3 Hidden advantages of wearing a pair of elevator shoes for men

Many men who would like to be taller resort to various strategies to increase their stature. Some go to the gym trying to lengthen their leg muscles and sharpen their waist. Others try to improve their posture. Both are valid solutions, to gain a couple of centimetres, but no more. Undoubtedly, the simplest, most effective and practical solution is wearing a pair of elevator shoes for men every day.

In this article, we will discuss the numerous benefits you can gain from wearing a pair of shoes with an elevator system. It is not only about increasing your stature. The positive effects of this style choice are many more. You can feel them both on your body and on your mind. Are you curious to understand all the hidden benefits of wearing a pair of elevator shoes for men? Read on!

Elevator shoes increase men’s stature, but not only

The main reason why men seek out elevating shoes is to gain centimetres in height. GuidoMaggi shoes are equipped with an elevating system that can allow a height increase of 6 to 15 centimetres. This means that any man can benefit from the increase he wants, to achieve the height he has always wanted.

Once you fully understand how the handmade height increasing shoes work, you can begin to understand and experience all the benefits of their use, even those not immediately apparent. In fact, GuidoMaggi’s internal elevator systems are completely integrated into the shoe and invisible from the outside. In addition, the elevator fussbett is ergonomic and made of a technologically advanced material, tested and certified to be particularly comfortable and non-slip.

That’s why GuidoMaggi’s shoes can provide benefits that go beyond a simple increase in stature.

1. A little help for a total stretch

Wearing a high-quality pair of elevator shoes can help you improve your posture. Just like women always wear shoes with heels, if they are comfortable and easily manageable when walking. They can stretch the leg and instep muscles, they can push the buttocks upwards, they can stretch the spine and the shoulders straighten to help maintain proper balance. All this has a positive effect on posture. In no time, you may find yourself looking slimmer and more athletic.

The additional centimetres of hight increasing shoes together with improved posture can give you the slender build you have always wanted.


2. A constant support all day long

GuidoMaggi shoes are designed to offer constant support. So, you can wear them every day and all day long. The ergonomic, non-slip midsole, the counter and toe cap made of the latest technical material, the elastic leather and the inclusion of cushioning parts contribute to a particularly comfortable elevator shoe.

Wearing a pair of GuidoMaggi’s reduces fatigue accumulated during a long and demanding day: you can walk, jump or run easily and safely. Thanks to the support of the ergonomic elevator system, you can comfortably wear a pair of elevated shoes all the time, not just on special occasions. This is how you can actually have a new height: by wearing a pair of elevator shoes every day, your new height will become your normal and official height for everyone.


3. An effective way to boost self-confidence

Wearing a pair of elevator shoes every day can create a more attractive self-image. Gaining height represents the dream they will never realise, for many men. Discovering that there is a simple way to be taller (and that anyone will notice the internal elevating systems) can be a real turning point in life.

You will finally be taller, you will attain the height of your dreams, you will be more visible and powerful among the others: all this will inevitably leads you to feel better about yourself. In fact, this can also lead to acquiring greater personal confidence, which, of course, gives you the boldness to seize more opportunities in life.

The significant benefit on self-esteem represent the most important hidden advantage of elevator shoes for men because, after all, it is the main goal. Feeling more confident generally opens doors you didn’t think you had. Changing your attitude towards life and your surroundings also changes the way others see you: not only taller, but also more charming.