3 luxury personalised gifts for him

Those who like to give high-end items to their man are always on the lookout for ideas for personalised gifts for him in the name of luxury. It is not always easy because often, after so many Christmases and birthdays, originality begins to run out. However, with a handmade Italian accessory made of fine leather, and made even more unique by the hot stamping of initials, you can never go wrong. 

The customisation of clothing and accessories is one of the main fashion trends of recent years, and that certainly does not only involve the female fashion world. Men too are increasingly looking for exclusive and unique products: they are no longer satisfied with what is standardised, and want to go far beyond what anyone wears.

However, customisation can also become something standardised if it is mass-produced and applied to industrial products. The situation is different for handcrafted products made from valuable materials, which already in themselves represent something unique, especially if made to measure, and which can be made even more precious and personal with the application of an element of customisation.

This is the case of GuidoMaggi’s elevator shoes and leather accessories, which are handmade by expert artisans with fine leathers and can be customised with hot printing of initials or any significant initials. Browsing the online catalogue you can find many different options for personalised gifts for him, because on each product sheet you can request personalisation elements, before putting the product in the shopping cart and concluding the purchase.


Personalised, leather and made in Italy gifts

When you wants to make a luxury gift, whose value is perceived clearly and unequivocally by the recipient, the only possible choice is something handcrafted from natural and valuable materials is.

Personalisation is another very welcome requirement because it makes it clear to the recipient of the gift that the thought was not improvised but reasoned. It is a kind of dedication without the need to write a note.

Another requirement that is becoming increasingly important, in the perception of a luxury gift, is the fact that it is made in Italy. Initially, the tendency to buy Italian products, for those who focus on quality and sustainability, mainly concerned foodstuffs, but today more and more Made in Italy is synonymous with luxury, attention to detail and respect for the environment also in fashion, as opposed to fast fashion made in Asian countries, which does not suit those looking for luxury personalised gifts for him.

All the gift ideas proposed below are signed GuidoMaggi, handmade in Italy with fine leathers such as full-grain leather or precious exotic leathers, and for all of them it is possible to hot-print the initials, to leave him speechless.


Customised leather backpack

Caporalino is a Pratesi leather backpack made with an ancient and unique tanning method that uses only natural products. It is very capacious and has and two external front pockets. Its peculiarity is that it ages with the passage of time, acquiring more charm day by day. The first ageing is done by hand, applying waxes and other natural products, whose formula is secret. Personalise it with hot stamping of initials.

Who to give it to? A fine leather backpack customised with initials is a perfect gift for a young man who is at the beginning or in the middle of a course of study. It will be an irreplaceable accessory for everyday use, able to characterise his outfits for university with unequivocal class and elegance. This gift, however, can also be perfect for a man who is less young but particularly dynamic: a person who travels a lot for work, who will find it fantastic to have a new, elegant hand luggage, or a guy who likes open-air trips, who will appreciate having a backpack that can hold everything he needs and at the same time express his style.


Personalised leather belt

GuidoMaggi’s catalogue of fine leather belts offers dozens of models for every style and need. Each accessory is handmade to order and features a combination of fine materials. For example, the most basic and classic belts are made of full-grain leather, with calfskin lining and gold-plated buckle. And then there are the exotic leather belts, such as python or crocodile skin, for unique and original effects. Choose the one that best suits the recipient’s style and turn it into a personalised gift for him with printed initials.

Who to give it to? All men use belts, so it is an absolutely universal gift. If you want to give a special gift to someone you don’t know very well, therefore, it is the perfect idea because you don’t risk making a mistake, especially if you buy a model with simple lines that fits any male outfit.


Customised elevatror shoes

The GuidoMaggi elevator shoes catalogue offers a wide range of models for every occasion and taste. All GuidoMaggi shoes are handmade in Italy with fine leathers and are equipped with an internal elevator system, comfortable and invisible, with which you can increase the height up to 10 or 12 centimetres depending on the model chosen.  Personalise them by having your initials engraved or printed on the upper.

Who should you give them to? A pair of elevator shoes is a very personal gift to give to a man who is very close to you and whose dreams and desires you know, apart from his foot size. You can give a pair of elevator shoes for the first time to a man who has always wanted to be taller and has never had the chance to realise that dream, or to someone you know already appreciates this type of product, knowing that you have opted for a custom-made luxury shoe.