Micam, GuidoMaggi raised shoes for sustainable and timeless fashion

Micam takes place every September in Milan. It is the leading international exhibition for the footwear industry, where there are national and international exhibitors from the sector. This year the appointment, that is promoted by Assocalzaturifici, was held at Fiera Milano Rho from September 17th to 20th.

It is an exceptional showcase for thousands of brands and a not-to-be-missed event for fashion lovers and industry operators from all over the world. Specifically, this year, brands from 30 nations exhibited. It is here that the new trends of footwear for him and her are decided.

This event takes place twice a year. In February, the brands present the autumn/winter collections, while in September the stars are the spring/summer collections. We are talking about a real benchmark for the footwear world. As we read on the official website, there were 1024 brands presented, of which 520 are Italian and 504 international.

In this context, the world leader in luxury elevator shoes GuidoMaggi shines. One of the undisputed excellences of Made in Italy fashion, for decades synonymous with quality and style. In fact, GuidoMaggi has always produced hand-crafted, made-to-measure shoes with an elevation, dedicated to the Man who wants to increase his stature by up to 12 centimetres, without renouncing elegance and comfort.


Micam, GuidoMaggi is an excellence of Italian fashion

At Micam there are the best footwear brands every year because it is a strategic appointment in terms of fashion trends for several years. And GuidoMaggi, after its participation at Pitti 104, could not fail to be a protagonist at Micam too, because it is a true excellence of Italian fashion and true luxury made in Italy.

Each GuidoMaggi collection, in fact, is much more than a simple proposal of new models and colours, but a real journey in mental and emotional paths where the concepts of functionality, elegance, innovation and comfort are perfectly harmonised.

This is why the brand’s luxury elevator shoes are dedicated to precise, refined men looking for products with a strong prestige component. Consumers not simply seduced by the brand itself, but by the concepts they embody, the way the products are conceived and manufactured, the details and the quality materials. And it is not just Italian customers, but an international public that is fascinated, and satisfied, by the very high level of workmanship made in Italy.

This is why GuidoMaggi’s most loyal customers come from all over the world, but they are all united not only by having found a way to increase their stature discreetly, but also by the need to do so with an exclusive, elegant shoe that perfectly complements a thought-out, sophisticated and unique style.

Future spring/summer collections were presented at Micam. GuidoMaggi’s will once again amaze for the perfect balance between timeless models and the search for new designs and the freshest and most up-to-date colours. And as always, it will be dedicated to a public that discovers and expresses, through fashion, its personal identity, not moved by the need to imitate the other or conform to a standard, but by the strength of its own disruptive personality.


GuidoMaggi representative of a sustainable and timeless luxury

Sustainability is an increasingly central concept even in fashion and it could only be so at Micam.

It is a concept that has always also been at the heart of GuidoMaggi’s tailormade production. The decision to produce footwear in an artisanal manner, with classic taste and natural, quality raw materials, without bowing to the world of fast fashion, results in products that last for many years.

GuidoMaggi shoes are sustainable because they stand the test of time, both in terms of taste, classic and timeless, and in terms of product durability, light years away from “disposable” fashion.

“What is handmade to measure lasts over time and is therefore truly sustainable,” said Emanuele Briganti, CEO of GuidoMaggi, “That is why craftsmanship, as our company has always done, represents the future of fashion. We are the spokesman for a new way of experiencing clothing, both individual and collective, rediscovering the ancient values of quality and durability.
Not to mention the emotion that a made-to-measure product can give. What makes a pair of GuidoMaggi shoes unique and exclusive is the passion and craftsmanship with which it is produced.

What makes the GuidoMaggi brand inimitable, in fact, is its ability to offer not just simple shoes with a elevation, but authentic emotions to wear, because they are customised and rich in unique details.