GuidoMaggi focuses on sustainability: using noble Italian leather for the elevator shoes is the first step towards a truly eco-friendly economy

The Lecce brand chooses high-quality raw materials, vegetable-tanned, to ensure the highest standards while protecting the environment.

Using fake leather products is not an eco-friendly decision. By now, it is well known that accessories of this type, boasting a high standard of sustainability, on the contrary, contribute substantially to pollution. Not only are they less durable, but for the most part, they are made of plastic, a material that contains carbon, which is difficult to dispose of. So, no more deceptions: the planet’s future depends on the conscious and responsible use of high quality and, above all, natural raw materials.

GuidoMaggi has always focused on real sustainability. The elevator shoes of the Lecce brand are made only with top quality leather, vegetable-tanned. This means that they have greater durability and a less aggressive impact on the environment because they are products of animal origin that are easy to dispose of and non-toxic.

The ecological choice also passes from the awareness that eco-leather footwear and accessories are made with artificial, non-biodegradable products that stay in the environment for hundreds of years. In the seas, islands of plastic are the ones forming and worrying many ecologists, and not those of leather.

This noble and ancient material must be promoted and appreciated when it comes to the environment. Unfortunately, vegan alternatives are partly made up of 100% synthetic material or plastic: therefore, they’re neither natural nor sustainable.

GuidoMaggi, on the other hand, thinks about the future and knows that, to respect the planet, it is necessary to adopt a positive approach that aims for quality and responsibility. A handmade and custom-made GM leather elevator shoe is durable, made with fine Italian leathers, vegetable-tanned, without using aggressive chemical agents. Slow luxury to be savoured slowly: beautiful, personalized, made around the customer’s wishes, which lasts over time and can adapt to the casual or chic outfits of the season.

A product is not green just because it is “animal-free”. For a garment to be sustainable, many factors must be considered: gaseous emissions, chemical components, and product durability. In this, vegan garments have failed. If you replace the leather with plastic, you won’t be more environmentally friendly. If you opt for plastic, you indirectly encourage drilling the soil and extracting oil. If the fashion industry wants to make a serious commitment to protecting the environment, it must make clear decisions as GuidoMaggi does. The leading brand of luxury elevator shoes has always opted for a sustainable supply of leather in every area: from acquisition to processing to strictly vegetable-based tanning.

Standing out with style means moving towards sustainable and responsible decisions. This is the mission of Emanuele Briganti, the young CEO of GuidoMaggi who has been fighting for years for the return of authentic, long-lasting and elegant, slow and eco-friendly luxury.

In order to thrive and attract new clients, luxury fashion brands must focus on respect for nature and the enhancement of the circular economy. Love for beauty must have an ecological and personalized soul, like the one contained in every garment by GuidoMaggi.