September in Milan. It is the leading international exhibition for the footwear industry, where there are national and international exhibitors from the sector. This year the appointment, that is promoted by Assocalzaturifici, was held at Fiera Milano Rho from September 17th to 20th. Read more

Back to work, it’s time to elevate your style

September and October are the months of returning to work after the holidays. A period that is hard in some ways, because we get back into the rhythm of the usual routine, but it’s also a great opportunity for change.  During the holidays, in fact, we have time to think about what we want from life and who we want to become. We can give ourselves the space to make plans for the future and rethink a new self. Read more

My son grows little in height: stature, self-esteem and clichés

Short stature can negatively affect adolescents’ self-esteem and thus affect their self-confidence in adulthood. This sounds like a true, established and hardly disputable statement. Yet a recent study conducted by researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) makes us realise that things are not as straightforward and obvious as we think. Read more

Vin Diesel like Tom Cruise: collector of cars and elevator shoes

We all know Vin Diesel, the famous star of the popular “Fast & Fourius” film series that began in 2001, so beloved by fans of car racing and action cinema. But not everyone knows that the American actor does not put much effort into playing Dom Toretto thanks to his great passion for racing cars. Read more

Joys of (occasionally) adding another inch

Now here’s a thing – your life tends to settle into a certain pattern and a comfort zone. There is no doubt that, particularly at the outset of adding height – working out how to find shoes that make you taller, your instinct is go on the low side, however much in an ideal world you want to go high. Stuff limits and restricts you, and it’s funny but in the past month a few of my contacts asking advice have raised this, querying: “OK I have had my elevators for 6 months: how much do you think I can go to, bearing in mind that normally I am just…” Read more

The elevator shoes to be taller even this summer

Men’s shoes for warm weather are generally slimmer, lighter, lower on the ankle, and often open. This is why it is commonly believed that it is more difficult to achieve stature gain with internal elevating systems. But this is a false myth. Read more

GuidoMaggi as Louis Vuitton: the two fashion shows between pop and luxury

These days there is nothing but talk about Pharrell Williams’ first fashion show for Louis Vuitton, which took place on June 20, 2023 in Paris. On the Pont Neuf in the fashion capital, the American producer and musician presented his first collection of Louis Vuitton menswear of which he is the new creative director. Read more

Pitti 104: GuidoMaggi among the excellence of Made in Italy with internationally renowned influencers and many news

Like every year in Florence you can find the latest trends in men’s fashion for the coming season. At Pitti Uomo 104, from June 13rd to 16th, GuidoMaggi could not miss among the excellence of manswear strictly made in Italy. As every year, the ambassador of the Italian brand of luxury elevator shoes is the Ceo Emanuele Briganti, accompanied by the international manmodels and influencers who wear the creations of the italy-based maison. Read more