Men’s long-sleeved polo shirt, elevator shoes and accessories to match

Men’s fashion is going through a real polo-mania and if you like this garment, know that you can also wear it in winter. The long-sleeved men’s polo shirt in warm, cosy fabrics is becoming a must-have in men’s wardrobes. But how to combine it? And in which looks can it be incorporated without stumbling into real style lapses? Did you know that the V-neck makes it perfect for elongated looks?

Technically it is just a t-shirt with a collar, but in reality it is so much more. The polo shirt is now an indispensable garment in the wardrobe of any self-respecting gentleman. It is a mark of style that immediately connects the man who wears it to a sporty, casual, easy, yet unquestionably refined atmosphere.

If you’re thinking of the traditional short-sleeved cotton polo shirt now, you’re probably wondering what you can do with it during the winter. But you have to know that today the polo shirt is not just for the summer season. In fact, the long-sleeved men’s polo shirt is revived in an elegant key when made of warm fabrics such as merino wool, cashmere and alpaca. Combined with fine leather jackets and shoes, such as those in the GuidoMaggi collection, it fits right into that quite luxury style that the most elegant men like so much.


V-neck polo shirt and elevator shoes to get taller

For all men who make up their outfits to be taller, the polo shirt is among the strategic garments to combine with elevator shoes to achieve lengthening looks. And so it can be rightfully included among the key garments of lengthening looks for autumn and winter together with a pair of elevator shoes carefully chosen according to the type and level of elegance of the outfit.

If by now there is no self-respecting winter men’s wardrobe that does not include a long-sleeved men’s polo shirt, this must be even more true for those who are below average height and want to look taller. Elevator shoes can give you up to 12 centimetres more height and with figure-hugging clothes you can complete the task by looking much taller.

So, if you haven’t already done so, you’d better delve into the subject of polo shirts and how to achieve winning looks for winter by wearing long-sleeved men’s polo shirts and elevator shoes


Trivia about polo

The polo shirt originated as a typical garment for polo players in India, when it was still a British colony. These sportsmen needed a garment characterised by a shorter and more versatile collar, as opposed to the long collar of the shirt which, on the other hand, could obstruct the view. That is why it is called this shirt: because it owes its name to this very sport. The association with the British aristocracy, then, immediately transformed it, in the collective imagination, into a sporty but stylish, casual but refined garment. And that is still the case today.

It was then popularised even among non-polo players by French tennis player René Lacoste. In 1926 he made a t-shirt inspired by that of polo players, to which he applied the famous crocodile the following year. It only took a few years for the Lacoste polo shirt to become famous and in demand in Europe and North America, especially among young sportsmen.

After 50 years, Ralph Lauren included it as a permanent item in his collection and the success was worldwide. The polo shirt became an indispensable item of preppy style.


3 outfits with men’s long-sleeved polo shirt and elevator shoes

So today the polo shirt is not only worn during the summer season in the classic casual and informal version in cotton Piqué. When made of warm fabrics such as merino wool, cashmere and alpaca, it becomes a wintery and elegant garment that can be combined in a number of interesting ways to compose elongated men’s looks.

1. The long-sleeved men’s polo shirt under a suit and a pair of classic elevatorshoes.

You can combine the long-sleeved men’s polo shirt with the suit, instead of the usual shirt for a classic but not too 1950s-inspired style. Tailored trousers, jacket and polo shirt all tone-on-tone, in shades of grey or blue are perfect to compose a lengthening outfit, thanks to the V-neck and the slimming effect of the dark tones. Finally, a pair of dress elevator shoes can give you real inches, up to 10 centimetres, to increase your stature. Choose them in the same colour as the rest of the outfit: with no colour gap between trousers and shoes, your legs will look longer to give your figure even more impetus.


2. The long-sleeved men’s polo shirt with leather jacket and raised ankle boots.

For less formal occasions you can combine the men’s long-sleeved wool polo shirt with a leather jacket. Choose trousers according to the occasion: for example, if you want to be super casual, opt for a pair of jeans, or if you want a less sporty effect, choose a pair of corduroy trousers. For this outfit the perfect shoes are a pair of elevator ankle boots, which allow for a height increase of up to 8 or 10 centimetres thanks to internal and invisible elevation systems. Choose them in the same shade as the trousers to visually lengthen the lower limbs.


3. The long-sleeved men’s polo shirt with leather bomber jacket and elevator trainers.

For a super cool and sporty look, you can wear the men’s long-sleeved polo shirt together with an exotic leather bomber jacket, a pair of jeans and on your feet a pair of elevator trainers, which can give you a height increase of up to 10 centimetres. For such an outfit you can choose any sports shoes you like, as long as they go well with the jacket. For example, if you like the nineties style, opt for a pair of chuncky snearkers, if what you’re after is a preppy look then try a pair of elevator loafers, but if it’s the basics that you love to compose your outfits with, it’s time to buy a pair of elevatot Stan Smiths.