GuidoMaggi elevator shoes and Dom Pérignon: what these two masters of know-how have in common

French Champagne is synonymous with uniqueness and excellence, just like the elevator shoes of the Lecce brand. Two products loved by those who appreciate and know how to recognize true luxury and the emotions it provides.

What do Dom Pérignon and GuidoMaggi elevator shoes have in common? Basically, the passion that the two companies have for true luxury. They are not simple products but experiences linked to emotions. Attention to detail, the choice of excellent raw materials, talent, respect for  tradition and an eye for the future: all animate the work of the Lecce brand and links it to the French wine brand.

Exclusivity is what distinguishes Dom Pérignon, which comes only from Champagne Millesimati, made from the best grapes selected in a single harvest. It’s a wine masterpiece that does not give up on reinventing itself to consistently interpret the exclusive character of each season in the best possible way. As we read on the official website: “Refusing to compromise, renouncing the creation of the Millesimato when the harvest is sub-par.” Yes, because if you want the best, you have to start with the best.


Just like GuidoMaggi does with its shoes. At the base, only fine leather of the highest quality transformed into a refined elevator shoe, thanks to the skill of its artisans.

The history of French Champagne has ancient roots. In 1668, Dom Pierre Pérignon, a young Benedictine monk, was appointed procurator of the Abbey of Hautvillers. On the hills opposite the monastery, he cultivates grapes for his wine which becomes famous as Champagne.

Dom Pierre Pérignon’s ambition and creative legacy have inspired the house since its inception and continue to do so.

But behind the ideas, there are always people. In this case, Vincent Chaperon, Chef de Cave of Dom Pérignon since 2019. For Vincent, the vision of Dom Pérignon – Harmony as a source of emotion – is the imperative that inspires his mission. Each time, he reinvents Champagne to surprise and excite fans, always finding the balance between the constraints imposed by the harvest and the prerogatives that Dom Pérignon must always have.

Chaperon perpetuates the aesthetic ideal of Dom Pérignon, cultivating his creative heritage and infusing it with his own experience and sensitivity.

Just like Emanuele Briganti, the CEO of GuidoMaggi, who was able to enhance the tradition of his great-grandfather, an expert shoemaker of the Savoy in the early 1900s, imprinting on it, after 100 years, his talent and intuition and projecting the brand into the contemporary world.

It was Mr. Briganti who understood the need to create luxury, with handmade and custom-made elevator shoes that satisfy the needs of those who wanted to appear taller but without sacrificing style and elegance. A far-sighted vision that has led the maison to conquer international fame. VIPs and businessmen, influential and Hollywood actors, wear GuidoMaggi shoes. They choose them because they are designed around their needs, made in Italy with the finest leathers, and have a modern design without sacrificing the timeless charm of tradition. Because they are the essence of true luxury, made up of emotions and beauty. Because they have the sweet taste of perfection, just like a bottle of the best Dom Pérignon.