The elevator shoes to match this year’s men’s fashion trends

We’ve only just entered the new year but are you already looking forward to finding out what men’s fashion trends will be raging for the next 365 days and which men’s elevator shoes you should buy to create the perfect pairings? If your wardrobe can’t wait to be updated with new garments and new accessories to match your personal style, here are some ideas to do it now. And if you want to create always elongated outfits to look taller, you’ve come to the right place.

Everybody knows it, the men’s fashion trends of the year are the guidelines that indicate what is trendy and what is not for a certain period. There are garments and accessories that make a comeback, sometime after years, and wearing them means that you know exactly how the wind  of fashion blows. And then there are the trendy colours and patterns that must necessarily be taken into consideration if you want a look that is always tendy and never banal.

If your stature is smaller than average, then what you do on a daily basis, when you go shopping and when you choose your outfits on a day-to-day basis, is to compose looks that make you look taller. In this case, it’s not only important to know the main men’s fashion trends of the year, but also be able to make a selection of ones that suit your purpose to be matched with your elevator shoes, and let go those that would shorten your figure.


Keyword of the year: tailoring

Esquire has no doubt: “whether we’re talking soft, angular, elegant or retro silhouettes, for autumn winter 2023 2024 there is one trend that stands out among the diktats of men’s fashion, revolving around one key word: tailoring. This season is the perfect time to embrace craftsmanship, appreciate attention to detail and celebrate trends without sacrificing personal style.”

If the time has come for everyone to be sophisticated and sartorial, a pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes fits perfectly into this tailormade trend. In a sartorial wardrobe, in which tailor-made garments are included, customised with attention to detail, a pair of shoes handmade by expert craftsmen cannot miss. With the possibility of integrating an internal, invisible elevating system, GuidoMaggi’s allow for a height increase starting from 5 centimetres, which can, however, increase a man’s stature by up to 10 or 12 centimetres, depending on the model chosen.


Men’s fashion trends 2024 and the elevator shoes to match

Here we come to the point. What are the trendy items to buy for this winter 2024 and what are the right elevator shoes to create perfect, elongating combinations?

1The knee-length coat

The long men’s coat is back in fashion, but watch out for its pitfalls if you don’t want to shorten your figure. Maxi coats, those that reach the ankle, are certainly among the coolest garments of winter 2024, declined in the most classic colours, with visibly sophisticated cuts and to be worn strictly open to enhance the outfit underneath, but it is a garment not recommended for those with a below-average height. However, fear not, because the long coat can also come up to the knees, resulting in a lengthening effect.  And if you also avoid the double-breasted option (which shortens), then you will certainly find the perfect coat for you.

With which elevated shoes should you match the knee-length coat? Practically all of them. It depends on the outfit you wear underneath. A pair of trainers under a sporty outfit, a pair of classics under an elegant outfit, a pair of boots under a rock outfit, etc… In GuidoMaggi’s autumn/winter collection you’ll find this year’s trendy men’s shoes from which to choose the perfect ones to match your new coat.


2. The bomber jacket

The bomber-cut leather jacket is certainly nothing new, but this year it is making a comeback just as it did in the 1980s. There are many fashion interpretations for autumn-winter: the biggest fashion houses have agreed to re-propose it on the catwalks and now no half-weight jacket is trendier than the bomber jacket. On days when the cold weather sets in, this is the coat to wear. But beware also of the pitfalls of the bomber jacket: the trend wants it maxi and oversized to be worn anytime and anywhere, especially with casual and informal daytime outfits. However, if you don’t reach average height, and even more so if you don’t have a slim and slender physique, opt for a cropped and less voluminous version more similar to the original bomber jacket of military pilots.

Which elevator shoes should you match the bomber jacket with? For a sporty look pair it with a pair of elevator sneakers, for a less casual outfit choose a pair of elevator boots or ankle boots.

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3. Classic suit

After several seasons in which oversized suits and sports suits raged, the classic men’s two-piece is finally back: the suit with jacket and trousers. Black or pinstripe, blue or smoky grey, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it always fits ‘right’, and this is a great news for all men who don’t reach the average height. A suit cut to perfection on your physique, in fact, especially if tailor-made, therefore made to measure, can be an important contribution to a lengthening effect. You can therefore use small tricks to make your jacket make you look taller, such as placing the first button higher or slightly shortening the jacket.

With which elevator shoes should you match the classic suit? In this case there is no doubt. The men’s two-piece suit should be worn with a pair of elevator dress shoes, lace-up or monk strap, depending on your taste.

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