Our environmental objectives

As the leader in luxury elevator shoes, it’s only natural that we set an example for otherAs we are all aware, the next few years are crucial for the planet. Global warming is threatening the prosperity of our world. CO2 emissions are mainly responsible for this worrying situation.

That is why the House of Lecce is committed to greatly reducing its harmful impact on the environment by 2030, in order to leave a better life for future generations.

First of all, our shoes are entirely handmade in our factory in southern Italy. From the cutting of the raw material to the assembly of the shoe, only the hands of our craftsmen are used. This method of production greatly reduces the use of electricity as opposed to machines which consume a lot of electricity.

The fact that we produce them locally also limits our CO2 emissions because if we produced our shoes in Asia it would be bad for the planet but we would also lose in quality because our know-how is unbeatable. We want to keep our production method at all costs because it is our main strength and it allows us to preserve the planet as much as possible.We are also committed to using electric vehicles, by 2030, to transport our products from the factory to our premises where we make the shipments. Our partner DHL, which delivers to customers, is also committed to the planet by offering greener solutions.

With this stance, GuidoMaggi is sending a strong message to its competitors to raise collective awareness.