GuidoMaggi: Quality Shoes That Protect the Environment!

The elevator shoes by GuidoMaggi meet the principles of eco-sustainability: metal-free creations, water recycling during production and respect for animals. Making a contribution to respecting the planet Earth is a priority for the Italian brand!

The battles of Greta, the sixteen-year-old Swedish girl who fights against global warming from an even younger age, and the other young generations of all countries in the world involved, are not dictated by passing fads. We all have exploited our planet so incredibly much that now it is its turn to ask for the bill. To avoid a catastrophe, that otherwise is on our horizon, a new sensitivity must be born within us for the environmental issues, and a new culture must be developed that will reject waste and promote the circularity of the economy. Our resources, as we know them, are not infinite, and the Earth is a need of selfless care and respect. We should all start somewhere, and it is best to begin with transforming the current policies and creating new ones that will be strictly based on good practices that will pay tribute to nothing other than sustainability.

This is what GuidoMaggi does with pride and perseverance. The company, originating from Salento, which has been producing shoes for over a century, is attentive to the challenges of the future. The creation of luxury elevator shoes, made strictly by hand by expert artisans, requires attention to materials that leave nothing to chance. Leather, a noble raw material should not be discriminated against as it is a choice of style made consciously. It is more sustainable than the so-called “eco-leather”, which if it is produced in countries like China, where the rules are not perpetually respected, has a higher pollution rate.

GuidoMaggi adopted the care for raw materials, and the brand always presupposes the choice of excellence and high quality. This translates into the rigorous selection of suppliers who are committed to ensuring metal-free materials, with vegetable tanning for soft leather, with bright, hypoallergenic and eco-sustainable color. However, that is not all. The fight against the waste we as humans produce, also involves saving water during the shoe production processes. Another important step for a company that wants to provide its customers with valuable creations, is to respect the nature that the shoes are made from. And for this reason, respecting animals is a priority.

Each GuidoMaggi model is made in the sign of high tailoring, attention to detail, always using the highest quality materials. At the same time, the footwear is the result of the usage of the most modern technologies and good practices aimed at preserving the surrounding environment, therefore the health of the consumer.