Micam 2023: GuidoMaggi excels among the excellence of Made in Italy

The best of Italian craftsmanship at the international footwear exhibition. Among the brands the fair, the Lecce maison is confirmed as one of the best for the fine workmanship of its elevator shoes

Fiera Milano Rho is hosting MICAM, the world’s leading international exhibition for footwear, from 19 to 22 February. The point of reference for operators in the sector from all over the world. Here, every year the best brands present their collections, here the future is decided and the new trends in footwear fashion are dictated.
Market leaders cannot be missing, the points of reference that are difficult to ignore.

Among the best manufacturers of handmade shoes for men, GuidoMaggi has always stood out, a maison based in Lecce that exports footwear masterpieces to as many as 110 countries around the world. Always in continuous expansion, the company is led by the art director and CEO Emanuele Briganti. Driven by passion and supported by undisputed creative talent, Briganti has been able to pull the family business on the international scene, making it an excellence of Made in Italy. The brilliant intuition of the owner of GuidoMaggi was to decide to make only handcrafted and made-to-measure shoes, with the highest quality raw materials, designed to give up to 6 inches more of height in total comfort and secrecy. GuidoMaggi’s innovation has been recognized and appreciated by true lovers of luxury, who do not allow themselves to be seduced by the dazzling lights of fast fashion, but prefer refinement, slow luxury to be savored calmly and to be fully experienced.

With few other manufacturers, GuidoMaggi shares the primacy of Made in Italy excellence in the footwear field. Among these, Emanuele Briganti has an elective bond with another giant in the sector, Silvano Lattanzi. With the entrepreneur from Fermo, the CEO GuidoMaggi shares the same corporate vision. Both work to create handmade, unique and never standardized products, designed for the individual customer and tailored to his needs. True Italian craftsmanship, recognized and appreciated all over the world.

Like Lattanzi, Briganti has always been the proud standard-bearer of Italian style, of that elegance made of precious raw materials – pure Italian leather or exclusive exotic leathers – and obsessive attention to detail. Indifferent to the ephemeral fashions of the moment, the CEO of the Lecce-based maison always works with the future in mind between tradition and innovation. With this in mind, he arrives at Micam with the revolutionary idea of developing 3D soles. At the most important fair in the sector, Briganti brings all the baggage of knowledge and know-how that characterizes the Lecce-based maison. An example of this are the boots worn for the event: in gray alligator leather, with a decisive and chic design, and with a discreet 4 inches rise with a super-flexible rubber sole.

“GuidoMaggi is a true Italian excellence, among the few to produce these precious creations with craftsmanship from cutting to assembly”, proudly explains the young CEO Emanuele Briganti. The brand has established itself in the international jet set precisely because of this uniqueness. GM elevator shoes are a must-have for VIPs and Hollywood actors, for business and powerful men, for anyone who loves to wear true luxury, certified made in Italy. GuidoMaggi is synonymous with quality, elegance and style. At Micam, the key event in the sector, Emanuele Briganti brought the talent and prestige of an established brand. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes never disappoint expectations, they enchant with their contemporary design and the constant reference to timeless classics. They are masterpieces for true lovers of luxury and beauty. For those who want to be taller, but without sacrificing style.