GuidoMaggi elevator slip-on: find out how to match the coolest footwear of the summer

Versatile and elegant, the new models of the Lecce maison are ideal for all casual chic outfits.
They have a comfortable and discreet lifting system that will allow you to be taller without ever giving up on style.

Elevator Slip-on: why choose the new GuidoMaggi models
The slip-on is the footwear par excellence of the summer. Comfortable, versatile, chic: you can’t do without them. They are ideal for all summer social events but also for evenings with friends or boat trips. In short, a garment that adapts to all your needs. But not all models are the same: if you want to stand out, be casual but also elegant, if you are attentive to details and love to wear exclusive garments even in your free time, then the GuidoMaggi slip-ons are the one for you. Clean lines, captivating shades and contemporary design for models that never go unnoticed and redesign your look in the name of style. A style – by GuidoMaggi – that’s always unique and inimitable.

In fact, the elevator slip-ons are not simple shoes but masterpieces of high craftsmanship, handmade and tailored, and, above all, 100% made in Italy.

Their added value is then also increased by the lifting system, which is:
• Discreet
• Comfortable
• Innovative.

So, not a simple summer shoe but a precious accessory that can increase your height, charm and self-esteem.

Elevator slip-on: when to wear them and how to match them
GuidoMaggi’s elevator slip-ons are the coolest footwear of the summer. Comfortable, versatile and elegant, they are a must-have in the male wardrobe. But how do we match them with our garments? Let’s find out together the most suitable looks for these innovative lift models.

The slip-on mixes the characteristics of the moccasins and the sneakers; therefore, practicality and class together. For this reason, you can wear them whenever you want, both in the office and in your free time, for an aperitif, a romantic dinner or an evening with friends. The only precaution: never wear them barefoot, but always with short socks.

The more casual models are perfect with simple jeans and a t-shirt: they enhance your simple outfit, enriching it with a precious detail.

In this case, we recommend Namu, a truly unique slip-on with a breathable beige raffia upper. The edges and details are in white full grain leather: that touch of class that makes your look special. In addition, it can increase the stature by as much as 6 centimetres. Not bad if you really want to impress!

The slip-ons of the new GuidoMaggi collection are available in different colours: all distinctive and very seductive. You can really combine them with everything: from shorts to chinos.

In particular, if you want to look really cool for a social event, combine chinos with the New Guinea model: an absolute masterpiece of high craftsmanship made in Italy. An exclusive sporty chic shoe with an upper in breathable green and grey fabric alternating with suede. In addition, edging and details in white full grain leather. Comfortable and trendy, the elevator model can increase the height up to 6.5 centimetres, in total discretion.

These are just a few suggestions, but the GuidoMaggi slip-ons offer endless possibilities. It all depends on you, your tastes and your personal style. So what are you waiting for? Choose the model that’s right for you by taking a peek at the new GuidoMaggi collection and experiencing a summer of true style.