Men’s bags and elevator shoes: some ideas for combinations

If at Milan Fashion Week, that presented the autumn-winter 2023 2024 collections, they became the absolute stars, then it means that they are preparing to become a must-have in the men’s wardrobe. We are talking about men’s bags. Until recently the subject was almost taboo, handbags were only talked about for women, but now the trend has changed. The men’s leather bag has become an indispensable accessory. There are many models and they meet different needs in terms of style and comfort. Here’s how to match them with different outfits and your favourite elevator shoes for elongated looks.

Long gone are the days when he, before going out, hands her keys, wallet, car documents and other small items that he considers indispensable, because she is the only one walking around with a bag. No more filling the pockets of other people’s jackets or bags! Men’s bags are no longer taboo.

Until now, on the men’s catwalks and in men’s shops, the height of creativity, when it came to bags, was offered by the 24-hour and duffle bags. Today, as is evident, something has changed because men’s bags have become the protagonists. Mix and match fashion continues to rage in every sense, especially for that sense of total freedom that rewrites the codes.

So there are no limits: men’s and women’s fashions contaminate each other without problem, even and especially for shoes and accessories. Men’s fashion has changed once and for all and it is clear, because you can increase a man’s stature with a pair of elevator shoes and because you can wear a men’s bag without qualms.


The prerequisite of a men’s bag for a lengthening look

If your stature is below average or otherwise unsatisfactory, you are probably always on the hunt for ideas and tips for elongating looks, i.e. outfits that are able to boost your figure to make you look taller.

First of all, with a pair of elevator shoes you can concretely increase your height by several centimetres, from 6 to 12, reaching or approaching the height you have always wanted.  But to complete the work there are stratagems (all a matter of proportions!), which consist in choosing certain garments and not others, and in making certain combinations that can visually slim your build.

On the subject of men’s bags, the rule, for those who are not very tall, is to choose small or medium-sized accessories. With a large bag or backpack, in fact, the risk is that of being overpowered by its size and the result is to shorten your figure. To confirm the validity of this advice, just talk to a woman: they all know that large handbags are suitable for tall women, while for others, medium-sized clutches or shoulder bags are much better. The same goes for men.

For more such advice, discover 2 elongated outfits for autumn winter here.


Men’s bags and shoes: combinations and trends

If it’s no longer taboo and there’s a way to make it contribute to your elongated looks, the men’s bag can now rightfully enter your wardrobe. No more of that uncomfortable practice of stuffing everything into your pockets! Also because men’s bags are in fashion, you can match them with your shoes and the rest of your outfit to be more trendy and you can put anything you want in them.

Now, let’s go through, one by one, the trends of the moment with some practical tips for looks that will make you look your best.


Men’s shoulder bag + ankle boots + jeans

The trend of the moment, perfect for those who want to create elongated looks, is the medium sized shoulder bag, worn on the hip, which is a perfect accessory for so many occasions, from leisure to the office.

If you want a shoulder bag with a powerful masculine charge, try wearing the Bisaccia Brown by GuidoMaggi, handmade in Tuscan full-grain leather with an intense dark brown colour, tanned according to a unique ancient technique: the perfect mix of sophistication and practicality for winter, because it is capacious, comfortable and versatile. Pair it with a pair of jeans and a warm jumper and complete the outfit with a pair of brown elevator ankle boots to increase your height by up to 10 centimetres.

If you’re looking for a lighter, leafier men’s shoulder bag, then a handcrafted Hermès blue crocodile leather Avion Messenger Bag is what you need: sleek and easy to match, light and roomy. This men’s bag also looks great with a pair of jeans and goes perfectly with a pair of blue elevator ankle boots in the winter months.


Backpack + snaekers + suit

The backpack is a timeless men’s accessory that certainly doesn’t lose importance today where mix and match is the rule. And if you prefer a practical backpack to a men’shoulder bag, it’s probably because you like to balance the weight on both shoulders and always look sporty and youthful.

If you want a luxurious men’s backpack, then what you’re looking for is GuidoMaggi’s Black Diamond, handmade in Hermès crocodile leather in a deep black shade and with a label to personalise. Such an elegant backpack you can really pair it with anywhere, from the most casual to the most elegant outfits. It won’t look out of place even with a suit, and to confirm that sporty vibe, slip on a pair of black elevator sneakers with white rubber soles that will increase your height by up to 12 centimetres.


Office bag + classic lace-ups + split suit

Like the backpack, the office bag is a great classic in men’s fashion, but today it can be less serious and softer, and can also be used elsewhere.

One example is GuidoMaggi’s Futa, which is much more than a 24-hour bag, but an adjustable men’s shoulder bag with a vintage feel made of brown Tuscan leather, tanned according to a unique ancient technique. You can take it with you every time you go to work, but also in other less formal situations, and you can match it with a broken suit, even with jeans, and a pair of elevator classic lace-ups in the same retro mood and with a rise of up to 10 centimetres.