GuidoMaggi elevator shoes or elevator insoles? There is no doubt: GM footwear is the right choice to gain extra centimetres in style

Men who want to increase their height sometimes resort to the classic height increasing insoles, which are cheaper but definitely unattractive and uncomfortable. If you’re going to enhance your silhouette, the ideal is to wear the elevator shoes of the Lecce brand: comfortable, elegant, and capable of increasing height comfortably and discreetly.

Many men wish they were taller. A need that today can be met in many ways, not all of them satisfactory. We can choose between two options: the insoles or the elevator shoes. But what’s the difference? What are the pros and cons? We try to answer these questions to dispel any doubts and make the right choice for your style and well-being.

Those who decide to opt for insoles are encouraged by the fact that they are cheaper and fit every shoe. So, it would seem the right solution; however, the cons are definitely many.

There is no doubt that the various lifting insoles are affordable compared to elevator shoes, but in terms of comfort and foot health, they are not the same. They cannot completely adapt to the shape that distinguishes each person. A GuidoMaggi elevator shoe is rigorously made to measure, designed around the needs of each customer, to adapt to different needs. Something that a simple universal insole, an object that’s identical for everyone, cannot do.

In addition, the insoles are not suitable for all shoes; for example, with moccasins, they become problematic because these are low models and do not fit the heel. Even if you can insert them, the foot would be too tight because the insole, pushing it upwards, would also move it to the front, causing enormous discomfort.

The GuidoMaggi shoes, handmade and made to measure, instead have an anatomic lifting system, where comfort and elegance are perfectly combined. So, you can gain centimetres by wearing customized, sophisticated and chic footwear without sacrificing comfort and style. For example, as the famous influencer Aaron points out on his blog, GuidoMaggi moccasins ensure 6.5 cm of extra height, unlike the few centimetres of the insoles. But above all, they are footwear with an exclusive design; they are not “Frankenstein shoes” where you combine two different parts. The insoles cannot adapt to the foot and the shoe. They are an emulation, and in the long run, they could create discomfort. They may not allow the foot to breathe properly. In short, they are economical solutions but certainly not feasible for your well-being, in addition to being unattractive.

On the other hand, the GM lifting models are always trendy and ensure unique comfort. Moreover, they can be worn all day safely because they are rigorously made to measure.

As Aaron explains, GuidoMaggi elevator moccasins fit perfectly, are elegant and comfortable. But that’s not everything! The brand offers footwear of all kinds, from classic to sneakers, from boots to Chelsea: each model is made by expert craftsmen, is unique and is made with fine leathers. An emblematic example of slow luxury in a durable and beautiful shoe capable of making you feel good, giving you extra centimetres, discreetly and always with charm.