Sexy and free: celebrities wear elevator shoes

In recent years, more and more celebrities have started wearing men’s elevator shoes, breaking stereotypes and prejudices and giving new meaning to men’s fashion. 

Many men, including celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr. and Daniel Radcliffe, have started wearing luxury shoes equipped with elevating systems in public, proving that there is nothing wrong with looking a little taller.

Tom Cruise always chooses elevator shoes and in particular sports luxury lace-ups on international red carpets: exclusive, well-finished and custom-made shoes. All features of the Italian luxury brand  GuidoMaggi.

Robert Downey Jr on the red carpet generally prefers elevator sneakers paired with original glasses and matching pashminas. And he even wore a pair of fabulous elevator shoes on the set of Avangers: Endgame, as Tony Stark, the eccentric billionaire who transforms himself in Iron Man, thanks to a super armor.

Even Daniel Radcliffe, who rose to fame playing Harry Potter and then went on to play far more challenging and dramatic roles, always looks dapper on the red carpet in a pair of classic buckled, elevator shoes, paired with slender looks consisting of dark suits and a thin tie.


Luxury elevator shoes, a matter of image

These three extraordinary actors are no taller than 5’7″, their charm is not in question, and they wear luxury men’s elevator shoes to make an great contribution to their Hollywood star image.

Indeed, elevator shoes can have a striking effect on a man’s physical appearance. Most GuidoMaggi models, for example, manage to add 6 to 10 centimeters to a man’s stature. Wearing a pair of fine handcrafted elevator shoes can confer greater self-confidence and offer others an image of solidity and power.

In fact, in addition to improving physical appearance, men’s elevator shoes can also positively influence social and emotional life. A study conducted at the University of Liverpool, for example, showed that men who wear elevated shoes are more likely to be noticed and appreciated by women, while another study conducted by the University of Kansas found that taller men tend to have higher self-esteem and be happier. It is no surprise, then, that many celebrities are making this choice, opening up a new avenue even for those who may have had doubts at first.

Men’s elevator shoes were initially designed for men of short stature, but they are increasingly being chosen by men of average height as well. Not only because they help improve posture and gait, but also because they can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a man’s wardrobe. One of the celebrities who apparently does not disdain the use of classic elevator shoes on social occasions is Ryan Godling. Despite his 5’8″ height, the star of “La La Land” loves smart suits that bandage his thin physique with a pair of men’s formal Oxford leather shoes.


Footwear, a way to express yourself like a star

Of course, there is probably still some prejudice to overcome in some circles. Some people might still associate men’s elevator shoes with an image of insecurity and low masculinity, but this perception is slowly changing everywhere. And it is happening thanks in part to the use of elevator systems by celebrities on high-profile social occasions.

Stars wearing men’s elevator shoes are helping to change the traditional image of men’s fashion, proving that men can express their personality and style through footwear as well.

Men’s elevator shoes are a great option for those who want to look taller and more confident. Not only because they improve physical appearance. This also because they have naturally and positively affects one’s social and emotional life. And for this progressive change in global perspective we also have to thank the stars, who always contribute to the breaking of old patterns in favor of more modern, sexy and liberal visions.

Thanks to the increasing use by celebrities, men’s elevator shoes are becoming a must-have item for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits they offer, without limits of gender or stature.

We can finally say goodbye to the old notion that wearing elevator shoes was seen as a sign of insecurity. And also to the automatic association between elevator shoes and short stature. Today we can finally seen them ad another way to express one’s personality and unique style. We all agree, in these modern, free times, that every man has the right to choose his own clothing and footwear, without being judged or labeled based on what he wears.

Men’s elevator shoes are just another example of how fashion is becoming more inclusive and diverse, embracing a wide range of styles and personal tastes.

Elevator shoes are not only a practical option for those who wish to look taller, but also a stylish and sophisticated option for all men who wish to add a touch of style to their wardrobe. With the increasing use of men’s elevator shoes in men’s fashion, we hope to see more and more men express their personalities through footwear.