Sean Penn on the Red Carpet at 5’8”

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Multi-talented Sean Penn stands larger than life, in many ways. One of the ways he does not is in the height department. At 5’8”, he’s less than average (although his Concealed Carry Permit for a handgun gives his height as 5’9”, which means you may not want to dispute his height to his face). When married to actress Robin Wright, who is 5’7”, the lack of stature was not apparent in Red Carpet appearances. His recent relationship with actress Charlize Theron made the height challenge apparent. Charlize, who is 5’10”, likes to wear high heels. Even when spotted on the Red Carpet with shoes that make you look taller, Mr. Penn was still overshadowed by his lady friend.

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No stranger to public controversy, the matter of his actual height is seldom noted (even when you can’t help but notice it). That’s because Penn makes the message he’s out to deliver more important than how tall he appears to be. Passion, commitment, anger, and even humor do much to deflect attention away from his height, and on to the matter of the moment. Whether it’s an interview with El Chapo, the drug kingpin, or his work during the Haitian earthquake, the focus is always on the subject, and not the presenter himself.

Your own height can be increased by elevator shoes, but having a public persona that takes attention away from how tall you are by focusing that attention on what matters beyond yourself can be an effective way to gain height, in the public eye. If you do that, you can even afford to be seen standing next to women who appear to tower over you, but only enhance your stature, because they want to be with you.