Tom Cruise wears elevator shoes: find out more about the secret of his success.

The Top Gun actor always chooses elevator shoes, especially for the international red carpets. He wears luxury shoes, well finished and tailor-made: all characteristics of the excellent Italian brand GuidoMaggi.

Tom Cruise and elevator shoes: why he wears them
Tom Cruise always wears elevator shoes that allow him to gain precious extra inches. It is well known that the Hollywood star chooses this trick to make up for his just 1 meter and 70 centimetres of height. But this small deficit has never been a problem for the Mission: Impossible actor. It never stopped him from becoming an internationally renowned star and having beautiful women at his side, often much taller than him. In fact, both Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes were taller than their charming partner. Tom Cruise has seen fit to resolve the issue by wearing elevator shoes, especially on special occasions. But why this choice?

Tom Cruise wears elevator shoes because, in this way, he gains more inches without sacrificing comfort and discretion. In addition, he always wears high-quality, elegant and tailor-made elevator shoes. So, he increases his height without ever giving up on his refined and cool style. This is a prerogative that only GuidoMaggi designer shoes have.

Tom Cruise: the elevator shoes for big occasions
Tom Cruise also recently wore elevator shoes at the Top Gun sequel premiere in London. And it didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, he looked fabulous next to Kate Middleton, who is 1.75 centimetres tall and wore terrific heels. On the other hand, Tom was only 1.70 meters, but with the elevator shoes, he was the same height as Prince William’s wife. The secret of the success of an international star who continues to dominate the international scene. Tom Cruise has just turned 60, but time doesn’t seem to affect him. His charm remains unchanged, also thanks to his style choices. Wearing elevator shoes is the most appropriate choice for him: shoes that enhance the figure, making him more charming and self-confident even next to taller partners. In addition, they are always high-class models of fine workmanship and made with precious leathers, just like the ones made by GuidoMaggi.

Tom Cruise and elevator shoes: GuidoMaggi is the leading brand in the sector
Tom Cruise does not wear cheap elevator shoes, but masterpieces of high craftsmanship finished in every detail. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are just that: elevator shoes handmade by the expert masters of the Lecce brand, with a discreet lifting system that ensures maximum comfort. The brand is from Lecce, originally from the Salento Tom Cruise loves so much.

Some time ago, the Hollywood actor was thinking of buying a villa in Salento, attracted by the beauty of the place and, above all, the artisanal excellence of the area, embodied by the Lecce maison, led with foresight by the young CEO Emanuele Briganti. A brand that has been able to attract lovers of high-quality beauty worldwide, with always innovative and excellent proposals.

GuidoMaggi is an exclusive brand producing elevator shoes for the international jet set for 100 years. And Tom Cruise knows something about it, given that the heightening models he wears are a masterpiece of high craftsmanship.

If you are a fan of Tom Cruise and want to emulate him, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the new GuidoMaggi elevator shoe collection and experience the quality of the most fabulous elevator shoe brand.