GuidoMaggi and the new frontiers of luxury, deerskin height shoes: soft, elegant and resistant

The Lecce brand presents new models, handmade and made to measure in deerskin, a precious leather with exceptional characteristics.

The new frontier of luxury is deerskin leather. It has a very ancient story that dates back to the Native Americans, the first to make clothes and moccasins. Deerskin was chosen for its distinctive characteristics of softness and resistance, so much so that it became a reference point for the American culture of the frontier. Today it has been rediscovered and reimagined by the big luxury brands for a wide variety of items, including high-end shoes, coats and bags.

The GuidoMaggi Research and Development department, always at the forefront and able to grasp the changes taking place before the others, thanks to years of experience in the field, works only exclusive leathers, including deerskin leather, from which luxury shoes come to life. Handmade and made to measure. Exclusive masterpieces that make the most of this ancient raw material; this high-quality leather has several benefits ranging from unparalleled softness to the touch to its durability and breathability. Being light and thin skin, it also ensures comfort and excellent wearability. Another feature of deerskin is that it does not lose its malleability even when it gets wet.

Deerskin is not mass-produced, but each piece is unique, which is why it has exclusive connotations and the typical charm of true luxury. The deerskin leather is lovely, characterized by a natural softness; it is breathable, flexible and durable.

The leather obtained from this majestic animal has natural characteristics that can’t be found elsewhere. In addition to being so soft, it is breathable and flexible, and most importantly, extremely durable. Extremely versatile, it shapes the foot with incredible ease. It fits comfortably on your feet for a fit that feels natural and personalized.

It is comfortable and sturdy, ranking as the third most robust leather available on the market.

GuidoMaggi enhances its qualities by creating high-quality elevator shoes that fit perfectly like a velvet glove but are also beautiful to look at, elegant and always trendy. We must not forget, always bearing in mind the principles of slow fashion represented by the Lecce brand, the outstanding durability of the elevator shoes made with the skin of this majestic animal.

The GuidoMaggi elevator shoes in deerskin are an exclusive mix of charm and character, customizable and with an excellent design, offering extra centimetres with an innovative and discreet elevator system. Fascinating and exclusive footwear made even more unique by using leather as refined and noble as deerskin leather. Also, in this case, GuidoMaggi proves to be always a synonym of authentic and long-lasting luxury.