Milan, GuidoMaggi leads the way of fashion trends: the new look inspires a return to life

The Milan fashion shows confirm a trend already outlined by the luxury shoe brand GM: comfortable and elegant outfits that celebrate expressive freedom.

After Pitti, Milan also starts with its fashion shows, featuring the first trends in men’s fashion for the next season. What transpires immediately is the thrive for life after the restrictions of the pandemic.

But also, the rediscovery of expressive freedom, the desire to reaffirm oneself, without impositions. But you don’t want to give up the comfortable outfits typical of home either; which is why a new, personal style is required, without sacrificing elegance.

In particular, the desire to wear comfortable, ever-green garments that convey safety and are well made is clear: treating yourself by wearing true luxury is a must that is difficult to give up, especially now. So, let’s unleash beauty, handmade and tailor-made, built according to everyone’s desires and inclinations. It is the spirit that has always animated GuidoMaggi creations, and once again, it’s the winning approach. In fact, for the new season, the leading brand of handmade and bespoke elevator shoes enhances the noblest vision of haute couture. Creating footwear that celebrates a return to life, inspired by the desire to socialize, be truly oneself, feel good, and love yourself by choosing the excellence of made in Italy.


No more foolishness: a man needs garments that have strength and character. So, fashion goes back to being low-key, refined, elegant, slow.

As the CEO of GuidoMaggi, Emanuele Briganti, points out, commenting on the new collection: “Men are looking for something more in their shoes. The emblazoned brand is no longer fundamental. What matters is that the shoes the contemporary man wears can represent him, tell his story and his emotions. This is what the new elevator models of the FW 2021/2022 collection by GuidoMaggi do”.

Despite the canceled fashion shows due to covid, green pass, and masks, there is a strong desire to look beyond, imagining that these 2020s are the new years of the Dolce Vita, those of recovery and redemption. To celebrate regained freedom, man prefers sinuous, versatile, and fluid shapes.

Men’s fashion becomes sweeter and more romantic: together with the will to live, the will to love also returns—even themselves, with looks that do not betray their emotions.

This is why GuidoMaggi offers exclusive elevator shoes with precious leather that enhance their shapes and textures. Masterpieces to exhibit, that can increase your height up to 15 centimeters, with discretion, elegance, and total comfort: a must-have to slim the figure, feel good about yourself, and treat yourself with pure beauty. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes become a way to take care of yourself, love yourself, and be loved.

The new GuidoMaggi proposals express the elegance of the past into the future: the classics – from moccasins to lace-ups, from sneakers to boots – are re-proposed in a new, contemporary, personal, and chic way.

If there is one lesson that everyone seems to have learned from the stop in recent years, it is that fashion must change. Fast fashion is a bad thing of the past: today, fashion is lasting, steadfast, exciting, and authentic, just like the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes.